Implementing social media in business 2


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Facebook Pages for Business

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Implementing social media in business 2

  1. 1. * By Chris Kieff @ckieff
  2. 2. ** Mar 1 Day 1 Management Tools* Mar 3 Day 2 Facebook Pages* Mar 8 Day 3 Twitter Accounts* Mar 10 Day 4 YouTube Channels* Mar 15 Day 5 LinkedIn for Business* Mar 17 Day 6 Blogging for Business
  3. 3. ** Overview* Setting up a page* Capabilities & Limitations* Analytics (Insights)* Best Practices
  4. 4. ** Posting with 3rd party Apps. * Pros & Cons social-media-marketing/facebook- penalizes-third-party-apps/* Page Planning Considerations: * Purpose of your Facebook Page? * Tone of the voice on the page? * Trusting the Admins * Multi Media Extravaganza * Moderation Duties & Responsibilities * Connections to other pages
  5. 5. * Left Column * * Logo * Photos * Navigation * Likes* Center Column * Like Button * Photos * Wall* Right Column * Admins * Friends * Ads
  6. 6. * Select “Ads and Pages” * * Or click on Advertising if you don’t have a page.* Usually select Local Business so that your org will be associated with the local area.* Select Cause for charities* Brand or Product is for one single type of item- iPod, Mustang* Company is best for Corp HQ, etc.
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  10. 10. ** Find blogs or other sources for recommendations* Use Twitter and FB for ideas* Ask people* Look at pages, and ask them
  11. 11. ** No Hierarchy * Any admin can delete others * Any admin can delete a page* Pages can now be renamed (Edit Info)* Add or remove Tabs (menu Items)* Add or remove Applications* Edit all content
  12. 12. ** Edit Page * Manage Admin * Enter their Facebook Account Email if you’re not FB Friends * Enter their name if you are FB Friends * If the picture shows it worked
  13. 13. ** Post 6 photos* Select permissions* Set Wall to Everyone (you and visitors comments)* Set proper age and country restrictions* Users should be able to write and add photos & videos* Add as much info as possible* Always post a good picture- either the business or logo or iconic image* “Like” other businesses* Featured Page owners promotes your people as celebrities* Tell your Fans allows email list import to connect via Facebook Messages* Add a “Like Box” to your site (with photos)
  14. 14. ** Limited, inflexible* Dates are adjustable- but don’t stay from screen to screen* Determine what you want to track and follow it with an excel spreadsheet.* You can add Google Analytics but only to FBML pages. Search on it for directions
  15. 15. ** FBML now allows iFrames so you can host a page or function (widget) on your website which displays on FB.* Backup only via external service (may be others)* Wall posts are displayed in a different order for each user (by relevance)- NOT CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER!* Page only posts (your name) does display in chronological order
  16. 16. ** ears-in-10-minutes/* Follow Chris Brogan’s guide to setting up an RSS Reader monitoring plan for your business * What you’ll need: * List of keyword terms * Companies, benchmarks, subjects, topics, issues, competitors* Bonus activity- Create Google Alerts