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Alliance for a Healthier Minnesota


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Alliance for a Healthier Minnesota

  1. 1. Get Ready! Coming Soon! THE YEAR OF WORKSITE WELLNESS CLICK for more information
  2. 2. DEMAND FOR WORKSITE WELLNESS IS GROWING Nine out of ten employers understand the benefits of worksite wellness “In general, how beneficial would you say worksite wellness initiatives are to organizations like yours?”* M I N N E S O TA N AT I O N A L S A M P L E 35% Very Beneficial 46% Somewhat Beneficial 38% Very Beneficial 3% Not Beneficial at All 12% Not Very Beneficial 1% 49% Somewhat Beneficial Not Beneficial at All 12% Not Very Beneficial *Under a contract with Minnesota’s Department of Health and funding from the CDC, the Alliance last year published the States of Wellness, a series of surveys that probed employers’ attitudes about worksite wellness. It included a nationwide survey of human resource executives and regional polls in six states. Full results here.
  3. 3. THEY SEE SUCCESS THROUGH COLLABORATION Employers are willing to learn through community networking. “If there was a network in your community for business leaders to learn and share information about worksite wellness, would your organization be willing to join?” M I N N E S O TA N AT I O N A L S A M P L E 81% 71% 65% 36% 29% Very Likely Very Likely 29% 20% 19% Overall in Minnesota Organization With Worksite Wellness Initiative Total Likely Total Likely 35% Very Likely Organization Without Worksite Wellness Initiative Total Unlikely
  4. 4. THE MARKET ALREADY PROVIDES AN ABUNDANCE OF WELLNESS PROGRAMS Fitness/Wellness Providers Centers Health Organizations Consultants Insurers Other Employers
  5. 5. THE Year of Worksite Wellness WILL HELP CONNECT PROGRAMS & PROFESSIONALS WITH EMPLOYERS • The Year of Worksite Wellness will provide a year-long cloud of diverse and highly visible marketing opportunities, designed to recruit, instruct and inspire employers. • Its objective is to connect employers with programs best suited to their needs.
  6. 6. Monthly convenings will enable employers to explore important aspects of wellness Tobacco cessation Physical activity Competitions Coalitions Policy/regulations Large business Small business Measuring ROI Healthy eating Drugs & Alcohol Biometrics Technology
  7. 7. FORUMS WILL HIGHLIGHT THE VALUE OF WELLNESS Public leaders understand non-partisan benefits of wellness. We will help coordinate public communication at every level. Topics will include specific, discrete aspects of worksite wellness • widely adaptable • inform public debate • produced to attract media coverage • no commercial self-promotion More than 250 people attended a forum hosted by Senator Amy Klobuchar, chair of the Congressional Wellness Caucus.
  8. 8. THE Year of Worksite Wellness RECOGNITION AWARDS Statewide recognition of individuals and organizations that improve and support health and wellness in their worksites. Categories will include: • businesses • communities • educational institutions • non-profits • public health Lifetime Achievement Success narratives will inspire and motivate others.