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Crisis 2.0 CASE Social Media & Community Conference - Boston


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Powerpoint presentation from my Skype session to the Boston conference on April 18, 2013. Handout also available as pdf on Slide Share.

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Crisis 2.0 CASE Social Media & Community Conference - Boston

  1. 1. Crisis 2.0Using social media to protectreputation, build advocacy, andprevent crisis
  2. 2. Crisis 1.0
  3. 3. Crisis 2.0
  4. 4. Challenges…
  6. 6. Build Advocacy
  7. 7. A Day in theLife of a Crisis
  8. 8. David Briel The twitter for JagAlert hasnt been updated since10/26/2010. Which is the recommended way to get informationaccording to the RSSfeed looks like its never had anything put on it at all.2 hours ago · Like · 4Amy Schramm Thank you, David, for pointing this out by-the-way. Iwas thinking the exact same thing. I work on campus (am here now)and the first place I went for info was the IUPUI alert website.Nothing. Then I went to the IUPUI police page. Nothing. Then I wentto the local news and at least found something there. But we havereceived exactly two vague "alert" messages and nothing more. If itwasnt for US disseminating the information, no one would knowanything!2 hours ago · Like · 1On Facebook:
  9. 9. IUPUI @IUPUIAlert: Man with what may be a gun seen nearBarnhill & Vermont. Campus remains on lockdown. We will continue to update as possible.IUPUI @IUPUIIUPUI @IUPUI@nicolepence Please avoid area. Campus iscurrently on lock down.IUPUI @IUPUI All buildings are on lock down. If oncampus, shelter in place. Otherwise, please avoidcampus.
  10. 10. IUPUI: @brandon_marvel Everyone is encouragedto stay inside (or seek shelter, if outside). Butpeople are free to act at their own risk.Brandon Marvel @brandon_marvel@IUPUI then dont tell us or retweet somethingthat says we are on full lockdown when we are not9m IUPUI @IUPUI@brandon_marvel Dont know what you saw.IUPUI is on full alert. Were not using term "lockdown" because its not accurate, but others have
  11. 11. IUPUI: Man With a Gun on Campus 3:28 PM, EDTWhile we do not have any satisfying answers, I wanted toat least put out there what we do know as of 3:25 p.m. on3/19/2013.At 12:30 p.m., someone spotted a man get out of a car inLot 59 at IUPUI…the man was carrying a “long gun.” Hewas later spotted elsewhere on campus, we’ll get abreakdown of those reports after this all said and done.
  12. 12. Since guns are banned from all IU campuses,unless you are taking them to be lock up by thePD while you are on campus, it is safe to assumeone of two scenarios:• Someone didn’t know guns are banned oncampus and is carried a gun onto campus• Someone did know guns are banned oncampus and chose to carry one onto campusanyway
  13. 13. That’s what it boiled down to, either they areignorant and carrying a gun or up to no goodand carrying a gun. Every building is beingactively searched, and that takes time. It isfrustrating for everyone involved that the factsreally haven’t changed much after a fewhours, but it is what it is. The good news isthat there are no reports anything awful, andwe hope it stays that way.
  14. 14. We also understand that the alert pointing people, a site we don’t update any more,added to the frustration. That’s why I’m putting thishere now. There’s not a lot I can share with you, but Ibelieve that what I’m sharing is definitive. If you haveconcerns or questions, feel free to tweet at us(username) or head over to Facebook (URL). Chancesare good I’ll be answering. We’ll get through thiscrappy day, hopefully in one collective piece with nodamage done, and we’ll do it better next time (andwe’ll do it better than that the time after that.)
  15. 15. Contact InfoChris SymeEmail chris@cksyme.orgWebsite: www.cksyme.orgOn Twitter @cksymeOn Facebook | Google+ | PinterestBooking fall “Practice Safe Social”workshop dates NOW!