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Impulse Brochure

  1. 1. Our ultimate job is to make you look good! Impulse Marketing is your premier full-service merchandising, marketing and design resource helping product manufacturers and retailers maximize retail placement and sales velocity through innovative product development and promotional merchandising solutions. Among our extensive services are graphic design, packaging, display development, marketing & sales collateral, retailer relations, and complete fulfillment. Whether highlighting a single product or producing complete integrated merchandising solution, we can create a targeted promotion for you. Kellogg’s™ Nutrigrain® Powerwing Dress Kit
  2. 2. Product and merchandising development is our life, so we design with marketing in mind. By understanding your unique brand needs allows us to develop a program that will best achieve your marketing goals. We can help you attract and engage your specific consumer audience using our experience in promotional cycles and consumer buying habits and our diverse client list. Our goal to your brand focuses on strategies that supplement core value and support growth in your business. Because we know retail, we have intimate experience in a variety of trade channels including pet, office products, hardware, outdoor life, Target, Wal-Mart and, of course, grocery. We can develop your strategy by incorporating specific trade knowledge to ensure success in positioning your product from development to implementation. Let Impulse Marketing help you take control of your brand image.
  3. 3. Influencing Consumer Buying Decisions Reformulated Greenies® Product Relaunch
  4. 4. Restless Discontent is our Philosophy BeautyFirst™ Urban Essentials® Floorstand Wolverine Boot™ Caterpillar Floorstand
  5. 5. The Buckle™ Giftcard Display Our design philosophy and track record that speaks for itself. Constantly on the lookout for new and different ways to promote your brand in the retail marketplace, our designers, never satisfied, routinely scan the material spectrum, combining new materials for the best eye-catching packaging and displays. Continuous manufacturing flexibility also allows us to be innovative in the approach of using materials such as corrugate, wood, metal, wire, tubing, glass, plastics and other specialty materials, anything we can find. Look to Impulse Marketing for fresh, engaging and award-winning solutions. And when you are ready to implement your strategy, depend on us for quality, efficiency and on-time delivery. Impulse Marketing has developed relationships with some of the leading fabrication and fulfillment facilities in the nation and recognize those that are proven quality performers. Our vast production network allows us to produce your packaging and merchandising solution in a timely and cost effective manner to meet your demanding schedule. Learning Resources™ Gears® Dimensional Header
  6. 6. Quality That Design Engages Backwoods™ Store & Fixture Redesign
  7. 7. Graphic Design: Every effective promotional program uses graphic design to engage the consumer. Providing structural design without a powerful integrated graphics package is only producing half of the merchandiser program. Fusion of your brand strategy with our award-winning graphic design is the recipe for an outstanding promotional and merchandising solution. Structural Design: Impulse Marketing exploits material opportunities by fusing structural design with functional graphics. Not placing manufacturing limitations on our creative team allows them to use the wide spectrum of available materials to maximize structural strength while blending graphically to support your brand. Fixtures and Store Design: We don’t limit our talents to just promotional solutions. Impulse Marketing also revels in designing retail spaces and custom store fixturing. It allows us to explore other areas of expertise and to design with freedom. Photography: Impulse Marketing has complete in-house photography services using state of the art equipment for your product and graphic needs. Technology: Communication with our clients and suppliers is important. We use the latest in computer graphic and CAD/CAM software to keep pace with the ever-changing technological advances.
  8. 8. Our Valued Customers Kellogg’s Pillsbury Provident Music General Mills Dickson’s Gifts Kinko’s Golden Grains Backwoods Blockbuster Video Hewlett Packard Hill’s Pet Nutrition Wilsonart Sara Lee, HBC Beauty First Ideal Industries Masterpiece Studios Group Publishing Brownlow Corp. Greenies Waterbrook Press Dayspring Cards Kinko’s Mudd Jeans Farnam Companies M&M Mars Lender’s Bagels Doc Akerman’s Pet Products Learning Resources CR Gibson Central Life Sciences Kiwi™ Fresh Force® Powerwing Floorstand