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NCI School of Computing Project Showcase 2014


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The annual School of Computing Project Showcase at National College of Ireland
is a highlight of our year that recognises and celebrates the work of our final year
computing students and marks the transition from their undergraduate degrees
to their professional careers.

Published in: Education, Technology
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NCI School of Computing Project Showcase 2014

  1. 1. 2014 PROJECT SHOWCASE‘14 Kelly Theatre, National College of Ireland Final Year Student Profiles School of Computing 11am - 1pm
  2. 2. WELCOMEfrom Dr. Pramod Pathak The annual School of Computing Project Showcase at National College of Ireland is a highlight of our year that recognises and celebrates the work of our final year computing students and marks the transition from their undergraduate degrees to their professional careers. This year we are delighted to announce European CTO Workday, Annrai O’Toole as our keynote speaker. As you will see, the student’s projects have been developed using various prevailing technologies and tools, specialising in different domains. We believe that a number of projects present not only commercial potential, but also the best calling card for our students. NCI has often encouraged commercially focused endeavours with the help of venture capitalists, industrial partners, and Enterprise Ireland. Such partnerships continue to provide invaluable, real-world learning experiences and enrich our curricula. To the students, congratulations and well done! It is a tough journey that you commenced four years ago, but you have shown commitment and persistence. With your success, you now have the opportunity to choose a number of paths – a career in the ICT industry, create your own product/company or continue with a postgraduate qualification. Whatever avenue you choose to take, one thing that will be common: you will always remember these years and the friendships you have made. We are delighted to invite guests from industry to come and meet our students on the 29th May, to view and discuss the various projects on display and to take the opportunity to scout out the talent that exists within the student body in NCI. The staff and students look forward to meeting you and sharing these projects with you. We look forward to welcoming you to National College of Ireland. Dr. Pramod Pathak Dean, School of Computing Dean of School of Computing 1
  3. 3. STUDENT Toscaire is a global employee monitoring product with a difference. Toscaire shows the employee what they are doing and how they are being perceived within an organization. The computer background screen displays the employee’s engagement and productivity statistics in real-time, highlighting the current activity against the organizations acceptable usage policy. Toscaire uses Systemic Functional Linguistics to evaluate and categorize communication according to the semantic undertone of the message, for example, bullying, aggression and harassment. We believe that if an employee understands how they are being perceived within an organization, this will help productivity and move towards a progressive HR model. Name// Roisin Kelly Project Title// Toscaire, employee monitoring software Technologies Used Azure, Amazon, SAP HANA, .NET C# Project Description: PROFILE 2
  4. 4. PROFILE Project Description: This project deploys any Rails application hosted on Github directly to Amazon’s cloud service through the user’s credential. Just sign in with your Github account, choose your repository and insert your Amazon’s credential. It’s done! Name// Lucas Silvestre Project Title// Deploying Rails application from Github to Amazon cloud service. Technology used: Vagrant; Puppet; Ruby on Rails; Git; Github; Ubuntu STUDENT 3
  5. 5. STUDENT A model written in PHP5, utilizing a modified LAMP stack, Mongo DB in place of MySQL, evaluating the relevance and delivering a value for online advertising space. The model seeks to review and rate the placement of ads. This is based on gathering a simple data set and comparing/contrasting the returned webpages, from three leading search engines and evaluating the value of those results for advertising based on the model. Name// Andrew Phelan Project Title// Online Advertising Valuation Model Technology used: Project Description: LINUX, APACHE2, MONGODB, PHP5 PROFILE 4
  6. 6. PROFILE Project Description: C.M.I.S. is a centralised reporting system for the manufacturing industry. C.M.I.S. takes information from multiple manufacturing sites and stores that information in the cloud. This information is used to create reports about the state of the products in production. Name// Austin Renwick Project Title// C.M.I.S. Cloud Manufacturing Information System Technology used: Azure, HTML5,, C#, BizTalk, Active Directory, SQL Server, MVC5 and Web Forms. STUDENT 5
  7. 7. STUDENT The main objective of my project is to provide a service that encourages the identification of potential system errors, human errors or problems before they reach the user to which they could cause harm. The program recognizes staff for identifying“good catches”and is designed to share key finding across the organization. The“Good Catch”program will: • Further strengthen the culture of quality and safety • Allow staff to be recognized for their contributions • Continue to build staff confidence in the quality improvement processes through a non-punitive environment, and taking action to address the issues and concerns Good Catch will be implemented in an effort to increase reporting, continue to enhance the culture of safety and provide the workplace with the opportunity to proactively identify and implement risk reduction strategies in areas that could cause harm to staff. The program endeavours to build an environment that fosters safety reporting with the intent to prevent system breakdowns before they occur - ultimately reducing the overall number of incidents, problems and adverse events. Name// Darren Doyle Project Title// Good Catch Technology used: Project Description: Agile project management tool - Pivotal Tracker, Version control system –Git, Ruby on Rails , Database –MySQL, Hosting- Heroku PROFILE 6
  8. 8. PROFILE Project Description: The project revolves around the significance of brisk access using your technology gadgets. With advancements we are now using portable technology and gadgets like smartphones. The idea is to facilitate students with a mobile app for their Android smartphones which will make their college life easier. This mobile app will allow college students to access all the college notes, papers, important lectures, internship details, record lecturers, make new friends using the built in messaging system and much more anytime by just using their smartphone. The idea is to readily access everything and to have it in their hands by using their phones. At times students forget important dates such as exams or assignment submissions. This app can facilitate them by working as a reminder. The notifications will help them in getting all the relevant updates and they won’t miss any such dates. This app will be used by students of National College of Ireland and potential applicants. They can give their feedback and recommendations and moreover can improve this app in the testing phase. Name// Ionut Andrei Project Title// NCI Mobile Android App Technology used: STUDENT MySQL, Java, Andriod, Web Services, Cloud Computing, HTML5, XML 7
  9. 9. STUDENT The main purpose of this project is to create a Robot Car, which will be controlled by IOIO-OTG Android Development Board and include sensors such as Infrared, Ultrasonic, Temperature, Humidity, Gas. All of these sensors will be controlled and driven by Java Programming Language. 4WD Motor Module will allow Robot to move freely within 10 meter range, using Bluetooth technology. Android application will allow users to store retrieve and compare sensor readings. Name// Marius Vosylius Project Title// Android Robotics with IOIO-OTG Technology used: Project Description: PROFILE Eclipse IDE, Java, Android SDK, XML, Bluetooth, SQLite Database. GPS Location Services, Compass, Servo Motors, 4WD Motors. IOIO-OTG Android Development board provides a host machine the capability of interfacing with external hardware over a variety of commonly used protocols. The original IOIO board has been specifically designed to work with Android devices. In short, this development board allows you to interface with the physical world (sensors, actuators) using an Android device as the computational brain. SENSORING: (Infrared Range Sensor Ultrasonic Ranging Module Temperature & Humidity Sensors Gas Senor) 8
  10. 10. PROFILE Project Description: Java Enterprise Web Application (J2EE) with integration of Native Android Application using Java API for RESTful web services (JAX-RS). Both applications will serve as tools to assist the current employees and the Commuter Manager of Oracle Ireland with managing more efficiently their current Parking Management System and processes more efficiently. Name// Dumitru Daniel Ozac Project Title// Oracle Parking Management Software (Web Application & Android) Technology used: J2EE Backend Technologies(Java API for RESTful Web Services (JAX- RS), Java Persistence API (JPA), Hibernate, Java DAO, Enterprise Java- Beans (EJB), Java Mail API). Front End Technologies (Java Server Faces Technology (JSF 2.0), PrimeFaces, Ajax, JQuery, HTML,CSS). Android (JSON, Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) Level 17). Database (Oracle MySQL). Deployment Server (Oracle GlassFish) STUDENT 9
  11. 11. STUDENTPROFILE 10 Passengers without the correct fare on Dublin Bus are given a refund ticket. The Rapid Refund Mobile App will replace the need for a customer to bring their refund ticket to Dublin Bus headquarters. Instead they will be able to input the unique number found on the receipt into the Rapid Refund app, instantly adding the amount to a nominated leapcard. This will act as an incentive for customers to use the Leapcard, making it a viable business opportunity for Dublin Bus whilst also improving customer satisfaction as evident from my research. Name// Katie Donohoe Project Title// Rapid Refund Mobile Technology used: Project Description: Web App(Java, NetBeans, Photoshop), Database(SQL, PHP, Azure), Mobile App(HTML5, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Bootstrap, jQuery Mobile), Website(HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, PHP, Illustrator), Research(Google Drive, Excel, CRILT Lab)
  12. 12. PROFILE Project Description: The Grafton Medical History App, created for Grafton Medical Practice in Dublin by Johann Taljaard, makes it simple to keep track of medical records, medications and procedures from the convenience of a smartphone. All information is kept on the mobile phone for easy access. The app is the first of its kind in Ireland and has already been downloaded over 400 times within the first month of release in Google Play and iTunes stores. Reading and utilising the app is a snap. Once a user chooses information they would like to read, they simply press to expand the information. The application works best when accessed in a 4G or WiFi setting but will also work without. Name// Johann Taljaard Project Title// Grafton Medical History App for Android and iOS Technology used: Phonegap, HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, Javascript, WebSql, Google API, Medlineplus API STUDENT 11
  13. 13. STUDENT Journey of the Lost is an RPG (Role playing game) made with Unity 4.1. The game is aimed at fans of the RPG genre. It involves creating your own personalized character and taking on a unique world filled with powerful foes to overcome and amazing rewards to obtain. The game is feature packed and contains a dynamic day and night cycle alongside advanced enemy AI such as finite state machines to control enemy behaviour and a path finding. It also contains a fully fleshed out stats, levelling up and looting system as well as a myriad of other features. The game will dynamically adjust to the player’s skill level, raising or lowering the overall difficulty based on how well the player is doing. The game will also allow the player to adjust the game to match their own play style at any stage with the heavily customizable stats distribution system. Name// Adam Cody Project Title// Journey of the Lost – a Unity 3D application Project Description: PROFILE Technology used: Unity 3D – rendering the game scene, Blender – 3D model creation, C# - primary programming language, MonoDevelop – cross-platform IDE 12
  14. 14. PROFILE Project Description: Mobile operators worldwide have lost a significant amount of revenue from non-standard methods of terminating calls from fixed, mobile or internet telephones utilising GSM gateways and SIM servers. The most advanced GSM bypass installations can utilise hundreds of mobile SIM cards, provide SIM rotation functionality, allow remote pre-paid recharging, feature antenna splitters and can store SIM cards off-site. Reperio attempts to detect fraudulent call patterns and provides operators with a light tool to analyse large amounts of call data. Name// Claudia Hocke Project Title// Reperio – An application for GSM Fraud detection Technology used: R Studio, MySQL, Visual Studio, WEKA / RapidMiner, Database on an external server STUDENT 13
  15. 15. STUDENT The objective of this project is to create a web application that will promote collaborative learning among college students by providing a student orientated, user friendly platform where students can share study resources, ask questions and discuss college related topics online. The idea for this project originated from my strong interest in e-learning along with my own experience as a class representative in which I recognised a strong need for the collaborative learning features that my web application aims to provide. is hosted live on the internet and has undergone successful end-user testing by students from a variety of third level colleges. Name// Andrew Monaghan Project Title// – A Collaborative Learning Web Application Project Description: PROFILE PHP, MySQL, HTML & CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Eclipse IDE, Apache Hosting Server ( provided by Technology used: 14
  16. 16. PROFILE Project Description: Golfbuddies is a golfing social network in the form of a website. Members of the site can use the websites features such as the forum, member search and private messaging service to arrange games of golf. The website will enable golfers to play more golf courses, at a reduced rate and make new friends in the process. As golfers will be aware playing with a member of a club enables you to play at a substantially reduced green fee. It will also enable golf clubs to benefit from revenue that would otherwise not be realised. Name// Conor Ryan Project Title// Technology used: PHP, HTML, JavaScript, Ajax, MySQL STUDENT 15
  17. 17. STUDENTPROFILE 16 Irish Bike Sport News is an android application developed for mobile phone and tablet. Irish Bike Sport News will bring you all the up to date news, results and championship standings of Irish Motorcycle Racing here in Ireland. Name// Andrew Allen Project Title// Irish Bike Sport News Technology used: Project Description: Android SDK, SQLite, Custom API
  18. 18. BSc (Hons) Computing - Cloud Computing Andrew Phelan Anthony Magann Antonio Ricardo Marques Junior Antonio Sirera Austin Renwick Codrin Cozma Darren Doyle Declan Desmond Edvinas Liutvaitis Erick Alexandre Bezerra Costa Fernanda Nassif Jefferson Silva Keith McDaid Lucas Silvestre Mark Howe Markus Rieder Martin Manasil Michael Brennan Michal Farkas Roisin Kelly Seán Crummy Vincent Ifambe Kabongo Final Year Student Projects Online Advertising Valuation Model Wi-Fi Home. Turn home electronics on or off using home Wi-Fi. PhotoShare Iwindow, organize and improve your time on the web. C.M.I.S. Cloud Manufacturing Information System Life Agenda Good Catch eShopping List Internet Auction/Trade website Fundraising for Startups DotzSpot - Virtual Wallet For Real Deploying a Workflow Management System within a Cloud Computing Environment FitApplication: Fitness training for the first time user Deploying Rails application from Github to Amazon cloud service. Slim and Save Taskforce Management and Data Exchange (TMDE) Rate your doctor Who’s Next - A staff scheduling solution. Electronic point of sale Toscaire, employee monitoring software. COATS – Change Order, management and Ticketing system Nuage4School – Going to School on a Cloud BSc (Hons) Computing - Gaming and Multimedia Design Adam Cody Brian Kelly Conrado Neves Daniel Brooks Darach Dinneen David Nielsen Dominic Doherty Eoin Dolan Fiachra Cassidy-Hand James Beattie John Glackin Mark Mitchell Maurice Darley Michael Eustace Roisin Plunkett Saidhbh McMonagle Journey of the Lost – a Unity 3D application Hollow Cosmos – An online gaming store Comsters – Combating Monsters Horse Racing Owner Soul Survivor Stop the Big Bad Levelz - Multi-Level Shooter Game set in an elaborate multistory hotel Social Networking, Casual, Role-Playing Mobile Game RTS/City builder based game broc-out - 2d platformer Poker Online Championship Incognito: A stealth game 3D Haunted House Escape! National College of Horror Adventure/Platforming Game Pyro: The Dragon Adventure Game for iOS 17
  19. 19. BSc (Hons) Computing - Networking and Mobile Technologies Alex Quigley Alexandra Banasova Amadou Soura Andrew Allen Brendan O Connor Christian Long Conor Duffy Craig Wise Daniel D. Ozac Daniel Watchorn Daniel Winter Dean Carroll Emma Gregan Emma-Louise Connolly Eoin McCrann Huzaifa Mohamed Ionut Andrei Jack O’Malley Jake Woolhead James Cosgrave Johann Taljaard John Doherty Karl Cooney Kyle Murray Lauren Halpin Maria Luisa Souza Matos Marius Vosylius Mark Gallagher Martin Russell Mike A Koroma Mohsin Javeid Paula Hughes Pedro Saraiva Verissimo Philip Hamilton Robert Murphy Roisin Byrne Rory O’Neill Stephen Byrne Valentin Mangul Walid Kurchied William Ho Globlock: 2 Factor Document Access Control, Repository and File Tokenization TopStore -“Selling made easy”. Dobelli (Cloud) Webhosting Irish Bike Sport News An Garda Siochana Smartphone Application Online Rendering. Renders projects online. Removing any need for configuration OnLicence - Android application for online retailing ParentPal - The mobile application to manage your favorite products, get notifications of best prices and deals nationwide. Oracle Parking Management Software (Web Application & Android) Web Design Production Management CMS TeachShare: Interactive sharing site for Teachers. Restaurant Discovery App Invoicing 101 Food For Thought Automate: a web application that automates manual tasks performed by IT technicians. Online CV Creator NCI Mobile Android App The Raspberry Pi Network, Personal Netflix Date Checker Fantasy football for the GAA Grafton Medical History App for Android and iOS Alchemy Tours iFollow Horses Live Music Tracker Last Night Mangiare – An Android App for recipes search Android Robotics with IOIO-OTG HYC Sailing App: This app will allow users to see upcoming events and results of previous sailing races. Tech Gigs is an online community for creative developers. It allows users to easily hire talented people to do customized work from web design to app development. Remote Mobile Backup Assistant Tourist Eye All About Mindfulness – Mobile and Web Application to teach mindfulness and life coaching techniques. SV Fitness app LiveStock G-GIFT Recipe Heaven - Find your favorite recipe at the touch of a button. Stagger: Geolocation (Longitude, Latitude) sharing Map. Being Zeus TerminalHost is a web application for mid to large businesses, used for network management and configuration.  The Grid: Attendance system for schools and colleges on android devices. Ecommerce Website - A website for electronic commerce over the internet. 18
  20. 20. BSc (Hons) Computing - Software Systems Alex Aristotelous Claire McCullen Conal King John Paul Moore John Waller Karen Lamb Kieran Hanna Luciano Santis Steven Bow Waheed El Miladi Fitness Freak Android App Sight Musipedia Cork Street Hair and Beauty Booking System Learning by Student Book Swap Clubbing Deals Ireland Android Application Gato Fixie Dating WOM Stream BA (Hons) in Technology Management Aaron O Shea Cormac O’Neill Ejiro Tebrise Emmet Hughes Fiachra O Reilly Hashib Khan John Green Katie Donohoe Kirstie Ruth Kwabena Antwi-Boasiako Oluwadamilare (Olu) Rasheed Rachel Tate Richard-Anthony Cross Sujay Nandakumar Dependency on Social Media in Today’s World The effects of using social media as a marketing tool in the business Analytics: Analyzing people’s reaction to the launch of the iPhone 5s. Fanbases and how the help to promote products through Social Networking. Special Interest: Facebook How security savvy are the users of social networking sites A one stop shop for students A study on the implementation of tablet devices for educators in second and third level institutions. Rapid Refund Mobile Application The issue and trust of security while shopping online People’s Attitudes Towards Online Security - Explore the criteria and indicators that people check on companies’websites before they input their credit card details. Biometrics: A New Age of Security. The use of biometrics technology for security purpose. - Digital Marketing – How are Irish companies using marketing to the best of their ability? The Role of YouTube in Business Storm Cricket BSc (Hons) Business Information Systems Alexandre Camargo Miranda Anderson Simiscuka Andrew Monaghan Ciaran Fagan Claudia Hocke Conor Ryan Darren King David Arthur Dermot Mullen Raymond Brady Rony Clay Aita Aurora Samuel Babarinde Soumaila Sylla Stephen Dunne Stephen Keogh Medical System SubSelf: Self service system that allows people to create their sandwiches step-by-step at sandwich stores – A Collaborative Learning Web Application APPOINTEX Reperio – An application for GSM Fraud detection Gig Planner Interview Master - A new way at the interviewing process.  e-learning pal Smart Watch a revolutionised way of updating the popular neighbourhood watch scheme using Androids mobile development platform Pizza Delivery Online Manage Big Recycle Club A centralized hub in all things lifeguard My Personal Concierge 19
  21. 21. National College of Ireland, Mayor Street, IFSC, Dublin 1