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B2B Mobile Marketing: Building The B2B Mobile Business Case


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An overview of 10 key arguments for building the B2B mobile business case--and turning mobile skeptics into mobile supporters.

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B2B Mobile Marketing: Building The B2B Mobile Business Case

  1. 1. Building The B2B Mobile Business Case Arguments To Turn Mobile Skeptics Into Supporters 10
  2. 2. Mobile Holds Tremendous Potential For B2B Audiences
  3. 3. But Not Many B2B Executives See Mobile That Way. (Not Yet)
  4. 4. They See Mobile As B2C Media. (Can you blame them?)
  5. 5. Want To Win The Support Of Skeptical B2B Executives?
  6. 6. Don’t Throw A Bunch Of Technical Terms At Them. (That only confuses them) SMS Apps .Mobi GPS LBS QR Codes MMS Video
  7. 7. And Telling Executives “ Mobile Is Changing The World!” Will Get You a Big Thumbs Down.
  8. 8. The Way To Get The Green Light Is Through Rock-Solid Business Arguments.
  9. 9. So It’s Up To YOU To Build The Mobile Business Case.
  10. 10. Not Sure Where To Begin, Or Which Arguments To Leverage?
  11. 11. Here’s B2B Mobile Business Arguments Especially For YOU! 10
  12. 12. #1 Mobile's Stunning Scale of Adoption Gives Marketers Unprecedented Reach. Well past the tipping point, over half the planet (3.4 billion people) currently own mobile devices, and those numbers are forecast to surge even higher. Mobile’s scale is global, according to Motally , 80% percent of mobile websites get traffic from at least 3 regions outside of their own, with 72% of mobile applications (“Apps”) used in 4 or more regions. Unlike consumers, business professionals must stay connected to their communications devices for breaking developments, team communications and time-sensitive decisions—as a result, their mobile devices are always on, and always within their grasp. Exponentially Increase Reach
  13. 13. Mobile Avails Marketers Of Anytime-Anywhere Purchasing Opportunities. Even when business professionals are working remotely, they still need to access information that informs their work, improves their efficiency, and influences their purchasing decisions. Through location-based targeting, marketers can touch professionals at relevant times and relevant locations. Through their mobile devices, business professionals can access information, in real time, at the point of purchase consideration and purchasing decisions. #2 Anytime- Anywhere Purchasing Opportunities
  14. 14. Mobile's Innovative Tools Enable Marketers A Wide Variety Of Ways To Engage Business Audiences. #3 Wide- Ranging Tools For Engaging Target Audiences
  15. 15. Mobile’s Uniquely Personal, Immediate Nature Gets Marketers Closer To Their Audiences Than Ever Before… And Far More Quickly. Because professionals always have their mobile devices within reach, messages 'touch' audiences immediately. Due to mobile's 100% opt-in requirements, messages are more likely to be read—and professional audiences are more likely to be qualified!—than through other media that "sprays and prays" when targeting audience segments. A medium offering immediacy—SMS messages are, on average, read within 20 minutes of receipt. #4 Uniquely Personal, Immediate Media
  16. 16. Mobile Is 100% Measurable. Trackable, measurable and accountable, mobile metrics are akin to what marketers are used to tracking for their interactive initiatives. Since many metrics—like open rates, click-through rates, number of subscribers and number of downloads—are available in real time, B2B marketers have the ability to track the progress of their campaigns… as well as to continually optimize their efforts so as to increase their success. #5 100% Measurable
  17. 17. Mobile's Surge To ‘First-Screen’ Means These Screens Are Quickly Becoming Your Brand’s First Impression With Target Audiences. The implication for B2Bs is to constantly consider the mobile-viewing experience in their marketing programs by offering content that is optimized for small screens… be it delivered in text, audio and/ or video formats. Morgan Stanley analysts predict the Mobile Web will be bigger than desktop Internet use by 2015—with Gartner projecting mobile devices to overtake PCs as the most common Web devices by 2013. #6 First-Screen Brand Impression
  18. 18. Mobile Transforms Branding Programs Into Lead-Generation Efforts. Where B2B marketers could once only work to raise awareness of their brands through such media as print and broadcast, by integrating mobile approaches, B2Bs can transform their branding campaigns into lead-generation programs. B2C marketers are avidly leveraging these benefits already, as with featuring mobile shortcodes and mobile barcodes in their print advertisements. As a result, they’re pulling prospects in… rather than merely pushing messages out. #7 Lead- Generation Opportunities
  19. 19. Through Mobile, Marketers Have New Ways To Maximize Their Existing Investments, And Content. Besides identifying new mobile marketing campaigns, B2B marketers can enhance their existing activities to identify how mobile approaches can be integrated into existing efforts to increase their levels of return, and ROI. <ul><li>For example, B2Bs might provide business audiences with: </li></ul><ul><li>SMS text feeds of real-time breaking developments important to their industry sector or practice areas. </li></ul><ul><li>Create in-venue apps to improve attendees' experiences at industry events. </li></ul><ul><li>Optimize their existing thought-leadership content for mobile environments, as with shorter-form content, or formatting their content into audio and video formats (which works for their social media efforts, as well). </li></ul>#8 Maximize Existing Investments
  20. 20. Mobile Enables Marketers To Create New Value (and New Utility!) From Their Value Propositions.  Through developing apps and utilities—that underscore their brand's value proposition while at the same time provide benefits and solve problems for users—B2B marketers are afforded a rich new vehicle to extend their brands to this new medium, introduce new revenue streams… even reinvent their businesses through this anywhere-anytime, always-on technology. In establishing new dialogues with business professionals—as through SMS text feeds—B2Bs can turn mobile connections into customer relationships by creating familiarity, offering new points of value to professionals, and consistently providing positive brand encounters to business audiences. #9 Extend Brand Value Across Mobile Media
  21. 21. Business professionals and consumers alike have come to expect relevant information in real-time, and in formats optimized for the devices that fit in the palms of their hands… especially given that competitors’ sites are only a few keystrokes away. Audiences Now Simultaneously Live In Physical and Online Worlds—Your Brands Must Also ‘Live’ In Both. #10 Brand Presence In Both Worlds Consumers and business professionals now simultaneously live in both the physical and online worlds. Whether at home, at work, in the grocery store or on the beach, our media now moves with our every move and this defines the future of marketing. The key question for marketers is: How are we UNIQUELY engaging our audiences so that our brands play a compelling role in both their worlds?
  22. 22. Need A Recap of All 10 B2B Mobile Arguments?
  23. 23. Exponentially Increase Reach Anytime-Anywhere Purchasing Opportunities Wide Variety of New Marketing Tools Uniquely Personal, Immediate Media 100% Measurable ‘ First-Screen’ Brand Impression Lead-Generation Opportunities Maximize Existing Investments, And Content #1 #8 #7 #6 #5 #4 #3 #2 #9 #10 10 10 Arguments For B2B Mobile Marketing Brand Presence In Mobile World Extend Brand Value Across Mobile Media
  24. 24. Want to learn more about B2B Mobile Marketing?
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  26. 26. Known simply as &quot;CK&quot;, marketing specialist Christina Kerley guides B2Bs through the complexities of modern marketing (and modern technologies) by setting strategic course, identifying growth opportunities and developing unique programs that bolster revenues, customer relationships and market relevancy. For over 15 years, she has worked with Fortune 500, mid-sized enterprise and start-up companies across industries including technology, media, mobile, health sciences and professional services. An insightful, impassioned voice in B2B , CK’s views and personality have made her an engaging writer, speaker, trainer and adjunct professor—with her content on B2B social media marketing and B2B mobile marketing especially popular among today's marketers. Ranking in Smarter SM’s “100 Smartest People in Social Media” and 451Marketing’s “Top Social Media Strategists to Watch in 2010”, she is a featured writer for top marketing outlets and presenter at major industry events including The American Marketing Association, Sun Microsystems, SES, Optimization Summits, The MarketingProfs B2B Forum and FutureM. Based in New York City, through her B2B marketing consultancy CK works with companies in the U.S. and abroad. Find out more at: Testimonials: Click here Web Site: Click Here B2B Blog: Click Here Speaking: Click Here Who is Christina “CK” Kerley?