Redox Signaling Molecules


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The exclusive e-book for the layman on ASEA. <a href=&quot;;&gt;redox signaling molecules</a&gt;

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Redox Signaling Molecules

  1. 1. Redox Signaling MoleculesThe Electrochemical Source Code for Anti-Aging, Rejuvenation, and Cellular Repair
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  3. 3. Redox Signaling MoleculesThe Electrochemical Source Code for Anti-Aging, Rejuvenation, and Cellular Repair by Aaron Murakami, B.S.N.H. 3
  4. 4. Copyright  2011-2013 by Aaron MurakamiAll rights reserved. No part of this book, Redox SignalingMolecules, The Electrochemical Source Code for Anti-Aging,Rejuvenation & Cellular Repair, may not be used or reproducedin any manner whatsoever without written permission, except inthe case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles orreviews.Published by White Dragon Press, http://whitedragonpress.com2011 & 2012DisclaimerThe statements made in this book are for educationalpurposes only and are not meant to replace theadvice of your physician or health care provider.Please consult your physician before implementingany new diet, exercise, or dietary supplementprograms, especially if you have preexisting medicalconditions or are taking prescription medications.Food and Drug Administration StatementThe US Food and Drug Administration has notevaluated the statements made within this book.These statements, and the substances discussed, arenot intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent anydisease.Book LicenseThis book may be freely distributed only as long as itis distributed AS IS. Edits of any pages, links, text,graphics, etc... are not permitted.4
  5. 5. Dedication This book is dedicated to all the healthcare related friends, partners and mentors thatI’ve been blessed to know over the years.This especially includes:Rodger Q. Estes, Qigong Master & InventorLinda Nadia Hole, MDThomas Kobara, MDJohn Kitkoski, Medical Researcher & DeveloperCharles T. McGee, MDMichael “Dr. Who” Hu, Qigong MasterDenie Hiestand, Energy Healer & Teacher Thank you to Peter Lindemann for yourassistance with making this book better. Last but not least, I’d like to give specialthanks to Gary Samuelson, PhD. Dr. Samuelsonis an atomic/medical physicist who is the firstperson in history to stabilize redox signalingmolecules outside of the body. This profoundbreakthrough made it possible for the averageperson to benefit from this inspirationalbreakthrough. 5
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  7. 7. Table of ContentsIntroduction 9Chapter 1 – Redox Signaling Molecules 12Chapter 2 – RS Redox Molecules 18Chapter 3 – ROS Redox Molecules 29Chapter 4 – Doing the Impossible 33Chapter 5 - The Redox Secret 38Chapter 6 – Brain and Nervous System 44Chapter 7 – Athletic Secret 47Chapter 8 – Public Availability 56Chapter 9 – Sharing Results 57Aaron Murakami’s Bio 61 7
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  9. 9. Introduction For the last twenty years, my research hasfocused on green energy technologies, naturalhealing, consciousness expansion, and advancedagricultural methods. Although my imagination has beencaptivated by all of these areas of science, it hasbeen the world of healing where most of mytime has been invested. My Bachelors of Science is in NaturalHealth, but it was really the relationships withfriends and mentors in the health care field thatexpanded my understanding of how the body’sinnate healing abilities can be supported to dowhat they’re designed to. Some of these methods include heattherapy, pulsed photon therapy, variousproprietary biochemical preparations, herbs,qigong, quantum modalities, electro-medicine,meditation and many others. From 2002-2006, most of my time wasoccupied as owner and operator of a nutritionstore in Spokane, called Top o’ the Line TotalHealth Shoppe. As proprietor, it was necessary toexplore the benefits of more supplements thanmost people could possibly imagine. Thousands of my cherished customersshared with me their experiences and results 9
  10. 10. from various supplements and healingmodalities. This gave me a very good gauge togo by when comparing results. Over the last decade, one popular trend inthe dietary supplement industry has been theexotic fruit drinks, such as Noni, Mangosteen,Goji, and many others. These products arepromoted and sold for their powerfulantioxidant and anti-aging properties. The common denominator between manyof these products is that they are each marketedas the end-all-be-all of high strengthantioxidants. You have probably heard the story– some new fruit is discovered in the jungles ofAsia or the Amazon, the folklore says it treats“this and that”, somebody figures out how tomarket it back here “in the civilized world”, andwe are told this constitutes some bigbreakthrough. The reality is that there is no bigbreakthrough and you still just have fruit juice. We have all been told that antioxidantsneutralize free radicals and that this is thepremise of the current anti-aging theories. Thistheory is based on the idea that cell damage iscaused by electrical interactions betweendifferent substances in the body at the cellular,molecular, and atomic levels. What is not widely known by the publicis this - if the cells in your body do not have thecorrect balance or abundance of Redox Signaling10
  11. 11. Molecules, antioxidants are not able to neutralizeany free radicals. In other words, antioxidantsonly serve a secondary function in the protectionof cells from free radical damage! The purpose of this book is to introduceyou to the science of Redox Signaling Moleculesin a way that you will easily understand. After reading this, you’ll be one of thefirst to know about what some are calling themost significant breakthrough in medical science inthe last 100 years. The role of Redox Signaling Molecules incellular health is simple in concept but profoundin benefit. It is the closest thing to an actualFountain of Youth that we are likely to see in ourlifetime. Redox Signaling Molecule science is thefuture of foundational health, regenerativeyouth, and natural health enhancement.Sincerely,Aaron Murakami, B.S.N.H. 11
  12. 12. 1Redox Signaling Molecules Please study the simple diagram belowshowing Redox Signaling Molecules: FIG 1.1 In the simplest terms, the diagram showsthat two types of Redox Signaling Molecules areproduced, as a chemical “by-product”, when themitochondria produce ATP or adenosine12
  13. 13. triphosphate. Without a College Degree inBiochemistry, that probably doesnt mean much.So, let’s start at the beginning with anexplanation of why this is so important. Mitochondria are specialized structures inyour cells known as organelles and they evenhave their own DNA! They are in every cell ofthe body except for red blood cells. Some cellshave single mitochondria while others havethousands. Mitochondria are most commonly knownfor their ATP production. So what is ATP? ATPis "adenosine triphosphate". It is the mainenergy molecule that powers cellular functionsin the body. ATP is very important because, at thecellular level, whenever we do anything, weneed ATP to fuel the activity. If you run, walk,sneeze, roll your eyes around, think greatthoughts or twiddle your thumbs, youre usingATP as cellular fuel. The adenosine part of ATP is made from asugar called ribose and an adenine molecule.That composes the engine. The fuel is one of thethree phosphate molecules attached to it. Whenever your cells use ATP for fuel, oneof the phosphate groups is “burned” off and it isconverted from ATP (adenosine TRI-phosphate)into ADP (adenosine DI-phosphate), which is an 13
  14. 14. adenosine molecule with only two phosphategroups attached to it. This reaction alsoproduces energy and heat that the cell can use. So, one of the jobs for the mitochondria isto re-attach a phosphate group back onto theADP to make ATP again. One thing athletes doto recover from exercise faster is takesupplements that promote this process. For example, when someone takescreatine monohydrate, a popular sportssupplement, they experience longer endurance.This happens because creatine provides thebody with a supply of phosphate donors andgives the mitochondria plenty of building blocksto convert ADP back into ATP easily. Athletes could also take a d-Ribosesupplement to give them more of the ribosesugar. This can also make it easier for themitochondria to produce more ATP. You have probably heard of DNA andRNA. These are the building blocks of ourgenetic code. DNA is deoxyRIBOnucleic acidand RNA is RIBOnucleic acid. These are bothmolecules built around the same ribose sugar. RNA is a nucleic acid connected to astandard ribose molecule, whereas DNA is anucleic acid connected to a ribose molecule thathas had an oxygen atom removed; hence theprefix (de-oxy)ribonucleic acid. There is no doubt that the work of the14
  15. 15. mitochondria is at the very heart of cellularfunctions. ATP production is so important thatwe would not be alive without it. But every timeATP is made, the mitochondria also produce theamazing Redox Signaling Molecules at the exactsame time! Something that is very important tounderstand is that fatty acids are the choice foodfor mitochondria themselves and what you willlearn later on about what the redox signalingmolecules does to the body will astound you. So, lets look at the diagram again becausenow we are ready to look at what these RedoxSignaling Molecules are and what they do. Please keep in mind this simple butprofound fact - for many years, these moleculeswere thought to be nothing more than “cellularwaste”. Turns out, they are not waste – they arethe Fountain of Youth! 15
  16. 16. FIG 1.2 From the diagram we can see that themitochondria produce two different kinds ofRedox Signaling Molecules while it simultaneouslyproduces ATP. Some of these are RS Molecules orReduced Species and some are ROS Molecules orReactive Oxygen Species. Collectively, these arecalled Redox Signaling Molecules. So, what does RS and ROS mean? Letslook at ROS first. ROS stands for Reactive Oxygen Species.These are molecules that have an OXYGEN atomthat contributes to some reaction in the body.16
  17. 17. The word species refers to the fact that there are anumber of different types of these molecules.ROS Molecules support and trigger the immunesystem to do its job. Without enough of thesemolecules, our immune system is compromised. RS Molecules perform a differentfunction. RS stands for Reduced Species. Theseare molecules that activate antioxidants such asglutathione or superoxide dismutase (SOD) sothey can neutralize oxidation. Without the RSMolecules, antioxidants are useless. Please takenote that these RS Molecules are not antioxidantsin and of themselves. Instead, they are needed toactivate antioxidants so they can prevent andreverse harmful oxidation in the body. There is a good chance that this may bethe first time that you have ever heard thatantioxidants even need these molecules to beactivated to begin with! For the whole system to work effectively,both molecules are needed to maintain balance.The mitochondria produce many types of RedoxSignaling Molecules in both the ROS and RScategories. Together, these molecules regulateoxidative reactions and facilitate cellularcommunication, repair and regeneration. 17
  18. 18. 2 RS Redox MoleculesThe Antioxidant Activators The RS molecules account for half of theredox signaling molecules that the mitochondriaproduce. These molecules activate antioxidantsso they can actually do their job. Theantioxidants can then neutralize free radicals. Butthis goes much further than what the wholeantioxidant mechanism is about. The term "free radical" isn’t a reference toa hippie activist from the 1960’s; it’s a chemicalterm that refers to an oxidizer – something thatcan cause oxidative stress in the body. A freeradical is generally considered a molecule thathas an electro-positive condition. In its attemptto come to an electrically neutral state, it mustacquire an electron, which is negatively charged,from something else in the environment. For example, you may have a perfectlyhealthy piece of DNA and if there is a freeradical in its vicinity, it may rip an electron fromthe DNA to balance itself. But, look what it leftbehind – damaged DNA! Everything in nature has a tendency tomove towards equilibrium or balance, and this18
  19. 19. includes molecules, atoms and even subatomicparticles. So again, if something is positivelycharged (free radical), then it will steal anelectron (negatively charged) from somethinghealthy to balance itself, leaving a damaged cellbehind. Ideally, the mitochondria should be ableto produce enough RS molecules, which canactivate nearby antioxidants, which in turn canprovide the electron transfer necessary toprevent oxidative damage to healthy tissue. This is a very elementary explanation butis sufficient to describe the general relationshipbetween free radicals and antioxidants. There are many supplements, juices andother health related products that are promotedas good sources of antioxidants. Many of theseproducts show health benefits to some degree. As the proprietor of a Nutrition store, myjob was to know the benefits of hundreds ofthese products. In order to understand howthese products work, let’s explore someantioxidants for just a moment. Theseantioxidants are not in and of themselves RedoxSignaling Molecules. The most common antioxidant vitaminsand minerals are A, C, E, Zinc and Selenium.There are others, but these are the most popular. Vitamin C is a great antioxidant, as well 19
  20. 20. as a nutrient that promotes strong connectivetissue amongst countless other benefits. VitaminC, in the form of ascorbic acid, is a molecule.Magnesium Ascorbate is a different form ofVitamin C. It is an even larger molecule thanascorbic acid, but it is also easier for the body toabsorb, since it is bound to a mineral, which iswhat the small intestines need to grab a hold ofin order to pull it across into the blood. Vitamin C can neutralize a free radical, oroxidizer, by donating an electron to it. Andplease understand this point very clearly…unfortunately, the Vitamin C becomes a bitoxidized itself when it gives up an electron – itbecomes a mild oxidizer itself – the very thingthat it helped neutralize. It isn’t as harmful asthe original oxidizer, but nevertheless, itbecomes a free radical itself – just a lesser orweaker evil. When oxygen and iron come together,they form iron oxide, which is generally referredto as "rust". The damage that a free radical cancause in the body is sometimes referred to ascellular rust, because it is a biochemical, oxidativeby-product of what you originally had in thecell. There are many kinds of antioxidantproducts on the market today, includingmangosteen, goji berry, acai, noni, and others. The manufacturers of these products20
  21. 21. compete with each other by bragging aboutwhich one has the greatest ability to neutralize afree radical. The strength of their antioxidantability is measured in an ORAC value, whichmeans Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. Insimple terms, the ORAC value is a measure of aproducts ability to neutralize oxidizers. Every company is very proud of theirORAC value, and they should be proud of that.After all, antioxidants are very important! However, whether the ORAC value is25,000 or 50,000 or even 100,000 – it is allcompletely irrelevant. What you’re about to learncan and will upset many so-called health gurusand companies that have been beating the highORAC antioxidant drum. In reality, the highestORAC juice available is 13,000 units and thesenumbers are only for illustration. The body can only use a certain level ofthese antioxidants, no matter how high theORAC value is. Anything above this level goesto waste, as a matter of scientific fact. FIG 2.1 21
  22. 22. Figure 2.1 above shows a random sampleof some ORAC claims by various antioxidantmanufacturers. In this example, column 2 is the"weakest" and column 3 is obviously the"strongest". If anyone were asked what productwas the "best", most would answer #3. Now, take a look at the next image: FIG 2.2 This image illustrates the point. The areadepicted within the green circle represents theactual amount of antioxidants your body is ableto utilize. Why? Remember when you learnedthat antioxidants actually had to be activated?Well, your body can only produce a certainnumber of RS molecules, which are needed toactivate the antioxidants. What you see in the red circle is what iswasted, which is most of it! This means thatsince these levels of antioxidants are not used bythe body, one might as well take a lower ORACvalue antioxidant to get the same benefit, but ata much lower cost. However, there is an22
  23. 23. exception to this where in some cases, you doget what you pay for. It is important to understand that redoxsignaling molecules are not nutrients so we stillneed to get our nutrition from somewhere. Itmight as well be from something that has highanti-oxidant value because if we plan to takeredox signaling molecules, we can receive thebenefits of the anti-oxidants that most peoplehave never been able to experience. This takesour anti-aging potential many levels beyond. There are some popular products in theindustry claimed to be high in anti-oxidants butoverall, the nutrient density is really not thatimpressive. To top it off, they add protein fromsoy or whey. If the goal is to slow down weightloss or stimulate allergy response no matter howsmall, that is the way to go. But if you want safeprotein thats compatible with virtuallyeveryone, make sure the primary choice is hempif it is part of an anti-oxidant juice program. Now to be fair, some of these juices orother dietary supplements could possiblyincrease ATP production, which in turn wouldboost a proportional amount of RS type RedoxSignaling Molecules and make them available.And some of these juices and supplements havea wide spectrum of trace nutrients that mostpeople aren’t getting elsewhere. However, your bodys ability to use 23
  24. 24. antioxidants is still limited to the amount ofredox signaling molecules that yourmitochondria can produce. Some examples of supplements that canindirectly boost our naturally produced redoxsignaling molecules by boosting ATP productioninclude d-ribose & creatine monohydrate,tongkat ali (LJ100), cordyceps mushroom,various rice extracts and others. However, only so much ATP productioncan be boosted and there wont be enoughnaturally produced redox signaling molecules toever utilize a high amount of the antioxidants. There is also another issue. As you age,your cells produce less ATP and less redoxsignaling molecules. Please understand this point very clearly:A baby has 100% cellular efficiency. By the timesomeone turns 70 years of age, their cellularefficiency has dropped to 10%. Why 10%? Because by age 70, about 90%of your cells mitochondria have becomedamaged by oxidative stress in addition to otheroxidative damage throughout the body! This is the primary reason your cells areproducing only about 10% of the redox signalingmolecules necessary for your cells to functioncorrectly at that age. This is what limits thesupply of RS Molecules that are needed toactivate the antioxidants your body is trying to24
  25. 25. utilize. After all, there is a finite supply of theredox signaling molecules to go around and theyare produced in a balance. The ROS and RS molecules are inproportion to each other and when you give thebody a lot of external (exogenous) antioxidants,they will utilize the RS molecules we produce inorder to activate themselves quite possiblythrowing that delicate balance way out ofwhack. So, no matter how many supplementssomeone takes to boost ATP production, whichwill boost the amount of redox signalingmolecules proportionately, it is still going to belimited to the number of functionalmitochondria that someone has. There are studies that actually show anincrease in the mitochondrial counts and thisincludes exercise, nettles, PQQ and a few others.Conceptually, if we can indeed boost ourmitochondrial counts significantly, we of coursewill directly boost the amount of redox signalingmolecules that our own body can produce. In any case, it is the author’s opinion thatwhatever benefits people may get from ingestinghigh ORAC antioxidants are primarily derivedfrom the nutrients and trace elements that arelacking in most people’s diets and the anti-oxidant benefits are secondary. 25
  26. 26. There are even companies trying to jumpon the redox signaling molecules bandwagon byclaiming their supplement boosts redoxsignaling molecules. Although this may be true,those substances would still have to be digestedand metabolized, which means that theireffectiveness will still be dependent upon thecellular efficiency they are trying to improve. Those types of products will never be ableto compare to directly giving the body the actualredox signaling molecules themselves that areresponsible for cellular efficiency. And, this goes beyond just having enoughRS molecules to activate the antioxidants. Here’sanother distinction... An antioxidant from an external source(exogenous) can only neutralize one free radicalbefore it becomes a free radical itself – just aweaker one or a lesser evil if you will. But there is another type of antioxidantother than the ones in the foods you eat. Theseantioxidants are actually manufactured by yourown body. These substances are Glutathione andSuper Oxide Dismutase (SOD). These twocompounds, working together with Catalase, apowerful enzyme, can neutralize thousands offree radicals before becoming ineffective! So, even if the redox signaling molecules canactually activate a lot of the antioxidants withhigh ORAC values, making them useful for the26
  27. 27. first time ever, each antioxidant from thesesources can neutralize one free radical and thenatural ones produced by your body canneutralize tens of thousands (about 70,000) –which do you prefer? Glutathione is not just an amazingantioxidant; it is arguably the number oneantioxidant that the body produces on its own. Ithelps to detoxify the body by converting toxinsinto a form that can be excreted. Glutathionesupplements are popular but the bad news is,the stomach acid destroys most of it. So, yourown naturally produced Glutathione is best. Another amazing antioxidant that thebody produces is SOD (superoxide dismutase).Depending on the source you read, SOD can beconsidered the number one antioxidant the bodyproduces. It converts some super oxides such ascertain forms of oxygen into stable oxygen andperoxide. Many customers at my health food storerequested SOD as the best of all antioxidants.However, most of the benefit is destroyed whenthe ingestible form of SOD is neutralized in thestomach acid, just like Glutathione. So, antioxidants are incredibly important,but the most powerful ones are actuallymanufactured inside your body. And even theseappear to be completely inert until activated bythe RS redox signaling molecules made by your 27
  28. 28. cells mitochondria. In the next chapter, I’ll discuss the ROS orReactive Oxygen Species of redox signalingmolecules, and afterward, you’ll see how it allties together!28
  29. 29. 3 ROS Redox Molecules Immune System Signaler Now that we have talked a bit about theantioxidants that neutralize free radicals, letstalk about the other side of the equation, theReactive Oxygen group. In a certain sense, theseare free radicals also, but they are the GOODkind! And YES, there is a good kind. Sometimes, oxygen is referred to as the“necessary evil”. That is because oxygen plays adual role. First, we’d be dead without it. Second,wed also be dead if oxidation processescontinued without limits. So, we live in thismiddle zone. Without careful control ofoxidation in the body, wed just burn up. Whenoxidation gets a little bit out of control, its calledoxidative stress. The balanced set of Redox SignalingMolecules controls cellular oxidation, promotingit where it is needed and preventing it where itis not. Its like in our home. We want to be ableto cook food on the stove in the kitchen, but wedont want to set fire to the furniture in the livingroom. So let’s discuss oxidation. When the body 29
  30. 30. wants to oxidize something, it wants to do itquickly and efficiently. That is where these ROSReactive Oxygen Species molecules come intoplay. ROS molecules are composed of a varietyof oxygen related molecules. These may behydrogen peroxide (h2o2), ozone (o3) or othersmolecules. Yes, our cells do produce ozone andhydrogen peroxide in small amounts, whenneeded. These ROS molecules support theimmune system to get rid of nasty little things inthe body that shouldn’t be there. Without thesemolecules, the cells have no communicationmethod to tell the immune system to do its job. Dr. Otto Warburg received a Nobel Prizein 1931. He discovered that any cell that isdeprived of oxygen turns anaerobic and starts toferment sugar to produce energy instead ofbreathing oxygen. Those cells that haveconverted to an anaerobic metabolism can causesignificant problems in the body. But he alsoknew if those anaerobic cells were oxygenated,they would revert back into healthy aerobic cells.But he didn’t know how to oxygenate them. Shortly after, Johanna Budwig did knowhow to oxygenate the cells and it dealt with therole that fatty acids play in various oxygenmetabolic pathways. When you read the sportschapter, you will understand the profound30
  31. 31. significance between redox signaling moleculesupplementation and fatty acids. There are many oxygen therapies andsupplements that are supposed to increase theoxygen level in the blood. This is claimed toincrease alertness, boost the immune system, aswell as other benefits. Our blood is usually close to 100%saturated with oxygen, so skeptics think thathaving more oxygen available can’t make muchof a difference. But this thinking assumes thatthe blood is the only place in the body thatoxygen can be stored or transported. Oxygen is extremely important to howthe immune system works. One of theseprocesses involves our immune cells ability toemit reactive oxygen molecules toward atargeted intruder, through a process known asthe “respiratory burst” or “oxidative burst”. But these ROS molecules primarily act asimmune system communicators, because anover abundance of these molecules in anylocation signals a condition called "oxidativestress". Oxidative stress tells the cell that damageis occurring somewhere, and initiates about adozen specific activities, regulated by the DNA,to begin the repair process. If these repairprocesses resolve the oxidative condition, thenthe cell returns to normal activity. But if the oxidative stress condition 31
  32. 32. continues or worsens, the DNA triggers anotherprocess, called "apoptosis", which regulates theorderly death of the cell. The truth is, each one ofour 75 trillion cells is pre-programmed to "self-terminate" unless that set of instructions isinhibited. When the DNA determines that thecell damage cannot be corrected, it stops sendingthe instructions to inhibit cell death, andapoptosis proceeds. More than 50 billion cellsdie this way, each day, in a normal, healthyadult. Once the damaged cells are terminated,they must also be disassembled, removed, andreplaced before the tissue can return to normaloperation. This entire sequence of activity isinitiated and communicated by these amazingsignaling messengers of the immune system. This cellular "detect, repair, and replace"mechanism, when functioning properly, is whatkeeps our cells healthy and functioningnormally. To be able to aid this process, byhaving enough redox signaling molecules in ourbody, is not only like having a second immunesystem, it is like having a drink from theFountain of Youth.32
  33. 33. 4 Doing The Impossible Our bodies are estimated to contain about65%-75% water. While this may be an accuratemeasure of the content, it is not an accurateestimate of the condition. A more accuratestatement is that our bodies are made mostly ofSALT WATER. Life evolved in the oceans on thisplanet, and we have to carry that ocean aroundinside our cells for life to continue. Salt water issodium chloride dissolved in water. If salt water is electrolyzed according toheavily guarded methods, the sodium chloride isbroken into Sodium (Na) and Chlorine (Cl) andthe water is broken into Hydrogen (H) andOxygen (O). Once liberated as separate atoms,they can be recombined into quite a few othermolecules, which are NOT SALT WATER! It is possible to pass electricity throughsalt water and wind up with an interestinggroup of molecules. The most common one isSodium hypochlorite, which is the activeingredient in common bleach! It is made fromSodium, Hydrogen, Chlorine and Oxygen. Its abroad-spectrum germicide, but it is also a verystrong oxidizer and highly toxic in relatively 33
  34. 34. small amounts. So, how many molecules can be createdout of these four components? The answer is, alot! Besides toxins, there are many moleculesthat are non-toxic when they are in a verybalanced condition. These non-toxic andbalanced molecules include these sixteen:HOCL, NaCl-, NaClO, O2, Cl2, H2, H2O2, H+,ClO, O2-, HO2, O3, H-, Cl-, NaOH, and OH-. What is interesting is that themitochondria in our cells start with this samesalt-water solution and manage to produce asafe, non-toxic group of redox signalingmolecules that are listed above. As stated before, both the RS and ROSmolecules produced by the mitochondria arehighly bioactive. Individually, they arechemically reactive and highly conducive tocausing electron transfer processes that promoteboth oxidation and reduction. But analyzed as agroup of compounds together, they are stable,safe, and non-toxic. All of this has been known for years.What has not been known is how to mimic thisprocess OUTSIDE the body. The problem isstability, chemical stability. How can a group ofhighly reactive molecules be maintained in theirreactive form WITHOUT actually having themreact with each other? That’s the billion dollarquestion!34
  35. 35. Please note that many atoms or moleculesthat could potentially be dangerous are perfectlysafe and non-toxic when they are combined in astable, balanced manner. A good example is SALT. Salt is madefrom Sodium and Chlorine. Sodium, by itself, isa highly reactive, toxic metal that explodes intoflames when it is put in contact with water, andChlorine is a poisonous, green gas, which killsanything that breathes it. But when these twosubstances are combined in a perfectly stablemixture, they become Sodium Chloride,ordinary table SALT, which is a necessary forour bodies, and essential to life. Another good example is WATER. Wateris made from Hydrogen and Oxygen. Oxygen is,obviously, a powerful "oxidizing agent" andHydrogen is the explosive gas that wasresponsible for the Hindenburg Disaster. Butwhen these two substances are combined in aperfectly stable mixture, they become Water,which is also a necessary component of ourbodies, and essential to life. So, chemical balance and stability is oftenthe key to making toxic and reactive substancesinto safe and essential compounds. Even though the mitochondria in our cellsmake both RS and ROS types of molecules, theyare only safe and non-toxic because they are in aperfectly balanced and stabilized mixture. 35
  36. 36. For years, scientists looking at thesemolecules did not understand how biologicallyactive they were because, as a group, theyappeared to be inactive and non-toxic. It tookquite a while to discover that they werent just"salt water". It is worth mentioning that any skepticthat claims this can only be “salt water” is notaware of a double blind study that used saltwater as the placebo and the placebo showed noresults. However, the electrolyzed solution withsixteen stable molecules showed results that thescientists have never before seen. This is alldiscussed in the sports chapter. Anyway, here is what is so profoundabout this modern day chemical mixture ofmolecules… IT ISN’T SUPPOSED TO EXIST! When you electrolyze sodium chlorideand water, you can create various molecules asdescribed before. But almost as soon as thesecompounds appear, they will simply recombineand turn back into salt water. So, while each ofthese chemicals may be stable on their own, theyare NOT stable in each others presence! This isthe main reason why nobody has ever tried toproduce them as a group, outside the body. It iscounter-intuitive that it is even possible. If you have eight negatively chargedmolecules and eight positively chargedmolecules in one solution, all the standard36
  37. 37. chemical models predict they “should” justneutralize and cancel each other out. Dr. Gary Samuelson, the medical atomicphysicist who was mentioned at the beginningof this book, has found a way, for the first timein history, to allow all of these RS and ROSmolecules to co-exist in a single solution outsidethe body, without them reacting with each otherand reverting to salt water. This is considered by many, includingthis author, to be the single most importanthealth science breakthrough in the last onehundred years! Together, these molecules comprise astable solution of Redox Signaling Molecules forthe first time in history. The SECRET will bespelled out in the next chapter. 37
  38. 38. 5 The Redox Secret Here’s the diagram on the RedoxSignaling Molecules again so you can see it in itssimplicity: FIG 4.1 Here is the kicker – many productsavailable today focus on the antioxidants, whichare ACTIVATED by the RS molecules.38
  39. 39. Unfortunately, the manufacturers of theseproducts dont tell you that most of their productis useless, because your body will never produceenough RS molecules to use them. On top ofthat, you’ve never seen an RS moleculesupplement offered that would allowantioxidants to work better. Then, there are many other products thatfocus on the oxidizers, such as hydrogenperoxide or certain chlorine derivatives, such aschlorine dioxide. These so-called "oxygentherapies" can be helpful, but can also increaseoxidative stress in the body if they are notbalanced with sufficient antioxidants and RSmolecules. The whole SECRET to cellular health isthat both the oxidizers and the anti-oxidizers areneeded; and they are needed in balance witheach other! What if you had both the RS and ROSmolecules in one simple, drinkable solution?That would be like having your cake and eatingit too! If the body isn’t creating enough redoxsignaling molecules on its own, due to themitochondria becoming damaged over time,then the obvious solution is to supplement theredox signaling molecules from outside of the body. Believe it or not, for the first time inhistory, such a redox signaling molecule 39
  40. 40. supplement is finally being made available tothe public! But first take notice that for a supplementsuch as this to actually be legitimate and work,both the RS and ROS molecules would need tobe present in balanced quantities, and further,need to meet the following criteria: 1. The Redox Signaling Molecules would need to be in a high enough abundance, above what the body could produce, so that they could activate more antioxidants, and increase cellular communication in a noticeable manner. 2. The Redox Signaling Molecules would need to be produced in a way that has been considered impossible. This means that when the RS and ROS molecules are together, in one solution, they do not simply neutralize each other in the bottle. This equates to product "stability". The product would need to be stable in the bottle, and at the same time, each of the separate molecules would need to remain "bio-active" after being consumed. 3. The Redox Signaling Molecules would have to help increase and accelerate the body’s own production of natural antioxidants, such as Glutathione, SOD and even catalase, which is an enzyme40
  41. 41. that splits peroxides into hydrogen and oxygen. 4. The Redox Signaling Molecules would need to assist the immune system to detect oxidative damage and then repair or replace the damaged cells. 5. The Redox Signaling Molecules would have to be IDENTICAL to the form that the mitochondria produce! Since redox signaling molecules are native to the body, any product that supplemented them would have to be the same. 6. The Redox Signaling Molecules would have to be 100% non-toxic, which they would be if they were in the same form as what the body produces.Putting both RS and ROS molecules in onecontainer and have them be stable… THATIS the most important breakthrough in thehealth sciences in our lifetime, and itappears that many scientists are inagreement. This is a new health revolution, in and ofitself. Redox signaling molecules are completelyfoundational to cellular repair and regeneration.Theyre a veritable Fountain of Youth – literally! You may recall that the subtitle of thisbook referred to redox molecules as a "biological 41
  42. 42. source code". Here is why - most substances weingest are made of complex chemicalcompounds that our bodies have to "digest".They act like a compiled computer program. You eat them and your body has todecompile them, literally break them down intoa form that it can communicate with at thecellular level. Oftentimes, they have to be brokendown and then reattached to other things tomake them “bio-available”. But – WHAT IF… there was somethingthat was already available in a form that thebody did not have to break down, but was in aform that the body already made on its own, andwe’re just giving it a bigger supply of it? Wouldthat make a difference? Of course it would!Hence the earlier reference to Redox SignalingMolecules as being NATIVE to the body, ratherthan merely "all natural". Remember the six points that RedoxSignaling Molecules must adhere to in order tobe legitimate? That is like getting a biochemical sourcecode that the body does not have to decompileor deconstruct. It is about absorption and notdigestion. You just give it to the body and it isalready speaking that biochemical language! Thebody already knows exactly what to do. If the profundity of this is trulycomprehended, you will not only see but will42
  43. 43. feel what the excitement is all about. We’re going to take a brief look at thebrain and nervous system connection withregard to redox signaling molecules since this isof vital importance. 43
  44. 44. 6 Brain and Nervous System The number one signaling system in theentire body is the nervous system. Every place inour body shares a common connection. Thenervous system impulses are sent back and forthin this system in a very efficient manner. Thecentral nervous system helps to process thesesignals in an intelligent manner similar to acomputer processor but in this case, it is ourbrain that assists in this communication. This system is profound beyond wordsand is actually more advanced and complex thatthe most advanced computer networks in theworld by a long shot. Redox Signaling Molecules are found in abalance in our nervous system cells as well asoutside of the cells and are essential to theproper working of the electrical impulses. Without a proper balance of the RedoxSignaling Molecules, the neurotransmitterscannot properly conduct these signals. It must bestressed that it is a BALANCE of the RedoxSignaling Molecules that are important, which ofcourse is contrary to the popularly held beliefsthat one must either load up on anti-oxidants or44
  45. 45. reactive oxygen species for the body to functionproperly. When is the last time you heard a health“guru” tell you that you need a balance ofspecial oxidants in addition to your antioxidantsfor the nervous system and other systems in thebody to function properly? You probably havenot heard this from any of them. In addition to proper signaling in thenervous system, a balance of Redox SignalingMolecules protects the nerve cells as well, sincethese cells are subject to oxidative stress (cellularrust) and degeneration. These Redox Signaling Molecules assist inhealthy brain function by balancing thereception of chemical messengers and hormones. The brain consumes an entire one-fifth ofour oxygen intake and this creates a lot ofoxidative damage. However, balanced Redox SignalingMolecules are what allow the naturally createdantioxidants in the cells to repair this damage. Itis difficult for the brain and nervous system cellsto be repaired if they are damaged so it is bestthat there is a proper balance of the RedoxSignaling Molecules, which cannot beaccomplished by simply taking antioxidants nomatter how strong of a neutralizer they are. Of course proper nerve function is crucialto the entire body and brain, but there are many 45
  46. 46. other benefits. For anyone that does a lot of mental work,any increase in mental performance is greatlydesired and appreciated! Experiencing anincrease in mental agility and memory is alwayswelcome. Even the ideomotor effect can become moreaccurate for anyone that does any form ofintuitive work. The nervous system is the first torespond to any subconscious stimuli. The moreeffective and efficient the brain and nervoussystem communication is, the more accurateinformation from the subconscious can becommunicated to the body by way of theideomotor response. If you happen to be benefiting from exoticsubconscious mind technologies, you willreceive great benefit from the redox signalingmolecules. If you’re a practitioner of Reiki, Chineseenergetic medicine or use muscle testing in anyway, then redox signaling molecules will benefityou and your clients. These molecules should be on the topshelf of the arsenal of every martial artist, energypractitioner or mind power enthusiast beyond ashadow of a doubt. Now, what about athletes?46
  47. 47. 7 Athletic Secret Whether you’re an athlete or not, youprobably have seen the tests when an athlete isjogging on a treadmill with an oxygen mask onand the heart rate is being measured. A part of this test is known as the VT(Ventilatory Threshold) and VO2 Max. When someone is exerting himself orherself, in the beginning, they are in the aerobicstate meaning they are definitely getting enoughoxygen and their body is using it efficiently.When the person starts the test, they are in thisaerobic state. The body is thirteen times moreefficient in an aerobic stage than it is in ananaerobic stage. The moment they transition to theanaerobic state where they are not gettingenough oxygen and their body is not effectivelyusing it anymore, that point is the VT orVentilatory threshold. That is when the athlete“hits the wall” or “gets winded”. When the athlete hits the VT point, theystill have a ways to go until they are no longerable to function. When they get to the pointwhere they simply cannot go on and are on the 47
  48. 48. verge of collapsing, they hit their VO2 Max. Simply, the aerobic state is from the startup to the anaerobic transition point or VT point.From the VT point to the VO2 Max point, that isthe anaerobic state when they cannot go on anyfurther. Needless to say, the longer the time ittakes to get to the VT and the VO2 Max point isworth its weight in gold, pun intended. The goldmedal in many sports is such a minutedifference in improvement over the othercompetitors that the average person usuallycannot comprehend how such a small time canmake the difference between winning andlosing. Please comprehend how profound andsignificant these facts are because they areGAME CHANGING. When an athlete is able to have anabundant supply of redox signaling molecules,some preliminary tests indicate that they may beable to increase the amount of time it takes untilthey hit their VT level by a breathtaking averageof 12%! Some athletes have increased the timethat it takes to hit the VT by up to a staggering20%, which is completely unheard of. Let’s put that into perspective so you cansee why the term GAME CHANGING isn’t justhype, but is literally a game changer… If someone were to follow a triathlon-48
  49. 49. training program for six months to a year, theywould expect to increase the time it takes to getto the VT by 1-2%. If someone were to take illegal dopingdrugs, they could expect to increase the time ittakes to get to the VT by 3-4%. In two weeks flat, drinking the redoxsignaling molecules, preliminary tests indicatethat the athlete may be able to increase the timeit takes to get to the VT by an average of 12%! Here is this profound fact spelled out inno uncertain terms – the benefits from the redoxsignaling molecules beat illegal doping drugs by300-400%! Now, the VO2 Max score is that finalpoint of exhaustion when an athlete is soexhausted, literally, that they regurgitate and/orpass out – this is a very serious endurance limit. Not only do the Redox SignalingMolecules appear to be allowing the athlete toextend the time it takes to get to the VT score byan average of 12% or more, they extend the timeit takes to get to the VO2 Max by 10%! This islike turning on the superhuman enduranceability at the flick of a switch. AND, the VO2 Max capacity for anathlete, not just the time it takes to get to themax, but that max is extended by up to 3%! Here is the reality check and here is howprofoundly significant this is… The Tour de 49
  50. 50. France is the pinnacle of high performanceendurance cycling. Mt. Everest to mountainclimbing is what the Tour de France is toCycling. According to Lance Armstrong, thedifference between winning 1st place or winning50th place is a VO2 Max capacity difference ofUNDER 2%! And the redox signaling molecules canincrease the overall capacity by up to 3%! Here is a big part of the Athletic Secretthat only these molecules have been known toaccomplish: A study supervised by Dr. David C.Nieman, DrPH, FACSM at the HumanPerformance Laboratory at Appalachian StateUniversity found that athletes that drank thesemolecules experienced massive free-fatty acidmobilization in the blood BEFORE they evenstarted to exercise. The study included 20 fit athletes in arandomized, double-blind, placebo-based, cross-over study. Normally, this level of freed up fatty acidsare not found until the athletes have alreadybeen engaged in heavy exercise for a while. What this means is that these fatty acidscan be used as a fuel source right from thebeginning of exercise or any type of competitiveperformance. This is vitally important in regardsto glycogen sparing, which is the goal of any50
  51. 51. athlete. Glycogen sparing refers to using non-carbohydrate sources for energy during aworkout so that it takes much longer beforeglycogen in the muscles is used. When muscleglycogen can be preserved for a much longerperiod of time, the body is forced to burn fat asenergy, which gives the athlete a superioradvantage at the beginning of any race, game orother physical undertaking. Not only does the athlete have theadvantage in the beginning, but the advantage isstill there in the later stages. The muscleglycogen is there waiting to be used as energywhen athletes who are not benefitting fromredox signaling molecules have already beenusing their muscle glycogen from the beginning! According to Dr. Nieman, “We have rarelyseen such a drastic difference. For 43 of those signalsto change, that is a quarter of the metabolite profilethat we are monitoring. It is a huge bump inmetabolite shifts that are due to the ingestion of justone product," “Athletes actually started the exercise afterdrinking (redox signaling molecules) with a lotmore of these free-fatty acids in their blood. Thereason that is important is that the muscles willactually use that as fuel, sparing the muscle glycogenand the use of amino acids which is what we found as 51
  52. 52. we analyzed the data,” “Every understanding from the literature isthat these probably came from the fat stores in theabdominal area," "So if you drink (redox signalingmolecules) we found that the fats go up in the blood.If youre not exercising, those fats will still be used tosupport the bodys metabolism for life.” It should be obvious to the reader thatexercise is of course a proven way to lose weightbut the ultimate appears to be combining anexercise program with redox signalingmolecules. This accomplishes at an energeticlevel what no weight loss program has everdone. Since adipose tissue has the highestconcentration of these fatty acids and theabdominal area has the most reserves, thisappears to be the most effective way to burnbelly fat that is known to the health sciences. This study also demonstrated that thereare massive increases in the levels of ascorbicacid (Vitamin C) after exercise. This seems tosuggest that there may be less oxidative stress onthe muscles. There is more research being doneon this to more fully understand theimplications. Here are some comments from a fewprofessional athletes:52
  53. 53. "Ive experienced all these tremendous benefitsover the last few years when Im doing all these worldrecords, and maybe didnt understand it… With thisnew study its really helped me understand why Idont get sore, and why Im able to just lock in thisstrong pace and hold it for so long." - JamesLawrence, World Record, Most Triathlons 70.3races "My thoughts on the study are that I kind ofalready knew this through my own experience withthe product. But at the same time its great to havethat solid evidence that laboratory test make official.That gives it that official stamp of approval from thescientists and then the stamp of approval from leadathletes." - Cody Waite, Professional XterraTriathlete "With (redox signaling molecules) Ivenoticed that my times and my meets have improvedsignificantly. Learning about the research behind(redox signaling molecules) boosts my confidenceand reinforces what I already know." - DianaMacManus, Three-Time National SwimmingChampion So we someone that many consider to bethe top sports medicine doctor in the country atthe top sports science testing lab in the worldalong with all the other scientists claiming that 53
  54. 54. these results are literally “astounding” and thatin all of their careers, they have never seenresults like this. Remember in the beginning of this bookwhen it was pointed out that the choice food formitochondria is fatty acids? Here you have anenormous supply of freed up fatty acids for thehungry mitochondria. And, even though there is a lot of oxygenin these molecules, fatty acids are needed for thecellular respiration process to effectivelyoxygenate the cells to begin with. It is in the author’s opinion that not usingthese 100% non-toxic redox signaling molecules,which are allowed for competitive use, is thesame as surrendering to the competitors that arebenefitting from these molecules. At the rate that this knowledge isspreading – and this is spreading like wild fire,why in the world would any athlete risk losing arace, competition, fight, game, or otherwise toanother individual or team because they haven’tstarted benefiting from the redox signalingmolecules? All things being equal, the athlete notusing Redox Signaling Molecules doesn’t evenstand a chance, period. When there is a GAME CHANGER – itisn’t about some small competitive edge that canbe worked around – it is about taking things to a54
  55. 55. whole new level leaving everything else in thedust. When you read that this was a gamechanger, that isn’t just language to get youexcited, this is literally something that is going totake athletes to a level never dreamed of – in asimple, safe and non-toxic way that is perfectlylegal in sports competitions plus it speeds up therecovery and repair afterward! It is a myth that lactic acid is what makesmuscles sore. That is actually a protectivemechanism. The pain actually comes fromhydrogen proton loading in the muscles. That ispositively charged hydrogen and the redoxsignaling molecules actually reverse this processas it occurs, which prevents most of the musclepain from happening in the first place. Some of the top athletes in the world aregetting in trouble because of the illegal drugs – ifthey were using the redox signaling molecules,they would be safely winning in an approvedway – what is that worth to an athlete? So, in addition to advancing cellularrepair and regeneration light years ahead ofanything else ever produced, all these athleticbenefits are realized as well. When you combinethem, you are able to advance the potential ofyour body to new levels that have never beforebeen accomplished! 55
  56. 56. 8 Public Availability Redox signaling molecules are 100% non-toxic to people and are also safe and beneficialfor pets and plants. These molecules come in aliquid form and are easily drinkable and you canactually get your hands on this Fountain of Youthright now. Most people get tremendous benefit fromonly a few ounces per day and many people getresults so powerful that the law will not permitthem to be discussed in this book. It is recommended to drink two ounces inthe morning upon waking on an empty stomachand do not eat or drink anything for at least tenminutes. Then, drink two ounces on an emptystomach before dinnertime and do not eat ordrink anything else for at least ten minutes. The redox signaling molecules arecurrently available in 32 ounce bottles. Fourbottles will last one person one entire month. Itis also available in 8 ounce sports packs. To gain access to these molecules, visitthis website:
  57. 57. 9 Sharing Results Here are a few results that some peopleare sharing… “In just three weeks of drinking a few ouncesa day, all of the brown spots on the back of my handsdisappeared. At age 60, that seemed unlikely. Therewas also a benign growth on my leg that I havewatched for years, wondering when I when was goingto get it surgically removed. After five weeks, it driedup and fell off.” – Peter Lindemann, Liberty Lake,Washington “I have suffered from debilitating discomfortfor over three years. Every morning it was extremelydifficult to get out of bed because of how I felt – like Igot run over by a freight train. After drinking themolecules for a few weeks, one morning I got out ofbed and when I was in the shower, I realized mydiscomfort was gone. I have taken all kinds ofsupplements, done chelation therapy and many othermodalities and the redox molecules are the only thingto ever bring me this kind of relief.” – Victor Azar,Spokane, Washington 57
  58. 58. “After drinking the molecules for only oneweek, my knee discomfort was partially relieved and Ilost five pounds! It isn’t intended for weight loss butmy appetite was less that it has been, which tells meI’m getting more nutrients out of the food I amgetting so I’m not as hungry. Both my husband and Iare drinking it and we can fall asleep easier and wakeup easier. I can’t sit still – before, I was on the couchquite a bit because I didn’t have much motivation.Now I’m constantly on the go go go and I’m 62!” –Paula Kaye, Spokane, Washington “I smoke like a chimney and haven’t beenjogging for a year and a half. I’ve been drinking thesemolecules for only nine days and decided to take arun. Incredibly, I was able to run four miles non-stopon the first try and it normally takes me 3-4 runs tobuild up to that distance! The next morning, I couldhardly notice any soreness. After another week oftaking the molecules, I went for the same run andwent four miles again – and the next morning, stillhardly any soreness! Again, I smoke all the time andhaven’t been running for a long time. Being able tobounce back like this just from drinking a few ouncesa day is incredible. I’m a month away from turning50 and I haven’t felt this good physically andmentally in many years.” – Deyo Hirata, Seattle,Washington “Recently, I had a wisdom tooth removed,58
  59. 59. which is late for someone in their 40’s. After it wasremoved, I asked the dentist if I could do anexperiment and he agreed. I took a small cup of themolecules and swooshed it around my mouth and thebleeding stopped instantly, which amazed the dentist.He said it normally takes 20-23 minutes on averagefor the bleeding to stop. The results were so fast andeffective that he didn’t have to pack any gauze in mymouth and I didn’t even need pain pills. Thatafternoon, I went for a 4 miles walk and the nextmorning I went for a 4.5 mile run and still nobleeding.” – Deni Robinson, Mica, Washington “I have found that after using the moleculesthat my scalp has been more moist with less flakesthan before. Also, I have noticed that I have moreenergy on a daily basis.” – Juralyn Aguilar 25,Pagadian Philippines “Before using the molecules, I had a terribletime sleeping through the night. I was so tired all daylong and I was getting very discouraged. I have beentaking the molecules for less than a month and I sleepsoundly through the night and feel full of energywhen I wake up. I feel like I got my life back.” – MaryLou Moe 84, Spokane, WA “In recent years I have had a problem wakingup in the morning. Since I have been taking the redoxmolecules I find it much easier to wake up and get out 59
  60. 60. of bed. I even find myself waking up before my alarmand getting up motivated to work. From time to timeI would get painful sores in my nose and I had to usean antibiotic cream for relief. I was concerned aboutcontinually using an antibiotic, because I know it hasbad long-term affects. Now I spray the molecules inmy nose daily and that problem is under controlwithout the drugs.” – Jeff Moe 46, Spokane, WA There are countless results that people areexperiencing from drinking their molecules.These are not claims that the molecules cureanything. When the body is supported to dowhat it is designed to do, amazing things canhappen!60
  61. 61. Aaron Murakami’s Bio Aaron Murakami is an internationallysought after author, researcher, and inventor. Heis committed to the development anddistribution of information and technologies thatare widely unknown by the general public. Aaron holds a Bachelor of Science inNatural Health and has owned a popular healthfood store in Spokane, Washington. He is aconsultant to several technology groups and iscurrently the Director of Special Projects for aninternational self-development technologycompany. Aaron is the co-founder of a discussionforum that has over 80,000 registered members,dedicated to educating the public about conceptsthat link spirituality, holistic health, and“impossible” energy technologies to thequantum sciences. Aaron is a wealth of informationregarding powerful paradigm shatteringtechnologies and knowledge that has thepotential to cause a massive paradigm shift inglobal consciousness. Other books and video packages fromAaron Murakami can be found at 61
  62. 62. The Quantum Key A Simple Unified Field Theory by Aaron Murakami http://thequantumkey.com62
  64. 64. A Course in Mind Power Catalyst for Transformation http://acourseinmindpower.com64
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