How to be a Modern Marketeer - 7 Essential Survival Skills


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This was presented at the XII Product Camp Austin Unconference on Feb 15, 2014. This was intended to start a conversation on where/which direction we believe Marketing was evolving and the necessary skills to develop so Marketeers can be successful in their roles.

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  • Marketeer - rhymes with Rocketeer, Racketeer, Buccaneer, etc.  The role of Marketing in today's dynamic business environment has become paradoxically more generic yet specific. And the skills required of the Modern Marketeer is similar to that of a modern day Renaissance Man.  So, what should you know about Inbound Marketing that will save your company and your job? Or How comfortable should you be on various Data Analytics platforms? What should you know about SEO for your website or about understanding your on(off)line Customer Sentiment?  What skills do you need to thrive and succeed as a Marketeer today? And what skills should you be acquiring so you can still be relevant and useful just 36 months from now?  Attend this lively session to learn, discuss and debate these (at least) 7 essential skills that would help you succeed in being a terrific Modern Marketeer.The perfect woman would be a maid in the living room, a cook in the kitchen and a courtesan in the bedroom. She turned out to be a Courtesan in the Living room, a maid in the kitchen and a cook in the bedroom.
  • Abandonment rateAd awarenessBDIBrandBrand awarenessBrand equityBrand loyaltyCDICPICPMCPPCPRPCRPCTRCustomereCPMFixed costGRPGross salesImpressionLoyaltyMarginMarket penetrationMMAPMarket researchMarketing spendingPCVPPCROIROMIROSSales forecastingTRPUnit marginUnit priceVariable costVolume projections
  • Before we jump headlong into this, here are some important definitions to keep in mind for a pop-quiz:Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.
  • Small, Simple and Slow  Large, Complex and Fast
  • How to be a Modern Marketeer - 7 Essential Survival Skills

    1. 1. C.K. Kumar @SupraMBA #PCATX12 How to be a Modern Marketeer 7 Essential Survival Skills for Success
    2. 2. The Modern Marketeer Agenda  What, exactly, is Marketing?  Traditional vs. Modern Marketing  The 5 Principles of Modern Marketing  Meta-Trends in Marketing  7 Essential Survival Skills  Skills Scorecard C.K. Kumar
    3. 3. The Modern Marketeer So, What is Marketing ? C.K. Kumar
    4. 4. The Modern Marketeer Some Key Definitions Marketing Origin unknown. Purpose unknown. States the obvious, accepts all credit, rejects all blame Dictionary C.K. Kumar - Urban
    5. 5. The Modern Marketeer Traditional vs. Modern Marketing Traditional Modern Marketers / Advertisers do it Everyone does it Focused on how company kicks ass Focused on how user kicks ass Marketers have the power Users have the power Advertising Evangelizing Company-created content User-created content One-size fits all Personalized & tailored Bulls%*# Authenticity Development often independent from marketing Impossible to separate development and marketing Focus on Branding Focus on passionate users Get customer to believe in it You believe in it C.K. Kumar Borrowed from Kathy Sierra – Creating Passionate Users Blogger
    6. 6. Principles of Modern Marketing C.K. Kumar The Modern Marketeer Loosely based on Eloqua’s Modern Marketing Tenets
    7. 7. The Modern Marketeer Modern Marketing – Meta Trends  Traditional  Digital  Silos  Converged  Art + Copy  Code + Data  Rigid  Agile C.K. Kumar Scott Brinker –
    8. 8. The Modern Marketeer Key Survival Skills 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Empathy Publish Adaptive Analytics Uber-Learning Tech Savvy Mktg. Basics C.K. Kumar
    9. 9. The Modern Marketeer Key Survival Skill – Tech Savvy  Technology is your  Competitive Advantage  Competitor / Substitute  Automate everywhere you can  Channels  Operations  Understand Marketing Work-Flows  Be Domain-aware, not expert C.K. Kumar
    10. 10. The Modern Marketeer Key Survival Skill – Analytics  Data Driven Action  Ask key questions before getting data  Useful, relevant data  Marketing Automation  Cross-functional, Cross-Channel  Data Velocity, Variety and Volume  Data Visualization  Translation of Data  Tangible Actions C.K. Kumar
    11. 11. The Modern Marketeer Key Survival Skill – Empathy  Listen to your  Customers – They are everywhere  Stakeholders – know who they are  React  Validate with data  Small steps with feedback C.K. Kumar
    12. 12. The Modern Marketeer Skills Scorecard Broad Skills Specific Current Success Positioning Time Resources 6 Mos Al Ries 3 Mos New Project Basic Mktg. Channel Tech - Savvy Learning Ad Metrics Analytics Business Intel. 2 Adaptive Publish Weekly Blog Empathy 1 2 3 4 5 C.K. Kumar 4
    13. 13. Key Takeaways The Modern Marketeer  “Modern” today; outdated in 36 months  Needs / aspirations don’t change, how they are being met change  Be curious – Be a student  Don’t be intimidated – You are not inventing it  Be Empathetic – A good Marketer, A better Human C.K. Kumar
    14. 14. The Modern Marketeer Thank You C.K. Kumar