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Music video analysis_worksheets_ms_word_version started

  1. 1. Unit 29 – Music Video Production Music Video Analysis Worksheets Music Video Analysis - Gender Roles Song Title: I’m into you Artist: Jenifer Lopez ft. Lil Wayne Directions: As you closely watch the music video, answer the following questions with as much detail as possible. 1. What are the men/women doing? (Dancing, sitting, swimming, etc.) Right from the beginning of the music video we see Jennifer Lopez posing/dancing in a very provocative way. Throughout the video there are sexualised shots of the male actor and Jennifer lying together on the beach; whilst this is showing both men and women as ‘sexual items’ we do see Jennifer as being quite empowered and in control of her body- the male is not dominating her. During certain scenes we see her dressed as a ‘goddess’- this is viewing her as quite ‘powerful’. When the male does eventually enter the scene, stereotypically he is shown as the alpha male- this can be seen from the way he holds/comforts her. However sexually Jennifer is seducing him- this can be seen through her body language. There are many close up shots of both Jennifer and the male actor; both seem to be very attractive people so they use this to magnify it. 2. How are the men/women dressed? How much skin is revealed? The actor is simply wearing a pair of trousers; this is emphasizing on how ‘sexually attractive’ he is as a male since we can see his muscular body- he is a stereotypical “handsome” male. The type of actor that has been chosen to play this role and the way they have dressed him is showing all men as ‘sexually appealing’. Jennifer Lopez’s clothes change throughout the music video- throughout most of the video she is dressed very revealingly. This can be seen when she appears to be wearing a dress made of metal strips- whilst in a very alluring pose! In one particular shot Jennifer is wearing a very glamorous yet ‘sexy’- the setting that has been chosen as a backdrop and the camera angle is almost signifying wealth. This outfit represents her as very empowered and confident. During scenes with the male she is dressed very seductively with a lot of skin being revealed. 3. Are there more, fewer, or the same number of men as women? The music video only consists of Jennifer Lopez and the male actor- we are seeing the ‘sexual attraction’ between male and female. 4. Describe the body language of the men/women: are they sitting, standing, gyrating, Mugging, etc.? Jennifer Lopez is dancing in a very suggestive manner, especially towards the male. Her physicality is very seductive. In shots that include both Jennifer and the male we see her moving around him very provocatively- she is leading him on. There is a lot of intimacy
  2. 2. Unit 29 – Music Video Production Music Video Analysis Worksheets between the male actor and Jennifer. The males characteristics tend to change; his body language varies throughout the video depending on Jennifer. During certain scenes he is seen as very ‘protective’ over Jennifer from the way her is holding her, however when she is seen alluring him he allows her to do so and does not respond in a dominant way. 5. Do the men/women have power? How do you know? Neither Jennifer nor the male actor has a lot of power over the other, however Jennifer Lopez does have a certain amount of ‘sexual dominance’, however he allows her to lead him on. During more the closer intimate scenes when they are seen cuddling on the beach he can be viewed as the alpha male. 6. What’s the message of the song? The song talks about being ‘lost in love’ and the physical attraction that you can’t stop towards another sex. 7. What type of music is the song? The song is a midtempo pop and RnB song; it has a heavy beat, night club feel to it. Music Video Analysis - Race Song Title: Crazy in Love Artist: Beyoncé ft. Jay Z Directions: As you closely watch the music video, answer the following questions with as much detail as possible. 1. What races do you see represented? The dominant race throughout the music video is black Americans- both male and femaleand American Latinas. 2. Are there any dark skinned women shown? How many? The video is made up of six females-all dark skinned, with the exception of one seemingly white woman. 3. What is the race of the person at the focus of the video? Crazy in Love focuses on Beyoncé and Jay Z- both come from a black and Native American background. Beyoncé however does have more screen time.
  3. 3. Unit 29 – Music Video Production Music Video Analysis Worksheets 4. What are the black/Latino/Asian/white/Native American/Pacific Islander people doing? When Beyoncé first enters the shot we see her strutting along the road; she is introduced as very independent, this can be seen from the way she walks. Whilst she is wearing a limited amount of clothing- showing her as a sexual object- the confidence she shows helps us view her as independent. Throughout the video Beyoncé begins to wear more ‘glamorous’ clothing indicating it’s ‘expensive’ and she has gained wealth from meeting Jay Z. When we first see him enter the scene, he is blowing up a car; this is giving off a very bad image for young black men- however it can also indicate that money means nothing to him. Whilst Beyoncé is giving of the impression of empowerment- this can be seen again when she is dancing and walking around with her female ‘crew’. During scenes that are made up Jay Z and Beyoncé, he is simply stood there whilst she dances around him provocatively. She is representing women as sexual icons. 5. What’s the message of the song? The songs talks about romantic obsessions and how we do things that are out of character when we are in love. 6. What type of music is the song? Crazy in love is a typical RnB Love Song that incorporates hip hop, 1970’s funk music and soul. Music Video Analysis - Sexuality Song Title: Birthday Song Artist: 2 chainz ft. Kanye West Directions: As you closely watch the music video, answer the following questions with as much detail as possible. 1. Describe any sexually explicit body language: The women are dancing very provocatively around the men; there are a lot of acts that resemble sexual intercourse. The females are showing off their boy parts and pleasing the men. 2. Who is more sexualized – men or women?Both? Whilst both the females and males in this music video are carrying out sexual acts, the women are more sexualised. They are pleasing the men’s desires by carrying out acts for them and walking around in ‘skimpy’ clothing. 3. Are there sexually explicit lyrics or messages?
  4. 4. Unit 29 – Music Video Production Music Video Analysis Worksheets The whole song is based around sexual desire- it is discriminating against women and sexually objectifying them. Words such as ‘bitches’ and ‘hoes’ are used to describe the females, the artist is simply showing them as objects of pleasure. They are there to provide for him- that is all. 4. How are subjects of the music video dressed? The young women who are there to provide pleasure are dressed in ‘skimpy’ and ‘revealing’ clothing; they almost look like prostitutes. The men are either wearing suits- which gives the image of the women being prostitutes- or Jeans and baggy T-shirts- a very street/gangster look 5. Describe the relationships between the men and women: Are they long or short term? Casual or serious? The relationships are neither long nor short term- there is no relationship. The women are simply their as ‘toys’ for the men- similar to a one night stand. They are there to please their sexual desires then leave- the women are meaningless to them. 6. What’s the message of the song? There is no meaningful message to the song- it simply talks about desires and needs. 7. What type of music is the song? American hip hop and rap. Music Video Analysis - Materialism Song Title: Love don’t cost a thing Artist: Jennifer Lopez Directions: As you closely watch the music video, answer the following questions with as much detail as possible. 1. Describe the products that are highlighted in the video: (cars, jewellery, clothes, etc.) The artist is seemingly wearing designer clothing and jewellery whilst driving around in an expensive convertible. We know from the beginning of the video she is wealthy due to the setting- a mansion overlooking some sort of lake with amazing green scenery. Jennifer also talks about needing no more jewellery in the opening audio.
  5. 5. Unit 29 – Music Video Production Music Video Analysis Worksheets 2. Are any brand names shown? No particular brand names are shown on screen. However it is obvious they are designer. A Mercedes Benz is mentioned in the lyrics. 3. How is wealth defined in the video? This particular music video shows that money isn’t everything; like the title suggests money can’t buy love. The video is based around a woman (Jennifer) who- from what we can tellhas a husband that is away on business a lot and buys her expensive things to make up for not being there. As the video progresses Jennifer begins to strip down removing all her jewellery, accessories and clothing- she is left in her underwear and a top. This shows us that she doesn’t need money or gifts to feel love she wants the things in life that money can’t buy. She has a materialistic lover. Striping down shows us how hurt she is and how much she starves for affection. 4. Are products mentioned in the song lyrics? A Mercedes Benz is mentioned frequently. 5. What’s the message of the song? The song is all about a materialistic relationship; the message behind the song is simply you can’t buy love with gifts. 6. What type of music is the song? It’s a pop song.