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As Seen On TV: Using broadcast media in bioscience teaching


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Slides from presentation given at the Society for Experimental Biology annual meeting in Brighton (UK). The presentation is similar to one given the previous week at the STEM Horizons conference. To reflect the more international audience, the content is slightly altered, with a little more emphasis on use of broadcast media in general and less emphasis on Box of Broadcasts (given that the latter is a UK-specific service).

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As Seen On TV: Using broadcast media in bioscience teaching

  1. 1. As Seen OnTV: Using broadcast media in bioscience teaching SEB+ Science CommunicationToolkit (July 2016) Chris Willmott Dept of Molecular and Cell Biology
  2. 2. Broadcast Media: Why? • TV clips can be used in class in variety of ways - to help scene-setting - to convey factual information - as discussion starters • Contribute to “flipped teaching” e.g. require students to have watched footage before F2F session • Assessed activity e.g. evaluating documentaries
  3. 3. Die Another Day Example uses: (1) Scene-setter
  4. 4. The Cell (2): The Chemistry of Life Example uses: (2) Factual - full
  5. 5. A Child Against All Odds Example uses: (2) Factual - clip
  6. 6. Brainiac Science Abuse: The Smell of Fear Example uses: (3) Discussion
  7. 7. A more scientific approach Prehn-Kristensen et al (2009), PLoS ONE 4(6): e5987
  8. 8. For more detail see
  9. 9. Broadcast Media: Limitations? • How do I know what material useful for teaching? • How do I get hold of that material? • Are there any recommendations about how best to use that material?
  10. 10. Biology on the Box • Recommendations for TV (and radio) content that can be used for enriching bioscience teaching • Primarily designed for use in conjunction with “Box of Broadcasts” – UK, subscription service • Programme tips equally valid without BoB, just harder to get hold of
  11. 11. What is BoB? • Box of Broadcasts • Giant TiVo box for education “An online, off-air TV and radio archive & recording service from BUFVC” • ~ 2 million TV & radio programmes • > 60 TV & radio channels • Clips & playlists • UK only (issues re Distance Learning) • Subscription
  12. 12. BoB • Fantastic tool, not perfect • Key weakness = discovery/rediscovery • Additional resource for sharing best practice - more metadata & keywords - scope to describe usage of resource • Hence launched Biology on the Box
  13. 13. Biology on the Box • • Started September 2014 • Post of various styles
  14. 14. Various styles Awareness of digital availability… … plus notes
  15. 15. Various styles Clip within programme… … plus structured activities
  16. 16. Various styles News story News overview
  17. 17. Various styles Radio Re-posting
  18. 18. Posts by Students AudioVisuals In the Disciplines (AVID)
  19. 19. Posts by Interns Graduate Gateway
  20. 20. Posts by Colleagues
  21. 21. Biology on the Box • • Started September 2014 • Post of various styles • Posts by students & grad interns • Posts from other academics • Posts by you? • Something similar in your context?
  22. 22. Important note • New Box of Broadcasts launches in Aug 2016
  23. 23. Acknowledgements • University of Leicester Teaching Enhancement Fund • University of Leicester Graduate Gateway Fund • Thanks to authors
  24. 24. Any Questions? E-mail: Twitter: cjrw Slideshare: cjrw2 Delicious: chriswillmott Blogs: