Social networks and blogging for business day 1


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Business Blogging class taught at Bergen Community College in NJ. How to use blogging to expand the reach and impact of your business online.
Updated for Fall 2011

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  • Social networks and blogging for business day 1

    1. 1. * By Chris Kieff @ckieff
    2. 2. ** Blogging Best Practices, Platforms and Technology* Blogging Techniques* Blogging Add-Ons
    3. 3. ** Overview* Best Practices* Platforms* Technology
    4. 4. *** Put it on your phone and your PC (or Mac)* Blog Ideas* Good Blogs* Topics* To Dos* Get my shared notebook BCC Work
    5. 5. ** Web log = blog* 156MM Blogs (Feb 2011)* 2009 - President Obama allowed 1st Question at 1St press conference to come from a blogger. Previously they were not recognized.* 2010- Associated Press recognizes blogs as a “recognized source”* Types: * Business * Genre – Subject, topic or specialty * Personal * Media type- Vlog, Podcast, linkblog, photoblog, sketchblog, tumbleblog, moblog* Blog Search Engines - Technorati, Bloglines, BlogScope* Communities – MyBlogLog, Blogster, BlogCatalog* 60% of all blogs have not been updated in the last 3 months
    6. 6. ** Strengths- * Opportunities- * Great for SEO * Promotes company, * Allows you to become a products/services & thought leader people * Greater communications * Longer more frequent in depth communications * Interactive * Detailed examination of * Multiple authors topic* Weaknesses- * SEO, Social Media * Abandoned Blogs * Trolls and complaints * Threats- * Provides competitors info * Spam * Exposes your advocates * Content theft * Creates Celebrity * Software changes
    7. 7. ** 1. Familiarize yourself with blogging and UGC.* 2. Determine whether a blog is right for your company. * Are you transparent, public, and free with info?* 3. Develop a content strategy.* 4. Identify the best people to write your blog. * Consider an aggregation curated blog.* 5. Choose an appropriate publishing platform.* 6. Optimize your blog content for search engines.* 7. Create an open & honest conversation with your audience.* 8. Monitor the blogosphere for relevant news and ideas.* 9. Write often, stay focused, and include relevant links to increase readership.* 10. Set a blogging policy and blogging guidelines.
    8. 8. ** Know the purpose of your blog* Make sure the blog fulfills its purpose* Know the needs of your audience* Meet audience needs while fulfilling your blog’s purpose* Review, Measure and Adjust * Liz Strauss- Author: Successful and Outstanding Bloggers (SOBs)
    9. 9. * * 1. Build thought leadership * * 2. Corporate Culture * * 3. Connecting with leaders * * 4. Branding *
    10. 10. ** ProBlogger Blog Tips* Copyblogger* Bloggers Blog: Blogging the Blogsphere* ConverStations* HubSpots Inbound Internet Marketing Blog* Chris Brogan*
    11. 11. ** 3-5 Posts per week (1 per week to start)* Track the ninjas (in your field)* Integrated with your website* Simple Design (reduce distractions)* EDITORIAL CALENDAR!!!!* Multiple authors* Multimedia (video, pictures, sound)* Post to Twitter, Facebook LinkedIn
    12. 12. ** Offer Email subscription option* Write ahead and schedule* Guest bloggers* Link to other blogs (influencers)* Get controversial* 50% of time on Headline* Comment on other blogs* Get links from everywhere* List on services, Technorati, MyBlogLog, etc.
    13. 13. ** * Best integrated blog platform (on your site) * Most Plug-ins, apps and themes * Most support* * Hosted for non integrated (not on your site)* * Excellent for multimedia & short form * Pictures, video, music* * Easy to use with email* Google’s platform (hobbyist)
    14. 14. ** Plug-ins for WordPress * All in one SEO Pack * fbLikeButton * Google Analytics for Wordpress * Share This (Links to services) * Wordpress Popular Posts * Wptouch- mobile version of blog * Yet Another Related Posts Plugin
    15. 15. ** Think like a publisher* Focus on keywords (not your brand)* Ask your readers what they want* Engage from the start* Be casual- go off topic* Say what you think* Link to other blogs often, no more often* Read other blogs and comment* Be current* It doesn’t have to be perfect* Use guest bloggers/authors & be one
    16. 16. ** Create a Blog * * * Set up * Post a picture from Flickr (CC) * Link to YouTube Video * Embed the blog on Facebook * Work on your Editorial Calendar!!! * Email your Blog Address to CKIEFF@GMAIL.COM