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Creation of online materials


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Published in: Education
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Creation of online materials

  1. 1. Creation of Online Materials Excerpt from Technology for the School Librarian: Theory and Practice Presentation by Cathryn Dozier
  2. 2. Categories of Online Materials The different types of online materials created by the school librarians will be described. As a school librarian, it is imperative to acquire skills by taking college courses, attending workshops, or going to the technology coordinator
  3. 3. Categories of Online Materialsoduce the right information from memory. Content- Area of general information; easiest type of information to create School Librarian-Created Interactive Material- Digital archives such as a database and special databases
  4. 4. Categories on Online Materials Interactive Services- Via email Electronic reference assistance Online request forms Interlibrary loan Requests for books Library reservations
  5. 5. Online Materials Online Materials Databases Web Pages E-books
  6. 6. A New Paradigm for Library Orientationo Description of libraryo Description of displayso Description of pictureso Information about the copying machineo Interlibrary loan
  7. 7. A New Paradigm for Library Orientationo Equipmento Microformso Periodicalso Reference Materials
  8. 8. More Online Materialso Basic Homepage Components:o Mailing addresso Name of libraryo Employee listingo Hours of the libraryo Webmaster’s contact information
  9. 9. More Online Materialso Specific Librarian Centered Contento Mission and library policieso Library newso Calendaro List of new books
  10. 10. Glossary Terms1. Interactive- Online material2. Archives-Valuable documents3. Digital-Computerized4. Paradigm-Category5. Microforms-Microfiche6. Links-When clicked, lead to a new page7. Power Library-Suite of databases8. Periodicals-Magazines9. Equipment-Material10. Materials-Media
  11. 11. Responses to Questions Content versus Librarian-created content Content developed by the library media specialist is general information. It is one of the easiest to create, because it can be composed in Microsoft Word. Later, it can be put into a web page. School-librarian created content is referred to digital archives. Databases are examples of digital archives. Interactive services require a high level of skill for web creation.
  12. 12. Responses to Questions Websites for each category on the table:
  13. 13. Summary School library-created sources were outlined in this presentation. Digital archives and interactive materials encompass locally created materials. Locally created items describe school library sites and digital libraries.
  14. 14. Other Resources2 Videos:
  15. 15. URLs to Support