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Ca Corporate Profile Education


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Career Advisory - Education

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Ca Corporate Profile Education

  1. 1. A Vriksh Consulting Group Initiative
  2. 2. Vriksh ConsultingFor 17 years Vriksh Consulting has been helpingorganizations realize their true potential, achievetheir potential and help them see beyond.We focus on organizational growth through peopledevelopment programs. Through strategy buildingskills we help clients to excel in sales, marketing,operations & HR.Vriksh now expands its services A Vriksh Consulting Group Initiative
  3. 3. About UsCareer Advisory, a subsidiary of Vriksh Consulting,is a HR Services company created to helporganizations and individuals Develop Attitudes forExcellenceWe provide innovative and cost effectiveKnowledge Management and Hiring Solutionscustomized to the clients’ needs and specifications. A Vriksh Consulting Group Initiative
  4. 4. Our Mission “Creating Happiness for people while building Wealth and Success” Our VisionTo help 5 million people - Gain Success - Build Wealth - Attain Happinessby 2015 A Vriksh Consulting Group Initiative
  5. 5. We Serve Corporates Individuals Students Educational InstitutesA Vriksh Consulting Group Initiative
  6. 6. Corporates Staffing HRSolutions Solutions Recruitments Market BusinessResearch Process Outsourcing A Vriksh Consulting Group Initiative
  7. 7. Individuals Career ResumeAdvisory Writing TrainingMentoring Placements A Vriksh Consulting Group Initiative
  8. 8. Students Career ResumeCounselling Development TrainingAdmission PlacementAssistance Assistance A Vriksh Consulting Group Initiative
  9. 9. Educational Institute Student Admission Development Assistance Programs Placement Assistanc e Business Management Process Development Outsourcing Programs A Vriksh Consulting Group Initiative
  10. 10. Educational Institute Chronic Issues☛Most Educational Institutes are having same chronic problems ☛Struggle to fill the seats ☛Difficult to find good quality students ☛Difficult to get good faculty ☛Tougher to retain good faculty ☛Inability to attract organizations for placements ☛Low campus placement ☛Mismatch in salary expectation of students and offers from the companies A Vriksh Consulting Group Initiative
  11. 11. Challenges of Students☛Which Institute to choose☛Which course to take☛Which specialization to pursue☛No live experience either with them or faculty, so only gain bookish knowledge, which is out-dated☛Basics are very weak (due to schooling) thus difficulty in understanding and covering the curriculum☛Very High expectations of world outside college☛Belief that degree will help them succeed rather than knowledge☛Lack of Role Models A Vriksh Consulting Group Initiative
  12. 12. Challenges of Corporate☛Availability of large pool of educated degree holders who are hardly employable☛Desire Self Motivated and Self Driven people, but get resources that need to be constantly directed☛Expectation mismatch ☛Corporate want them to work☛Lack of Role Models A Vriksh Consulting Group Initiative
  13. 13. We help you make the right moves☛At Career Advisory, we focus on People Development to make Students successful &meaningful contributors to their future and organizations they work for☛Our People Development programs focus on building ☛Passion and Desire to Win ☛Ability to Succeed in Diverse Situations ☛Ability to understand different perspectives ☛Ability to take Risk ☛Balanced Thinking A Vriksh Consulting Group Initiative
  14. 14. Communications TrainingsAmerican Voice and Call Center Agents Understanding American AccentAccent Annotations Voice Modulations Speaking in American Accent Holding a conversation Listening & ComprehensionBusiness Junior Resources Communication Skillscommunication Verbal communication Written communication Common MistakesBusiness Etiquette in a Junior Management Effective CommunicationCross Cultural Middle Management GroomingEnvironment Understanding of various cultures Effective presentation making skills Wining A Vriksh Consulting Group Initiative
  15. 15. Communications Trainings …..contdEffective Junior Management Effective communicationcommunication Listening skills Writing skillsEnglish Beginner Level Basics of EnglishCommunication Grammer Sentence Construction Listening & Comprehension Reading & Comprehension Communicating in EnglishEnglish Intermediate Level Preparing for communicationCommunication Explaining issues / concerns Explaining view points Using Voice modulationEnglish Advanced Level Effective PresentationsCommunication Selling your view point Improving vocubalary A Vriksh Consulting Group Initiative
  16. 16. Leadership TrainingsCreativity in Junior Management Why do leaders fail so often?Leadership Middle Management The role of a manager as a Leader Senior Management New skills for manager as a Leader Developing people Mentoring styles for grooming followers from R1 to R4 Performance feedbackDate with destiny Senior Leadership Body and Mind control CEO Financial control MD Strategy Making Decision MakingLeadership and Middle Management Why do People FailPersonal Top Management Take charge… of people situationsEffectiveness Creating shared goals Creating great teamwork with client Building inter-personal relationships A Vriksh Consulting Group Initiative
  17. 17. Leadership Trainings …. contdLeadership for Line First Time Mangers Role of Manager / Supervisor in theManagers Middle Management changing scenario Build personal power and influencing others Creating cause and getting commitment of the team members Managing conflicts Impact of leadership behavior on conflicts Developing team membersLeadership for Middle Management Team Building skillssuccess Top Management Leadership skills Driving for Performance Building Passionate TeamsManaging Change Middle Management Change Management Top Management Positive Thinking Understanding, Planning, Implementing and Consolidating Change A Vriksh Consulting Group Initiative
  18. 18. Leadership Trainings …. contdManaging for First Time Mangers Setting realistic GoalsPerformance Middle Management Achieving Goals Senior Management Time Management Effective Communication Team Development Self Motivation Achieving ObjectivesManaging for Results First Time Mangers Leadership skills Middle Management Time management Effective communication Goal setting and planning to achieve them Team building skillsPerformance HR Performance PlanningManagement System Middle Management Alignment of Objectives Top Management Defining Performance parameters Performance Rewards Performance Management A Vriksh Consulting Group Initiative
  19. 19. Leadership Trainings …. contdSituational Leadership Middle Management Process of facilitating sustained change Top Management Building your power base Understanding the Level of Followers Mentoring people Feedback StylesVisionary Leadership Middle Management Prisoners of the system, or prisoners of Top Management our thinking The laws of creating a learning organization System thinking: A basic competency for creating learning teams The core disciplines of building a learning organization Discipline 1: Personal mastery Discipline 2: Mental models Discipline 3: Creating shared vision Discipline 4: Team learning A Vriksh Consulting Group Initiative
  20. 20. Life Management SkillsAttitudes for Fresher Effective communicationExcellence Junior Management Goal Setting Frontline Workforce Self motivation Attitude developmentBehavioural interviews Hiring Managers Interviewing skills Assessments based on leading questions Interview Evaluation Design and Implementation of InterviewsCreative Conflict Managers Problem Solving through ParallelManagement Thinking Skills Conflict ManagementCreativity & Innovation Junior Management Thinking Skills Middle Management Creativity, Problem Solving Ability Senior Management Parallel thinking Conflict Management A Vriksh Consulting Group Initiative
  21. 21. Life Management Skills …. contdEthical decision Top Management Ethicsmaking How to know what is right Loyaltyto whom? Decision MakingManaging Client Field engineers Attitude developmentRelations Business Relations Management Effective Communication Handling customersMind Innovation Junior Management Facing Change Developing Learning Habits Developing Creativity skills Personal Mastery Habits of SuccessMind Innovation Middle Management Change Management Top Management Developing Learning Habits Developing Creativity skills Personal Mastery Habits of Success A Vriksh Consulting Group Initiative
  22. 22. Life Management Skills …. contdStress management Middle Management Time management Setting goals and planning to achieve them Mind and body controlTime management Managers Time Management Quadrant II Planning Understanding difference between important & urgentWork-life balance Middle Management Balancing Responsibilities Goal Setting Planning to Achieve Goals A Vriksh Consulting Group Initiative
  23. 23. Sales TrainingsAdvanced Selling Experienced Market mapping Salesmen Planning Forecasting Strategizing Problem solving using different models & toolsAdvanced Selling Salesmen Achieving targets Customer service Presentation making skills Effective communication Sales forecasting Market developmentBasic Selling Skills Salesmen Selling skills Telesales Effective communication Self presentation skills A Vriksh Consulting Group Initiative
  24. 24. Sales Trainings …. contdBuilding Brands Junior Management Identifying & establishing brand positioning & values Planning & implementing brand marketing programmes Measuring & interpreting brand performance Growing & sustaining brand equityGovernment Sales Frontline Dealing Using budget and sales toolsStrategies with Govt Understanding Proposal Winning tactics Managers Dealing Understanding Governemnt Budgeting with Govt Prospect penetration strategiesKey account Client Servicing Devising Strategic Action Planmanagement Account Managers Managing Key Accounts Business Relations Management A Vriksh Consulting Group Initiative
  25. 25. Sales Trainings …. contdRetaining Customers Sales Managers Attitude development Business Relations Management Effective Communication Handling Customer ExpectationsSales Negotiation Frontline Maintaining Client RelationsSkills Negotiating Skills Identifying Buyer Tactics Mastering Demand Concession TechniquesSuccessful Retail Frontline Understanding Market DynamicsSelling Sales Managers Channel Management Territory mapping Business Relations Management A Vriksh Consulting Group Initiative
  26. 26. Team Building TrainingsTeam building Junior Management Teamwork Interpersonal RelationsTeam building Middle Management Team Dynamics Top Management Team Work Identifying & Plugging Weak Lings Interpersonal Relations Getting most out of Teams A Vriksh Consulting Group Initiative
  27. 27. Our Esteemed Clients A Vriksh Consulting Group Initiative
  28. 28. Our Management☛The passion and persistence of our directors has given them the opportunity to work with various industries and excel in a variety of functional departments, making them invaluable members of the BOD of multitudinous companies.☛Their work experience and expertise have made them profound leaders and led them to excel at the senior management level. With strong educational and professional backgrounds our directors have become experts at strategy building making them proficient consultants. A Vriksh Consulting Group Initiative
  29. 29. Dr CK Taneja Director (MCA, MBA, PhD)Dr. CK Taneja started his journey 23 years agoin the Telecom Industry of Singapore.His multi-disciplinary experience acrossindustries and enterprising leadership skills allowhim to overcome complex business challenges.He has successfully created 7 startups andturned around various organisations with limitedresources into well renowned global entities.He has passion to develop the youth of todayinto model citizens for tomorrow. A Vriksh Consulting Group Initiative
  30. 30. Shubhashish Bhattacharya Director (MBA, PhD)After 14 years of working in the corporate world inareas of sales and marketing, in India andabroad, Shubhashishcreated VrikshConsultancy.His passion towards understanding thecomplexity of human nature has driven him toestablish himself as one of the most experiencedcompetent behaviouraltrainer in India.Over 17 years, he has excelled in the delivery ofvarious successful people developmentprograms. His widespread experience allows himto outclass in conceptualization, planning&implementing strategies. A Vriksh Consulting Group Initiative
  31. 31. SN Jain Director (B.Sc. M.Sc. DIC)For over 35 years Mr. Jain has worked at seniormanagement positions. His desire to expand hishorizons made him an expert in various fieldssuch as manufacturing, project management,training, consulting, planning.To satisfy his thirst for knowledge he diversifiedhis experience into various industries such asdefence, automation, telecoms, computerperipherals. Insurance and climate change.The exposure he gained by presenting severalpapers in multi-cultural environments has madehim a highly experienced business developer. A Vriksh Consulting Group Initiative
  32. 32. Contact Us Phone: 0124 - 6470311Email: J-6/15 DLF Phase II Gurgaon - 122009 A Vriksh Consulting Group Initiative
  33. 33. Phone Utilization43:12:0038:24:0033:36:0028:48:0024:00:0019:12:0014:24:00 9:36:00 4:48:00 0:00:00 LOCAL STD CUG A Vriksh Consulting Group Initiative
  34. 34. A Vriksh Consulting Group Initiative