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Web 2.0 and related technology


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Web 2.0 and related technology

  1. 1. Web 2.0 and RelatedTechnology Excerpt from Technology for the School Librarian: Theory and Practice Presentation by Cathryn Dozier
  2. 2. Introduction to Web 2.0 Creation of content is easy Features a level of interactivity Provides opportunity Knowledge communication
  3. 3. Introduction to Web 2.0 Single to connections Changing Some being replaced Beyond single users Not data storage
  4. 4. Library and School 2.0 4 Elements User-centered Video and audio Synchronous communication Innovating
  5. 5. Social NetworkingSense of activismSense of belonging Social NetworkingAllows student contactFreedom Activism and Belonging Contact and Freedom
  6. 6. Wikiso Original and uniqueo Collaborationo Editingo Simple
  7. 7. Podcastingo Learner needso Contento Technical qualityo Designo Instructional quality
  8. 8. Visual Conferencing Only two approaches to video conferencing Value-added chat Very expensive distance equipment
  9. 9. Course Management System o Most Popular o Angel Learning o Moodle o Sakai Project o o Blackboard
  10. 10. Twitter o Keep in touch o Latest technology o News o Conferences o Online reference o Posting
  11. 11. Blogs o Called web blogs o Can be texts o Audios o Graphics o Communication
  12. 12. Virtual Sites with Avatars o Have enough bandwidth o Applications work with data projectors Confirm the level of skills Watch the downloading of software
  13. 13. Termso Degree- The amount of somethingo World Wide Web- Interneto Twitter-Social Networko Blog-Form of communicationo Podcasting-Virtual conferencingo Social networking-Communicating across the interneto Wikis-Informal spreading of informationo Virtual conferencing-Conferencing over the Interneto System-A way of doing somethingo Avatar-Virtual character
  14. 14. Response to QuestionsReport on blogs and wikis: On both my blogs and my wikis, I have gotten a few viewers and one or two comments. These devices are great ways to spread information and receive feedback.Report on social networking: Facebook is an interesting site. This site keeps the patrons busy with educational organizations, fun activities, informative groups. There is a social freedom. Students and adults can contact people as needed.
  15. 15. Summary This presentation outlines the Web 2.0. There are several applications that are fun and educational for the students to use. These applications include social networking, Twitter, blogs, Wikis, podcasting, and other applications.
  16. 16. Other Resources and URLs  2 Videos: URLs http://