==== ====Magnet Motor Informationwww.magnetmotorz.net==== ====Tesla - Magnets, Electricity and ElectromagnetismFor hundred...
are cheap and inexpensive and generally available locally.The Future Of Magnets, Electricity and Over UnityAssembling and ...
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Magnets Electricity


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For more information about magnet motor, visit http://www.magnetmotorz.net.

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Magnets Electricity

  1. 1. ==== ====Magnet Motor Informationwww.magnetmotorz.net==== ====Tesla - Magnets, Electricity and ElectromagnetismFor hundreds of years, inventors the world over have sought out the secrets to producing freeenergy. Nikola Tesla was arguably the best known inventor and scientist revolutionizing researchin the area of electromagnetism.Magnets = Electricity = ElectromagnetismAs you are probably aware, it is possible for the do it yourselfer to create their own over unity(produces more power than it consumes) magnetic motor to supplement or even replace yourcurrent dependence on the power company. Whether you want to be totally "off grid" or justreduce your electric bills, you can do it with an electromagnetic over unity motor.Basic Science of Magnets - ElectricityThe basic science behind magnets, electricity and perpetual motion over unity motors is in thenatural repel and attraction of magnets. These forces create a rotational movement when theseare aligned just right in the motor. These magnets used in conjunction with easily availablehardware available from your local hardware, auto supply and home improvement store areassembled to create the magnetic motor equals free energy or zero point energy as sometimescalled.Magnetic Motor For Home EnergyThis simple to understand technology at one time was a myth for producing home energy. If itwere up to the oil companies and big business, it would still be a myth. If youve found this page,then you have done a search on the Internet. It is not a myth, and the more that "we the peopleembrace" these alternative energy technologies, the bigger the message that we can send to theoil companies and big business.Is It Easy To Build?Magnets, electricity and magnetic motors are actually a far simpler project than building a solarpanel or even a wind generator. Magnets, electricity and a magnetic motor also has the advantagethat it does not rely on the wind or the sun to shine to produce electricity for you.It is a perpetual motion machine (never stops), although, you may have to replace them in yourgenerator once about every 400 years. This device will work in every home and you only need asmall space allocated to place the motor into. The materials that are needed to produce a motor
  2. 2. are cheap and inexpensive and generally available locally.The Future Of Magnets, Electricity and Over UnityAssembling and construction of one of these motors can fully power your home, depending on thesize unit that you decide to build. Solar panels and wind power are also good energy alternatives,but honestly dont compare when it comes to cost and functionality of a well built magnet motorthat you can easily build yourself with the right set of step by step plans.If youre ready to start taking control of your future and your finances, click one of the links belowand get busy building your own free energy producing magnetic motor....How Can I Build One Of These Magnetic Motors?If youre ready to embrace this new and exciting technology Magnets, Electricity and MagneticMotors. You can get your step by step plans to build your own magnetic motor Here.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Stone_Blackman