Academic posters are like a store display


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Academic posters are like a store display: Visual appeal gets people in the door - the content gets them to stay.

Poster at the 2014 Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, 9-10 June 2014 by:

Sara Fisher and Dr. Bronwynne Wilton

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Academic posters are like a store display

  1. 1. This research was supported by the OMAF and MRA-U of G Partnership What you need to know A good academic poster is like a store display – it must have the imagery and composition to get people’s attention. Academic posters allow students to not only share their research but allows them to network and to develop skills they will need in their future. What this research is about Academic posters are an established element of conferences and are often under- acknowledged; however they provide a great opportunity for students to both share their work and network. Some university classes are moving away from essays towards posters as it makes students be concise yet creative It is important to remember that academic posters are a lot like a window shopping experience; it needs to look appealing to encourage people to view the content. What we have found Posters are a unique because they use text, graphics, colour, speech and gesture to convey meaning all on a single view plane. Developing a poster that is both informative and engaging is a fine art. The presenter must act as a writer, editor, designer and artist, carefully crafting their work (or else, hours of preparation may be easily ruined) to achieve optimal results. The process of developing and presenting a poster strengthens and nurtures communication skills. They allow space for narratives and stories, where the presenter can inform and engage with their audiences. To know more Sara Fisher (519) 826 3802 Academic posters are like a store display Sara Fisher and Dr. Bronwynne Wilton Office of Research, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada, N1G 2W1 What we have done To facilitate student skill development and networking Agri-Food and Rural Link has developed a plain language poster template (you're reading one right now) which encourages students to tell the story of their research – with emphasis on “who cares” and “so what”. We also provide training sessions to the students before they participate in one of our poster competitions which are held in conjunction with knowledge translation and transfer events. At the competition students give a 1-minute poster pitch to highlight their story and encourage people to visit them at their poster. Reference: MacIntosh-Murray (2007). Poster Presentations as a Genre in Knowledge Communication. Science Communication 28:3 pp 347-376 “Visual appeal gets people in the door - the content gets them to stay.”