Learn How to Build Magnet Motor


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For more information about magnet motor, visit http://www.magnetmotorz.net.

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Learn How to Build Magnet Motor

  1. 1. ==== ====Magnet Motor Informationwww.magnetmotorz.net==== ====The history of peoples work on magnetic motors as free home energy generators to makeelectricity is a long one. Magnetic motors use magnetic power in much the same way that windturbines harness the power of the wind to generate electricity.Magnetic motors use magnets as the source of input power which is converted into motion whichcan be used to generate electricity for your home. Like solar and wind generators, the magneticmotors are free energy devices, and will only use the smallest amount of energy while furnishingyou with enough to run your home.These motors consume very little energy to produce much larger amounts of power for your use. Itis possible that they could run for hundreds of years on just a fraction of the energy it produces. Inaddition, these motors could supply you with free energy for the rest of your life!This is how they work: Using continuous cycle of dual attraction two magnets opposite oneanother pull on opposite sides of a third magnet. In order for this to work the magnets create largeamounts of force by pushing the magnet away or pulling it closer.Not only can anyone build his own magnetic motor, but its a fairly low cost investment. The mostimportant step in building one of these motors is that you must have guidance step by stepthrough the entire process, a professionally produced manual is ideal.Such a manual will include a parts list of affordable materials including the magnets you need aswell as non-conductive wheels that will be needed to rotate in the motor. The general bill ofmaterials for building magnetic motors is less than one hundred dollars total!That tiny investment can provide all the electricity you need in a lifetime. The motors you build willpower not only you most basic home needs such as lighting, but will generate the power you needfor all of your other uses including charging those all important electronic gadgets.Explore more about the new energy focus, the Permanent Magnet Generator. Acquire wealth ofinformation on how magnetic generators work, benefits and many other informative tips on savingelectricity. Also, look into how Zero Point Energy can do for you and your family at the comfort ofhome; Master the true knowledge of generating free energy.
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