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It's Game Day on Snapchat! December 2013 FCS Playoffs


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The inaugural Snapchat campaign for Eastern Washington University, December 2013. FCS Playoffs

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It's Game Day on Snapchat! December 2013 FCS Playoffs

  1. 1. 2014 CLIO Sports Awards
  2. 2. 2013 audience research and competitive analysis performed for Eastern Washington University by CKSyme Media Group revealed a low student engagement rate with the EWU Athletics brand.
  3. 3. Why Snapchat? • According to latest Pew Internet data 79% of 18-29 age group post photos online—26% of the age group was using Snapchat and rising quickly. • Over 90% of text messages are opened. • The “shiny new toy” value of Snapchat as a brand media was very high. • Only two other university athletic departments were using Snapchat at the time (Liberty University and University of Kansas). Opportunity for earned media was high. • Snapchat recently had added “Stories” feature, allowing users to string together a series of video or pictures where each snap had a 24-hour life, making it a perfect Game Day channel.
  4. 4. Campaign Goal Strategies Tactics Metric 1. Increase number of students engaged w/brand through Snapchat Game Day Story Promoting students to follow new Snapchat account Twitter, Instagram, website release, and earned media stories. Using scoreboard on Game Day to promote in-stadium sign-ups Follower count and action rates 2. Put together an in-game experience from student POV that will engage students both in- stadium and off-site Story board game day for both video and pictures. Input from student- athletes. Shot chart for pre- game, in-game, post game. Get shots of what fans want to see, not necessarily action of game. Snap open count 3. Gather post- game input from fans Post-game survey of followers Last snaps of Story link to survey Survey responses
  5. 5. • 80% of Snapchat followers under 35 • Open rate: 70% • Total follower number going into game: 220 • Action rates: • With over 70% of snaps opened by 220 followers, the action rate on Snapchat was higher than EWU’s Twitter account (3800 followers at that time) • 15% of followers were more interested in campaign than the game • Most popular snaps: Mascot selfie/ QB firing up teammates on the sidelines • Desire for more content in future games: 85%
  6. 6. • Earned media coverage after the campaign included numerous mentions and features on national sports blogs and Time Magazine online, in addition to: • EDUniverse • HighEd Web • eWallStreeter • +Hashtag Sports Conference • Sport Techie • CASE social media blog • Sporting News • Truechatter • • • •
  7. 7. • EWU Athletics social media followers on all channels have increased at a larger pace (Jan/2014 to present) they did the entire previous two years. • Before the 2013 Snapchat campaign, EWU Athletics had no earned media as a leader in college sports marketing. The Snapchat campaign and subsequent campaigns have earned EWU Athletics national recognition as a social media innovator/leader. • EWU was the first university to use the Snapchat “Stories” feature.
  8. 8. 2014 SOME Awards