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Local mobile business my present


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local business in my

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Local mobile business my present

  1. 1. Business Promotion & Marketing Local customers are crucial to your business. Current method of promotion: Banners, newspaper, magazine, yellowpages, leaflets, direct mail, radio, word of mouth, etc. Methods of promoting in internet: Website – expensive, recurring domain fees and hosting fees. Free website, effort to build, hard to rank, too many competitions for top placement.
  2. 2. Publicity on Internet and Mobile Emailing list - spamming software stop potential customers from getting your message. Social media via facebook or twitter – need time to engage with the facebook or twitter community. Business owner to spend less money to have an online presence. Owners also want to reach people with web enabled handphones like iPhones, Android phones like Nexus, HTC, Samsung, etc
  3. 3. Introducing Get Found & Improve Your Business Online Local Mobile Business
  4. 4. Local Business 5 Miles Radius > 85% of local business comes from people who live and work within 5 miles distance from the business location
  5. 5. Traditional Advertising is Dying? Phone Directory so tedious to find, waste time, wording so small hard to find Newspaper ads cost is increasing, & recurring TV ads cost also increase and very limited time Print Ads cost is increasing, force to take bulk Direct Mail low yield only 1-2% Telemarketing calls charges, and complaints Email facing spam software filtering
  6. 6. Inbound Vs Outbound Marketing Inbound is marketing by letting people find you ie. Search Engine, Internet Directories and Listings Outbound is marketing using broadcasting like radio, TV, newspaper, banners, trade show, etc Analysis shows that inbound cost is significantly lower It also reveals that Inbound budget increasing while outbound budget decrease
  7. 7. New Business Opportunity Google generated $54 billion of economic activity for American businesses, website publishers and non–profits in 2009. More people are going online and more phones are web enabled. In Malaysia, there are 17M (65% of population) internet users as at June 2010. More business opportunity as more people search for local service or product You as business owner can exploit this advantage by getting to the top of search result from top search engines like google
  8. 8. New Technology The days for yellowpages are gone. Addresses and phone numbers only. Now on internet, this service has addresses and phone numbers, maps, pictures of your store or shop, and video. This service on web can be accessed from PCs, Notebooks, mobile phones, and TVs (in future) Wouldn’t it good if you have a share in this?
  9. 9. Advantage Using This Service Once claimed, your company or business will be in the google business listing forever No need website, so no need yearly domain cost and monthly/yearly hosting cost Ahead of the competition, your business will get listed high position when people searching locally Clear and precise location and direction indicator in the map
  10. 10. How a Listing looks on Map
  11. 11. How Listing Page Look Like
  12. 12. Another Example Page
  13. 13. How Much This Service Cost? I want to help small & medium businesses I charge very low cost to cover my expenses ( marketing research, transportation cost, and the time & effort to claim this listing) This is one time cost, no recurring bill or charges, once claimed the listing is forever there.
  14. 14. Value This very low cost service I charge for RM150 only. I see others charge for more than RM1000. And for a limited time, I give my first 100 customers a 33% off So, the final amount is RM100 only.
  15. 15. Questions What will happen if Google bankrupt? Google is next to Microsoft, infact in future, Google might overtake Microsoft so they will not bankrupt, and even if this giant will, another big organization will take over and the listing is still there and no additional cost incur.
  16. 16. Questions Q. I still don’t see how this thing will work? A. The direction of google currently and in future is targeting local businesses and mobile users. Imagine if you are a restaurant owner, and a person about 5 miles from your restaurant, search for restaurant using his iphone or nexus one, google will detect it’s location and suggest the nearest restaurant to him in the search result.