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All you need to know about shadowing the 2011 Carnegie & Kate Greenaway Children's Book Awards

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CILIP Shadowing Scheme

  1. 1. INSPIRING AND CHALLENGING YOUNG READERS Shadow the 2011 Awards Shortlists announced 1 April Winners announced 23 JuneJoin today. It’s simple, adaptable and free to register:
  2. 2. What isthe shadowing scheme?Each year CILIP: The Chartered Institute of Library& Information Professionals invites reading groupsin libraries, schools, homes… in fact anywherethere are children and books, to register for theshadowing scheme.Children and young people ‘shadow’ the judging process for the CILIP Carnegie and KateGreenaway Medals; they read, discuss and review the books on each shortlist selected byCILIP’s Librarian judges and then decide their own favourites. Young people taking part areknown as ‘shadowers’. Now in its 17th year, the scheme has over 3,800 registered readinggroups across the UK engaging up to 90,000 children and young people in readingactivity.Reading activity takes place from April to June each year; from the moment that theshortlists are revealed to the final winners announcement. The shadowing process issupported by a dedicated website: works with specialists to create reader development and visual literacy activities toaccompany every book on the shortlists - in addition ALCS, the Authors’ Licensing andCollecting Society provide copyright awareness activity packs and Renaissance Learningprovide Accelerated Reader quizzes. Authors, illustrators, judges and shadowing groups at the 2010 awards ceremony. 2
  3. 3. The shortlisted booksThe shadowing scheme encourages young people to read,enjoy and interact with the very best in children’s publishing.Outstanding literary or artistic quality are at the heart of thecriteria designed by the librarian judges and this results in awide ranging, varied and challenging shortlist of quality booksfor young people to read each year.From the moment the shortlist is announced on Friday 1 April 2011 young readers can beginthe process of reading books, engaging in discussion in their shadowing groups and trackingactivity online. Ahead of the official winners announcement on Thursday 23 June 2011shadowing groups select their own favourites online.Book supply in 2011Shadowing group leaders arrange their own supply of books. Scholastic Book Clubs are thesole official book supplier for the shadowing scheme.In 2011, Scholastic Book Clubs are giving group leaders a discount of 20% discount offRRP for all shortlisted titles, and will give a further 20% of the value of every order back toschools and libraries in commission to spend on more book purchases.To take advantage of this discount, and to ensure your book order is dispatched in timeto arrive on Friday 1st April, we recommend you purchase books or by calling Scholastic Book ClubsCustomer Services on 01993 893479.If you are a public library taking part in the scheme please call Scholastic Book Clubs CustomerServices on 01993 893479 for details of how to pre-order sets of the shortlisted titles.Scholastic is the biggest children’s bookseller in the UK and Ireland, increasing opportunitiesfor reading and book ownership for children through Scholastic Book Clubs and ScholasticBook Fairs, and donating two million books to schools last year.CILIP is delighted to be partnering with Scholastic Book Clubs, and through their extensivenetwork we hope to grow the shadowing scheme even further. 3
  4. 4. How shadowing worksShadowing is flexible; group leaders can decide how they want to run their own scheme.The simplest way is to work with a small group, reading and swapping books, meetingregularly to discuss progress and encouraging readers to review and post online to theirgroup homepage. Group leaders can choose to shadow either the Carnegie or GreenawayMedal, or both. Group leaders can follow the whole shortlist with their group, or choose aselection of books from the list to work with depending on age range, content and suitabilityfor their group.To encourage participation we provide all registered group leaders with a publicity packincluding bookmarks, posters and stickers to arrive on the day of the shortlist announcement.Once registered online group leaders can:• Access an online portal to approve and manage group book reviews for the website.• Manage a unique group homepage for their shadowing group.• Download publicity material including certificates, bookmarks and posters• Download Reader Activities & Talking Points for Carnegie Medal shortlisted books• Download Visual Literacy Activities for Greenaway Medal shortlisted books• Access fun, motivational Accelerated Reader quizzes on the shortlisted books and ALCS copyright activities 4
  5. 5. Promoting a reading culture Shadowing encourages children and young people to read more widely than they might usually, introducing them to new and more demanding literature and illustration. Young people engage in an intense period of reading and vibrant discussion in a supportive environment through which they gain confidence and commu- nication skills. They are encouraged to share their CILIP Carnegie Medal winner Neil Gaiman signs autographs at the 2010 awards ceremony.groups opinions online, talk about books, to debate and at the 2010 awards ceremony. decide on their favourites.The scheme fosters a sense of community formed around reading - helping to enrich andreinforce a reading culture. Taking part in the scheme enables young people to meet newpeople, both in their own school or library and in other shadowing groups through organisedevents. The scheme can be adapted to explore further creative responses to books includingart, drama and writing. ICT skills are also developed through use of the website which offersopportunities for young people to use technology to support their enjoyment of reading.Shadowers can:• Post their own reviews and comments about books and read those of their peers.• Watch video clips of shortlisted authors and illustrators talking about their work.• Read about authors and illustrators and post questions.• Interact with other shadowing groups.• Explore past winning titles in The Living Archive.• Customise a unique ‘Group Homepage’ for their shadowing group where they can create their own polls, produce a group video, contribute to the Greenaway Gallery and more.• Complete fun, motivational Accelerated Reader quizzes on the shortlisted books and win fantastic prizes.• Learn about the importance of copyright with creative and engaging activities from ALCS.Celebrate the best in children’s literatureby leading a reading group in your school or library.Get involved as a group leader1. Pick a name for your group (something your shadowers will remember)2. Register your new group for free at: Wait for email confirmation of your login details, then log on as a group leaderand downlaod a guide to the website.4. Explore your customisable group homepage and plan activities using the online resources.5. That’s it - you will automatically receive regular email updates and a publicity pack. 5
  6. 6. Our supportersALCS – Encouraging creativity amongst young peopleThe Authors’ Licensing & Collecting Society (ALCS) is a Membership organisation set up bywriters for writers. Dedicated to protecting and promoting authors’ rights, one of ALCS’ key aims isto educate young people about the importance of copyright and how it enables creators toearn a living from their craft and to keep on creating.We are delighted to support the UK’s most prestigious children’s book awards and contributetowards the shadowing scheme experience.Resource packsALCS has developed two packs that explain copyright and why you need to value and protectyour own ideas just as writers do. The packs are available for free on the Group Leader’s sectionof the website . They give guidance to educators on the impor-tance of copyright and include packs for students of varying ages to use, learn from and enjoy.CopyWrite! programme & competitionALCS has been working with the National Schools Partnership to deliver a tool-kit for teachersaimed at key stage 3 and 4 students that will enable them to communicate to students throughlearning, what its like to work in the creative industries and what the impact of copyright has onthese roles. Videos from the likes of Sophie Kinsella (author of the Shopaholic series) and TobyWhithouse (scriptwriter for Being Human and selected episodes of Dr Who) also bring the topic to life.Schools can sign up to the programme, which includes a competition for students for the competition include £1000 worth of library books for the winning school, a visit froman author and a literary day out for the winning class as well as individual prizes.ALCS Shadowing competitionIn addition and to follow up on last years successful poetry fridge magnet competition, ALCS will belaunching a competition for shadowers. Keep reading the Shadowing updates for further information. 6
  7. 7. Our supportersRenaissance Learning –Accelerating children’s learningin reading, writing and mathsRenaissance Learning UK, producers of the world’s most widely used reading software –Accelerated Reader Advantage, is committed to encouraging children of all ages andabilities to read books for pleasure.In addition to supporting the National Literacy Trust and Specialist Schools and Academies Trust,we are proud to sponsor the 2011 CILIP Carnegie & Kate Greenaway Children’s Book Awards;providing exciting competitions and useful resources for shadowing group leaders to sharewith their shadowers. For more information, please visit:, write, excite!We have launched to host resources and competitions. Both pri-mary and secondary students can enter our writing competitions by CILIP Carnegie Medal winnersDavid Almond and Theresa Breslin, with the chance to meet them. From April 2011, the site will alsofeature a selection of fun, engaging, Accelerated Reader quizzes based on shortlisted titles forthe 2011 awards. Everyone that completes a quiz will be automatically entered into a draw to winsome fantastic prizes.Primary and Secondary schools using Accelerated Reader Advantage report an average of twoyears’ reading growth in just one academic year, with some achieving up to four years in the sameperiod. If you would like to learn more about this remarkable software, you can view a brief videonow at: special thanksCILIP is grateful to have received support from a number of organisations over the years. Since2007, ALCS, the Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society, and the Carnegie UK Trust havesupported the shadowing scheme. In addition to their ongoing support from, in 2011 we welcomeRenaissance Learning as a sponsor and Scholastic Book Clubs as our sole official book supplier.On behalf of everyone at CILIP – Thanks very much! 7
  8. 8. About the awards The CILIP Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Medals are Britain’s oldest and most respected book awards for children. The CILIP Carnegie Medal is awarded annually to the writer of an outstanding book for children and young people. For over 70 years the Carnegie medal has encouraged the publication of quality books for children and young people. The medal is named after Scottish born philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie, who played a crucial role in establishing many public libraries.The CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal is awarded annually for an outstanding book in terms ofillustration for children and young people. It was set up in 1956 and is named after theEnglish artist and illustrator, Kate Greenaway.The CILIP Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Medals are the only children’s book awards in the UKjudged by librarians. Every year a judging panel of 12 children’s librarians, from CILIP’s YouthLibraries Group (YLG), use their expertise to select the shortlists and winners for each Medal,following nominations from librarians across the UK. Drawing on the grass roots skills andknowledge of librarians, this democratic, consultative process is one of the main reasons thatthe integrity of the awards is so highly regarded.About CILIPCILIP: the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals is the leading professionalbody for librarians, information specialists and knowledge managers. CILIP’s vision is a fair andeconomically prosperous society underpinned by literacy, access to information and thetransfer of knowledge. CILIP is a registered charity, no. 313014. Anyone working withknowledge, information or in library services is able to join CILIP. Visit Youth Libraries Group (YLG) is a Special Interest Group of CILIP. It works in a “pressure group”role to preserve and influence the provision of quality literature and library services for children andyoung people, both in public libraries and school library services. Visit: Carnegie GreenawayT: 0207 255 0650 E: W: BOOK CLUBS 8