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Union account ppt eng


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Published in: Economy & Finance
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Union account ppt eng

  1. 1. UnionAccount © Carlos Javier Rey Rey 2012The easiest way to manage your money.
  2. 2. ¿What is it?It is an ONLINE ACCOUNT through which the user, with a single log-on, has access to 3 different accounts that deal with moneymanagement : Or Online (e.g) Or (e.g) Or (e.g)UnionAccount is an independant entity that coordinates the 3money systems together from a single account. It benefitsproviders as well as users by allowing an inter-operational schemeamong the three accounts.
  3. 3. ¿What’s the purpose?To convince the leaders of the three companies about thepotential of UnionAccount and the business gap they wouldcreate from their competitors by offering a brand new service thatwill increase their profits. ¿Why? Business exclusiveness in respect of nowadays possibilities. All 3 respective business busting. The widest range of payment and money transfer services . Builds a new and solid structure to compete with credit and debit cards by offering mobile and tablet electronic payments .
  4. 4. Use of the 3 accounts by «cross operation»The real advantage about UnionAccount is the possibility ofusing the three accounts with sinergy. What was difficult orimposible to do before with the 3 accounts separated, now is easyfaster and reliable. Money Online Transfer Banking Online Payments
  5. 5. ¿What advantages does the BankOnlinehas by operating together with OnlinePayments and MoneyTransfer ? OnlinePayments are leaders on the internet market place. UnionAccount makes the bankonline a key partner with the OnlinePayments. Real time and instant transfers. An OnlinePayment subtitutes the debit-credit card using a mobile or Tablet (explained separately). PayPal/Google Wallet and/or WesternUnion/Moneygram clients «force of attraction».WesternUnion/Moneygram are leaders on MoenyTransfer. ThroughUnionAccount it can be possible to make cash payments toanyone from a BankOnline without any need of setting up anyaccount .WesternUnion/Moneygram offices in the world could be used as ATMsfor the UnionAccount users.
  6. 6. ¿What advantages does the MoneyTransfer has by operating together an OnlinePayment and the BankOnline? BankOnline and OnlinePayment can send money faster and easier through UnionAccount than through the offices of a Moneytransfer. It is not just cash to cash or debit card to cash (only through; but UnionAccount to cash and cash to UnionAccount. Clients «force of attraction» from Santander/BBVA and PayPal/GoogleWallet to MoneyTransfer company..
  7. 7. ¿What advantages does the OnlinePayment has by operating together with a MoneyTransfer and a BankOnline?MoneyTransfer does not need any settup of any account for anypayment.Although an OnlinePayment works associated with bank account, theynever know the balance of the user’s account. UnionAccount, letany OnlinePayment to unveil the credits, debits and balance of theuser’s bank account (by accepting the user the service terms) whichmake it possible to even extend the services offered.UnionAccount, make possible for the OnlinePayment to partnerwith the Bank to offer payments through mobiles or Tablets inreplacement of credit or debit cards (explained on a separate worddoc).Clients «force of attraction» from Santander/BBVA andWesternUnion/Moneygram to the OnlinePayments company..
  8. 8. ¿Where is UnionAccount’s profit? Publicity on the web Comission on financial products hired on the web Comission on the cross operations between companies.
  9. 9. UnionAccount’s Security. UnionAccount does not control any platform therein operated. Not directly nor indirectly. All 3 money management systems operate independantly from one another. UnionAccount´s value added operations do not affect the security of any platform invited.
  10. 10. ¿Who are the direct beneficiaries fromUnionAccount? 75% of benefits are split between the companies involved in the cross operational service. 25% to UnionAccount UnionAccount ownership remains to a third party only beacuse of legal reasons.
  11. 11. UnionAccount © Argentina. Artware y Estudio Cantore – Diego Cantore. Tel. (54 11) 5368-1080 int 1060 Fax (54 11) 5368-1001 www.estudiocantore.comEspaña. Ticabros Ltd – Carlos J ReyRey. Tel. (34) 658 565 746