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/g/ vs /k/ sounds


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Pronunciation Lesson: /g/ vs /k/

Published in: Education
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/g/ vs /k/ sounds

  1. 1. /g/ vs /k/ Pronunciation Lesson Ms. Quinones
  2. 2. Sounds of the Day • /g/ as in “goal,” “bigger,” and “pig” • /k/ as in “coal,” “bicker,” and “pick”
  3. 3. Commonly Confused Sounds • /g/ and /k/ are often confused with each other, especially at the ends of words. • i.e. “back” for “bag” or “wig” for “wick”
  4. 4. Production • /g/ is produced in the throat, with the vocal cords vibrating. • Your lips should be slightly open and your tongue relaxed to allow the air to escape. • /k/ is in the same location, except it is voiceless.
  5. 5. Individual Practice /g/ • Gary begged Grandpa to give Greta a bigger gift. He guaranteed Grandpa that Greta would be grateful. /k/ • Katie carefully backed the truck up to create a corner for Kevin’s curvy coupe.
  6. 6. Now Put Them Together • Kevin and Gavin are giving Coretta and Gretel a costly vacation to Guam. • Coretta and Gretel hugged Kevin and Gavin gratefully when creatively given the gift by the kids.
  7. 7. Additional Practice 1. Kelly kicked the kickball back into the big pack of kids. 2. Maggie’s bag of figs was in Mickey’s pack for the hike to back the lake. 3. I picked the kite because it can go to great heights. 4. Magazines and commercials guarantee great gains with their “perfect” products.