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Team Member Coach webinar present


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Presentation about what it means to be a team Member Coach with

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Team Member Coach webinar present

  1. 1. Territory Marketing Coach
  2. 2. What is An organization in the real estate industry offering license holders programs and coaching to earn residual income during all parts of their real estate careers.
  3. 3. is a program that: Creates a residual income stream for agents leaving the business from the database they built while in the industry. Creates a viable exit strategy for transactionally inactive agents, no fees or association dues Offers builders, developers and retirement communities an additional income stream Has designed a proprietary state-of-the-art referral tracking system Offers an exit strategy to all brokerages in the country Certified Offices Offers a pro-active program to current LFRO brokerages not producing referrals Offers a national referral database to small and regional brokerages Recaptures business that would normally be lost when agents retire or leave the industry. Trains and provides resources to agents leaving real estate to become Professional Referral Agents. Offers an option to “Retire with Royalty” for career brokers and agents. Allows Key Referral Agents to send referrals nationwide, and internationally and receive referral income.
  4. 4.
  5. 5. What is a Territory Marketing Coach? • The Territory Marketing Coach (TMC) position was designed to bring the benefits of the program to real estate offices and real estate agents on a local level • A TMC works closely with the home office and our coaches to bring the program to their real estate community. • The TMC forms strategic alliances with builders, brokers, agents, educators, and industry affiliates in their territory who can most benefit from the innovative programs at • TMC’s act as a local coach and trainer, and liaison for our members inactive agents and active field agents in our program. • TMC’s build community among the members in their territory • Each Territory Marketing Coach partakes in a targeted training and coaching program through which directly addresses how to coach and offer benefits creating partnerships between active and inactive agents in the area, and how to effectively recapture transactions from retiring brokers and agents leaving the industry.
  6. 6. What is the profile of a Territory Marketing Coach? • Has solid experience in real estate • Is well known and respected in the real estate community • Understands the need for the program in their territory • Is creative, forward thinking, and entrepreneurial • Likes to work with, and coach and train real estate professionals • Interested in a long term relationship with MGP • Has an inspirational and motivational personality • Would like to make an additional income stream • Is interested in an opportunity to build their own company • Wants to give back and contribute to the real estate industry • Is interested in developing long term residual income
  7. 7. What are the responsibilities of a Territory Marketing Coach?
  8. 8. Build local MGP loyalty and community Create Community between CO, KRA & AFA Enroll & Train members Meet AFA, KRA, CO enrollment goals Act as Liaison to local MGP members TMC Role
  9. 9. Who will join? • Builders, developers, and retirement communities • Active Agents building a referral army • Regional and national franchises • Independent “mom & pop” offices • Certified Offices • Inactive license holders • A builder representative/sales person • Title attorney, mortgage loan officers, stagers, closing reps, title companies • Real estate Educators
  10. 10. What are the TMC benefits? • TMC’s will have unlimited earning potential • TMC’s can enroll and work with members from anywhere in the country, a territory consists of a sphere of influence more then a point on the map • TMC’s contacts are tracked in personal “Brag Reports” or Contact portfolios online to view anytime • TMC’s can build their own referral armies to generate transaction referrals • Incredible resources, Resources, Templates, and Marketing Materials available online • Incredible coaching & training by our national real estate coach • TMC’s have the option to join as a Key Referral Agent to tap into our national referral database, and track their referrals online. • TMC’s can “reserve” an agent thinking about leaving the industry, to build a referral partnership. • We will offer several streams of income
  11. 11. Income Streams for the TMC Primary Income streams: • KRA Memberships • AFA Memberships • Certified Office Memberships • Builder/Developer Memberships • % of all referral income flowing through Territory
  12. 12. Additional Streams for the TMC • Referrals on Active to Active National Referral System • Personalized Coaching Programs • Referral Marketing Software Program • Ancillary Services • eSchmooze Database Marketing Program
  13. 13. Additional Streams for the TMC • Referrals on Active to Active National Referral System • Personalized Coaching Programs • Referral Marketing Software Program • Ancillary Services • eSchmooze Database Marketing Program
  14. 14. What’s the bottom line?
  15. 15. Territory Marketing Coach enrolling and coaching just 1% of their territory equates to $81,470 in residual income
  16. 16. Resources for TMC’s • Coaching weekly • eSchmooze viral marketing • Partnering with MGP home office • Limited number of TMC’s • Resource site • community site • Personalized professionally written and created marketing materials •
  17. 17. Other Resources Available • Active to Active National Referral System • Personalized Coaching Programs • Free monthly coaching from top national coach – part of the membership fee • Referral Marketing Software Program Available • Resources, Templates, and Marketing Materials • eSchmooze Database Marketing Program
  18. 18. Shall we proceed?
  19. 19. For more information on becoming a TMC, please email us at or call 843-654-1115
  20. 20. TESTIMONIALS • “With all the options we get everyday for leads, nothing is better than personal referral. The structure is great, and the people at MGP are supportive, professional and thorough”. J. Smitty, AFA, IN • “My Green Parachute is a great way to earn extra income that I never would have been able to earn unless I stayed in a business that just wasn’t for me. It’s comforting to know that my ex clients, friends and family are being taken care of by real pros”. Angela C, KRA Florida Everybody Wins!