Research & Strategy Business Proposal: "Arora Moda"


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Business Proposal:

Arora Moda (fictitious) is a small Internet retailer that sells both fine and costume jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. Founded Fort Lauderdale, FL by Christopher Brown, Arora Moda has been in business since 2002.

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  • Christopher BrownResearch & Strategy Proposal10/17/2011
  • Wants to increase sales throughout the year. Thus, we have been researching two concepts that may help increase sales.
  • Roughly 50%/50% distribution of men and women, women are responsible for 80% of virtual giftings. Weakness: Most of the momentum in the virtual goods market comes not from gifts but from social games, men are only responsible for 20% of virtual giftings
  • Arora Moda could offer complimentary E-cards to be sent out or our other creative digital media to be sent out to a loved one when a purchase is made.Quotes by Moshe Koyfman, a principal at Spark Capital, which has invested in two virtual-goods start-ups.
  • Hitting the keys “ALT TAB” allows us to switch the windows we have open on the desktop. In Facebook, Tabs unlock Facebook’s customization features. Whereas storefronts can take residence as a designated destination within the Facebook brand page.
  • hosts a shoplet within Facebook where consumers can browse through arrangements and order without leaving Facebook.Other companies: Dunkin Donuts, Ford, Starbucks,
  • Research & Strategy Business Proposal: "Arora Moda"

    1. 1. Christopher BrownResearch & Strategy Proposal10/17/2011
    2. 2. BackgroundArora Moda is a small Internet retailer that sells bothfine and costume jewelry, including necklaces,bracelets, earrings, and rings. Founded FortLauderdale, FL by Christopher Brown, Arora Moda hasbeen in business since 2002.
    3. 3. Primary Customers• Men shopping for their wives/girlfriends• Women shopping for themselves• Men and women shopping for their mothers.
    4. 4. Competitive Advantage• Aurora Moda’s competitive advantage is its excellent customer support and its “personal shopper” service.• The personal shopper service is a live chat with a company representative that helps the customer select the best piece of jewelry for their budget and desires• The company sees spikes in site traffic and sales during the holidays (Christmas, Valentine’s, and Mother’s Day)
    5. 5. Virtual Goods• The virtual goods industry is booming!• Analysts estimate that virtual goods could bring in a billion dollars in the United States and around $5 billion worldwide this year• Arora Moda could use virtual good as an incentive to customers to make a purchase with us.
    6. 6. “It’s not about the goods itself, it’s about the underlying human emotion or desire.”“The recipient knows the person took time, picked something meaningful and spent money on it.”
    7. 7. Social Commerce• Social commerce is a subset of electronic commerce that involves using social media, online media that supports social interaction and user contributions, to assist in the online buying and selling of products and services.
    8. 8. Integration of Social Commerce
    9. 9. Arora Moda will be able to provide an extensive list services and benefits to our online customers:• Receive online group-buy deals.• Flash sales targeted to specific demographic• Sharing of in-store experience online• Receive benefits from customer loyalty online• Reward Facebook credits with purchases.
    10. 10. Success StoriesP&G experimented with a storefront forPantene, where consumers couldpurchase products before they wereintroduced in stores. Not only did thisapproach integrate F-commerce intothe social equation, it satisfied two ofthe top reasons consumers consistentlyreport why they “follow” and “like”brands in social media: access toexclusive products and rewards ordiscounts as a benefit of theconnection.
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