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PEER* Solutions PrinEval-MN Demo

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Peer solutions demo v gv

  1. 1. Welcome to PEER* SolutionsPrinEval-MNThe PEER* Solutions system provides a framework to manage theevaluations of school principals in Minnesota. Over the course ofa year, the PrinEval-MN system will guide and support you througha self-evaluation, a confidential stakeholder survey, and thesupervisor’s evaluation.During the school year, the PrinEval-MN system allows both thePrincipal and the Evaluator to record information and reflections.The system, at the end of the process, will generate a completedEvaluation Summary and Professional Growth Plan.The following slides will provide you with a ‘snap shot’ of some ofthe steps of the evaluation process.
  2. 2. PrinEval-MN includes severalsteps and the user is guidedthrough each step.The system prompts both theEvaluator and the Principal onwhat to prepare and what toinput for each step of the process.At each step, a user can back upto the previous step to review orrefine information.Each user can keep both personalnotes and a record to be shared.
  3. 3. Set up of each step:In each step, there are two orthree sections.On this screen, we show you animage from Step 1-OpeningEngagement. It shows thedirections for “Work to becompleted Prior to Meeting”The other prompt is “MeetingAgenda” which will detail anagenda to follow for the openingengagement meeting.
  4. 4. Survey:PrinEval-MN uses the same surveyquestions in the self evaluation,stakeholder survey, and for completionby the evaluator.This electronic survey has 5 coresections, each with 8 inquiries. It isaligned with the MN Principalscompetencies and the work of theMDE. The snapshot of a portion of thesurvey presented here showssome ofthe Vision and Mission section.PEER* Solutions is using a professionalpanel to refine each core section forvalidity. A 6th section allows users toframe their own statements.Responses to the core sections can beanonymously compared to other usersof the system across the state.
  5. 5. Step 4 is Evidence Collection.PrinEval-MN helps the Principaland Evaluator enter dataregarding findings, records ofobservations, and studentachievement data.It is the combined responsibilityof the Principal and Evaluator todetermine what studentachievement data will beconsidered and what goals shouldbe set in regard to studentperformance.
  6. 6. Evaluation Report:The system will generate a finalevaluation report. Each of thecore competencies can be scoredwith the following rating:UnsatisfactorySatisfactoryAccomplishedDistinguishedDevelopingSection Two of the report scoresthe principal on studentachievement and the Evaluatorand Principal can agree on SMARTGoals for the future.
  7. 7. Professional Growth Plan:From the Evaluation Summary, aProfessional Growth Plan can beestablished.In each step of the process, boththe Principal and the Evaluatorare able to enter shared data andprivate observations. When theEvaluation Summary and theProfessional Growth Plan arefinalized, only the shared data willbe reported. Private reflectionsremain private.
  8. 8. Final Evaluation Report:At the very end of the process,the system will produce a finalEvaluation Summary including a‘signature’ step so that both theEvaluator and the Principal cansign off.Apdf is created for printing andprocessing. Of course, thatelectronic file is available toupload into the system foranother year…
  9. 9. • The PEER* Solutions PrinEval-MN is designed to provide a step by step process ofprincipal evaluation. It meets the requirements of MN Statute and yet is designedto be simple enough for school districts to use efficiently.• In purchasing the PrinEval-MN system, a separate purchase must be made for eachprincipal so that a discreet set of passwords can be assigned.• We thank you for considering the use of the PrinEval-MN system and hope itmeets your expectations.• Greg Vandal and Charlie Kyte, Founders and Partners