Education in workplace health and safety: professional development & the challenge of Ontario's diverse workforce.


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Education in workplace health and safety: professional development & the challenge of Ontario's diverse workforce.

Presented by Kiran Kapoor at the Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum, June 19-20, 2012, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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Education in workplace health and safety: professional development & the challenge of Ontario's diverse workforce.

  1. 1. Education in workplace health and safety: professional development & the challenge of Ontario’s diverse workforce
  2. 2. Your Partners in Prevention About Health & Safety Ontario
  3. 3. • 154,000 businesses • 3.8 million employees • Ontario’s agricultural, manufacturing and service sectors “Whether you design it, grow it, pick it, can it, make it, ship it, shelve it, sell it or serve it. WSPS is your trusted health and safety advisor. WSPS helps businesses large and small, achieve zero workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities by providing health and safety information, products, programs and services.” About WSPS
  4. 4. Knowledge Mobilization (KMb) is about making connections so that our collective knowledge is ready to use, and will create new value and benefits for our people, clients, and communities. Knowledge Mobilization @ WSPS
  5. 5. What did our staff have to say...  "It’s both our relationship to the outside world – research, consultants, clients – and our internal system... we need more connections….knowledge sharing we need both externally and internally is not happening as well as it should or could...“  "It’s about what our clients, customers, and partners really need – not about what we think they need.“  "WSPS needs to be in the middle of process – we push knowledge out, we pull people in, we create value by bringing good knowledge to them (clients) and by learning from them so we can do our job better." Are We Ready? Focused Stakeholder Consultations
  6. 6. Ways That We Mobilize Are we creating value for our people, clients, and communities?
  7. 7.  WSPS Staff: broad representation engaging in the survey (75%)  Higher percentage of responses in some operational areas (client services)  75% of people have been at WSPS for more than 5 years (a third for more than 15 years)  Challenge: Professional/organizational knowledge exchange required: – Transfer of existing knowledge base to newer staff from established knowledge base – Capture of senior level experience before retirement and or further re-organization Digging Deeper – Baseline Survey
  8. 8. What is KMb to you?
  9. 9. Knowledge Mobilization @ WSPS is social, a people-focused process  Access to the knowledge of their team members;  Sharing among team members is wide spread;  Coaching and mentoring as a positive method to building capacity;  Split preference of formal and informal methods of training Respondents are:  Split on if they have the tools to gather and collect information;  Moderately comfortable with technological change;  Require multiple, simple, channels for a consistent flow of information Key Insights – Baseline Survey
  10. 10. 5 We are listening…  Enhance ability to share, collaborate, and capture knowledge  Simplify access to information through an improved navigational structure, corporate taxonomy, and enhanced search capabilities  Accurate, up-to-date information and resources to help with our work and improve services to clients and stakeholders
  11. 11.  KMb “Re-introduction” and critical path  Leading Practices: Telling our Stories  Online Communities: Extend our Reach  Learning Cells: Sharing across teams  Data Visualization: Network mapping to identify influencers, nodes, and leverage points On the Horizon
  12. 12. • For more information, contact: Kiran Kapoor, Manager, Research & Program Evaluation Innovation & Knowledge Mobilization Thank You
  13. 13. WSPS - Your trusted advisor • A network of dedicated health and safety consultants who understand your business and the unique challenges and hazards that you face • Sector and hazard specific training materials and information • A variety of products and materials that you can use to build health and safety into your operation • Conferences and workshops across the province • WSPS Network News and HSO Network Magazine • Online Resources over 250 downloadable resources available on our website at no additional cost