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Bovee facebook

  1. 1. Vince Luca My girl friend wants to meat her FBI family ... This will never happen with what my family does… how the heck do I keep this from her!?!?!??!? This a picture of me and my girlfriend Kendra!!!! Wall Info Write something… Share Information  I’m Vince Luca I have a brother and lots of uncles my brother works for my dad my close friend is Alex.  Son Of The Mob by: Gordan Korman . Friends Alex Ray Vince Luca Jimmy rat better have that money by Friday!!!!!! Photos RECENT ACTIVITY Vince Luca is now friends with Alex Vince Luca wrote on Kendra‘s wall. Ray Tommy RECENT ACTIVITY Vince Luca is now friends with Uncle Pampers Vince Luca likes “wood shop is not my dads thing!” facebook Home Profile Account Logout You made a choice not to me involved in you dad’s business! Now your helping out Jimmy rat?! O yea how is your buddy Jimmy rat doing?!?! Hahah so he has till Friday!!!!
  2. 2. Vince Luca facebook Wall Info Photos About Me Basic Info: Sex: male Hometown: in and around New York Relationship Status: In a Relationship with Kendra B . Activities: foot ball ,internet Interests: Kendra B. Favorite Music: I’m not sure but music is good Favorite Movies: idk with my girlfriend any movie is fine Favorite TV Shows: Favorite Books: …………….. i like going on my website I made for school, there have been a lot more viewers lately, its weird even my brother Tommy took a interest in his website. Ialso enjoy spending time with my girl riend Kendra B. Likes and Interests I have a girl friend a lot of uncles a brother a mom and a dad my dad is in the vending machine business (mafia) and my girlfriends parents work for the FBI. Home Profile Account Logout
  3. 3. facebook Home Profile Account Logout Wall Info Photos Photos l Edit Photos l Organize Photos l Add More Photos Me, my friends, and Family!!!!!!!!!! That’s me!!!! Me andmy girlfriend! That’s my girl!!!! And that’s my bro tommy! My dad right there!
  4. 4. facebook Citation Page . . Home Profile Account Logout Create a citation… Create a citation… Create a citation… Create a citation… Create a citation… Create a citation… Create a citation… Add another page for additional citations (if necessary). http://