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Cold case tv for teaching forensics


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These slides are from a short presentation given by Dr Ian Turner (University of Derby) at the Making the Most of Broadcast Media in Your Teaching day conference (January 2014). Ian describes using clips from cold case documentaries as stimuli for teaching about forensic science methodology.

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Cold case tv for teaching forensics

  1. 1. 'Using cold case files TV shows to develop forensic students scientific approach’ Dr. Ian Turner
  2. 2. Context      Forensic Science 3rd Year Students First session of the new semester Aims:  Engage  Reconnect  Scientific Process Work was formative Overtly beneficial to two separate pieces of summative work  Crime Scenes and Professional Practice  Group based scenario assessment
  3. 3. The lesson         Context explained (10 minutes) Showed video clip (15 minutes) Outlined exercise (5 minutes) Copies of crime scene stills and evidence picture distributed Groups selected by academic 1.5 hours to work on exercise Class discussion (30 minutes) Second half of video shown (15 minutes)  2000 word report (or equivalence) due 2 weeks later
  4. 4. Resource
  5. 5. Example
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  7. 7. Outputs