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Building loyalty with social media


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Powerpoint from ABA Law School Development Conference session. June 1, 2012 at Jackson Lake Lodge. Sessi

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Building loyalty with social media

  1. 1. Building Loyalty WithSocial Media
  2. 2. Know Your Goals
  3. 3. Goal ObjectiveStrategies Tasks Marketing Success
  4. 4. Tool Matrix What Strength? Ways to Time, Are our problem Weakness? segment? resources, people does it solve? people? already there?FacebookTwitterBlogs ormessageboardYouTube/VimeoGoogle +LinkedInOthers
  5. 5. Conversation-Building
  6. 6. Value-Adding
  7. 7. Survey Says…
  8. 8. PeopleDoing it Right
  9. 9. Contact: On Twitter @cksyme On Facebook: Website: Available now on Free to Amazon Prime members