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Modern versus ancient powerpoint


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Modern versus ancient powerpoint

  1. 1. Modern Versus Ancient in the School Library
  2. 2. You will understand how themodern and ancient library wereaffected by…….. The Importance of Computer Technology Change in Technology Degrees of Technology Acceptance The Evolving of Technology
  3. 3. The Importance of ComputerTechnology Varying levels of technology hardware, software, and expertise are in the library. Who, what, and why must be addressed as they relate to school library technology. Profession at stake Become leaders/experts in technology (necessary skills)
  4. 4. Change in Technology Materials (not modern): Books, magazines, print media, records, filmstrips, record players, projectors, and card catalog Computers: Different in 1969 and 2009 How much is enough technology? Ask yourself that question. Study: (Keith Curry Lance) Regardless of the state, technology extends the reach of an effective library program, with evidence showing that schools with effective technology programs have more effective library programs.
  5. 5. Degrees of TechnologyAcceptanceDegrees According to Kochtanek and Matthews Degrees 1st Bleeding Edge: Eager to implement any new type of technology application; Wants to lead 2nd Leading Edge: Eager to use technological innovations, but will see if they are Bleeding and Leading Edge For Better or Worse Trailing Edge successful; Supported by administrators
  6. 6. Degrees of TechnologyAcceptance 3rd For Better or Worse : Being in a wedge; Not leader in technology; Satisfied; Not risk takers; Safe approach; Vast majority 4th Trailing Edge: Have to be dragged to accept any new technology; Lack of willingness to move forward; Have an excuse; Rarely change The Trailing Edge-At risk Wedge (3rd)- At risk and don’t understand why
  7. 7. The Evolving of Technology*School librarians emphasis technology less that the public and academic librarieso 1. Curriculum Systems Using college computer systems First library function in the school library to be automated Did not begin to appear in school libraries until 1980 Viewed as a repetitive task that could be done by nonprofessionals
  8. 8. The Evolving of Technologyo 2. Security Systems First technology that many school librarians had the opportunity to use Saved money (80%-90% of lost book costs) 3. Cataloging, Library Systems, and MARC Library of Congress Cataloging or Dewey Decimal Classification System Academic libraries used on campus Computer systems to automate catalog functioning
  9. 9. The Evolving of Technologyo 4. Personal Computers Two developments brought personal computers First: Development of the transistor at Bell Labs in 1947 Second: Development of the silicon chip made per computer in cantation possible Used to automate some library functions Made the following functions possible: circulation, cataloging, and use of library catalog Invention of networks Can see what has been added to the system or checked out
  10. 10. The Evolving of Technologyo 5. Audiovisual Equipment and Materials School Library- Home of audiovisual hardware and materials such as filmstrip projectors, videotapes, record players, and cassette players Level- Have to have a level of repair expertise Today- ADVD players are distributed instead of film projectors and computer projectors are used to stream videos
  11. 11. The Evolving of Technology 2 Videos:1. Technology in the 1980s EYLJSmBQuOY 2.Kid’s of Today vs. 1980s Technology
  12. 12. The Evolving of Technology Internet and digital resource-profound effect Prior to Internet and digital resources, books, magazines, and encyclopedias were used Reader’s Guide and Periodical Guide were used Info-Trak (articles on microfiche) led to Bibliography Reference Service or Dialog (used for online searches)
  13. 13. The Evolving of Technology Internet and Electronic Resources:  BRS and Dialog — Led to the Internet  Nature of the net — Webpages can be correct, biased, or incorrect  Electronic Databases — Provide information that is always correct (general and specific)  Specialized— College and elementary students  Periodical — 2,000+ (Magazine and index)  Participatory Database — Wikipedia
  14. 14. The Evolving of TechnologyThe following pictures are some examples of technology:
  15. 15. Technological Points To maintain relevance, librarians have to become leaders in technology. Give students the highest quality of library services available. There is a broad scope of technology in the school library. The days without technology are called the bad old days. Descriptions were given for the possibilities of technology.