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  1. 1. Service Learning Project Proposal EDL/510 June 30, 2012 Team B Murray Carefoot, Rita Krist, Joshua Daniels, Danielle Henry, Carolyn Reed Instructor: Lisa Brizendene
  2. 2. Introduction• In this course we have learned about twenty-first century vocabulary. Some of these are: global awareness, critical thinking, business literacy, ethics communication, social responsibility, and people skills. These are projects that access and use these skills to focus on their twenty-first century learning.
  3. 3. A list of ideas considered for a global-learning project• 1. World hunger Service project- Students research hunger statistics from around the world, then visit a food bank, and lastly participate in a food drive.• 2. Recycle project- students start on Monday writing down everything they throw away. On Friday they go over this list with the class a determine what could have been recycled. Then the students set up recycle bins around campus and set up collection or drop offs with local recycle companies.• 3. Pennies for peace project- students would raise money to help build schools in countries such as Afghanistan or Pakistan.
  4. 4. Rationale• 1. World hunger addresses the global knowledge, business vocabulary, people skills, and critical thinking skills. They have to set up the food drive decide how it will be run and managed as well as how to get donations. Make it their project they run it. They have to work together
  5. 5. Outline of the key points-World Hunger• Over 500 million people world-wide live in major poverty.• 15 million children die from hunger every year.• One-third of the world is well-fed, one-third is under- fed and one-third is starving.• Every 3 seconds someone starves to death.• World hunger can be prevented by things such as global service projects, food distribution, government involvement, and education.• Nearly 1 in 4 people in the world live on less than 1 dollar per day.
  6. 6. Implementation of the World Hunger Global Service learning Project into the Classroom• Discuss the creation of a global service learning project with the administrators for permission and indicate the benefits.• Seek partnering organizations to join also targeting world hunger such as WFP (World Food Program) or Free• Use educational technology to research global issues relevant to world hunger.• Implement the topic of World Hunger into lessons and align with state standards in subject areas for English, Math, Science and Global Studies.• Implement collaboration tools such as Skype or Voice, Thread; free accounts can be setup.
  7. 7. Effects on global learning• For instance, global learning allows students to collect information, organize information, and discover new facts and events.• In addition, global learning raises awareness of global environmental issues and education that prepares students to collaborate on global issues.• As a global learner learns about such issues it helps individuals to have emotion and to reason in different situations that may arise in his or her life which in turn improves an understanding of the world.
  8. 8. Possible effects on the world • Through this program, students as well as educators will get a full understanding and education on different parts of the world and cultures. • Effects of this will include helping the less fortunate while demonstrating leadership in organizing food drives and donation banks. • Working with and for other countries around the world will promote communication and better relationships.
  9. 9. Conclusion• Group B would agree that we have learned a lot from this project. To bring our students into the 21st century we must use vocabulary and projects that tap into 21st century skills. The project on world hunger does just that. Students address the hunger issue on both a global and local level. In accordance with the common core and the “D” quadrant of the blooms chart, this project also addresses their critical thinking skills.
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