Adventure sports in kashmir


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Adventure sports in kashmir

  1. 1. Adventure sports in Kashmir.The most popular tourist activities in Kashmir include whitewater rafting, fishing, skiing,hunting, backpacking, kayaking, bicycling, canoe trips, snow skiing, water skiing, camping,surfing, rock climbing, hiking, white water rafting, snowboarding trans-Himalayan jeep safarisand paragliding.RIVER RAFTINGTourists can enjoy the ultimate white water rafting experience at reasonable prices. In Indiawhite water rafting activities is almost confined to the north Himalayan Rivers and Jammu andKashmir is one of the most popular regions where rafting on a full scale takes place. Thebudget for rafting packages offered by several tour operators is usually all inclusive ofequipment, life jackets, food, helmets and accommodations.The best time to go river rafting on the north Himalayan Rivers is summer, as during the wintermonths most of these waters are frozen. In certain areas river rafting can be done only afterobtaining special permits from the state government.White water rafting is done on the Zanskar, Indus, Beas, Chenab, Teesta, Sutlej, Spiti and theKali Ganga.An activity that definitely attracts sports lovers to the state of Jammu and Kashmir is kayakingand canoeing. Several kayaking expeditions are organized on a regular basis on the RiverChenab. Kayaking races are held on the Dal Lake.Trekking is also a favorite adventure sport that most travel and tour packages to the stateof Jammu and Kashmir offer. There are amazing trekking trails in Zanskar, Ladakh, Kargil,Jammu and the Kashmir valley.FISHINGFishing Tours Kashmir is one adventure sport that has universal appeal. Tourists can enjoy thepleasure of fishing in the streams and lakes of Kashmir. Pahalgam is one of Kashmirs importantfishing retreats. The water bodies in area are rich in trout.Though one requires a permit to go fishing, the experience can be a once in a lifetimeexperience. This region is aptly known as a paradise for fishing enthusiasts. The streams andlakes have plenty of brown and rainbow trout.
  2. 2. Fishing on the high altitude lakes can be a learning experience. Though one is not allowed tocatch more than six fishes in a day. Tourists have to get their fishing permits from theDirectorate of Fisheries, Tourist Reception Center, at Srinagar.Fishing on the Dal Lake is an interesting activity. In fact local guides accompany amateurfishing enthusiasts on Shikaras and teach them how to net fishes. Fishing on the Jhelum River isalso a popular activity.MOUNTAINEERINGThe mountains in Kashmir may be categorized as Alpine and Himalayan. The four importantmountaineering zones in the state of Jammu and Kashmir are Kashmir, Zanskar, Kishtwar andLadakh. Mountain climbing is a very popular adventure activity in this region. Properexpeditions have been conducted in the past and are still being conducted by professionalmountain climbers to climb their way up to peaks that lie at great heights in the shortestpossible time period.There are a number of tour and travel packages that provide ample opportunity for amateurmountain climbers to enjoy mountaineering trips and expeditions.There are a number of trekking trails from Kishtwar to a number Himalayan peaks that are notat a very great altitude. In fact these treks can be completed within a weeks’ time. Most of thesetrekking tours offer packages that include all the trekking and camping equipment.Several joint trekking expeditions have been conducted in the Karakoram ranges. Every Foreignmountaineering expedition in the state of Jammu and Kashmir requires the issuance of awritten permission from the Indian Mountaineering Foundation.The popular peaks of Ladakh and Kashmir where mountaineering expeditions are organizedon a regular basis are Apsarasas, Chong Kumdan, Teram Kangri Group, Tughmo Zarpo andSaser Kangri. Places like Pahalgam, Gulmarg and Sonamarg serve as base camps for trekkingtours to mountain peaks.PARA GLIDINGhot air ballooning and paragliding activities in Kashmir. Jammu and Sanasar are two centerswhere these activities are carried on, on an organized scale. Training camps for parasailing andparagliding are organized at Sanasar. These packages usually comprise of lunch, groundtraining and actual paragliding.
  3. 3. Batote that is located at a distance of 125 kilometers from Jammu is also a center forparagliding. Hot air ballooning in the Suru valley and the Zanskar area is a challengingactivity.The equipment for paragliding is easily available at the tourist office in Jammu. This equipmentis also available at the local agencies in Jammu and Sanasar. The best months to go paraglidingin Sanasar are May-June and September-October.Kashmir Hub aims to provide you with all the relevant details regarding the scope,arrangements and facilities for adventure sports in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.TREKKINGThere are a number of trekking trails from Kishtwar to a number Himalayan peaks that arenot at a very great altitude. In fact these treks can be completed within a weeks’ time. Most ofthese trekking tours offer packages that include all the trekking and camping equipment.Interested tourists may have the pleasure of trekking through the woods and hills. It is anexperience of a lifetime. Kashmir Hub provides information on travel packages that offertrekking trips to visiting tourists.The trekking trip to the Amarnath shrine is one of the most popular trekking trails in Kashmir.The state government authorities due to security reasons strictly regulate the different stops ofthis yatra.Gulmarg is also an important trekking base for those interested in trekking up the trails in thePir Panjal ranges. The long trek from the Ferozepur Nala to Danwas, Tejjan to Samaidan is oneof the most enjoyable walks.The three-stage trek from Gulmarg to Tosamaidan is an experience that tourists cannot forget.Sonamarg is a starting point of a trekking trail that passes through several mountain lakes, viz.Vishansar, Kishansar, Gadsar, Satsar and Gangabal. These trekking trips are extremelyfascinating for more reasons than one; the tourist gets the feel of the natural beauty of themountains and lakes.The Zanskar ranges are known for its spectacular heights and extremely cold temperatures.The popular remote Zanskar trek passes through the Cha Cha La pass and the ancient KarshaGompa.
  4. 4. WINTER SPORTSGulmarg and Khilanmarg are the skiing hot spots in Kashmir, India. Skiing here usually beginsaround the beginning of December and goes on till the end of March. Gulmarg has earned thedistinction of being the best ski resort in the Himalayas. This resort was established in the year1927 by two British Army officers who set up the first skiing club in Gulamarg, Kashmir.Festivals like Christmas and Easter are occasions for organized skiing races. The first NationalWinter Games were held in Gulmarg in the year 1998. Gulmarg is situated at a distance of 56kilometers from Srinagar. Gulmarg has the reputation of being the highest lift-served ski resortin India. Ski lifts and chair lifts take skiiers up to the top of the ski slopes from where skiierscan choose the beginnners, intermediate or more advanced slopes.Gulmarg also offers heliskiing for winter sports lovers. It is Asias only heliskiing resort and infact after Canada, Kashmir is the best option for those inclined towards heliskiing. Heliskiingcomprises of being dropped by a helicopter on the summit of a high, snow-covered peak andthen skiing down the slopes. Heliskiing in Kashmir can be a breathtaking experience.Heliskiing is the ultimate winter sports thrill for the adventure sports lover. This extremewinter sport has some element of risk but the thrill experienced while indulging in heliskiing issaid to be unequalled by any other winter sport.Other activities you can enjoy in Kashmir are ice-skating, ice-hockey and cross country skiing.Pahalgam and Srinagar in Kashmir are extremely popular sites for ice-skating. Ice skating andice-hockey which involves playing hockey while wearing skates on an ice-rink or on thefrozen surface of a lake, is a popular winter sport played by two teams who try to manoeuvre asmooth puck, (instead of the ball used in ordinary hockey) to score goals against the opposingteam. A game of great swiftness and dexterity, ice hockey is a popular spectator sport amongwinter sports in Kashmir.