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Condominium Restoration


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Restoring beauty and performance ensures lasting quality and value.

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Condominium Restoration

  1. 1. Condominium Buildings Restoring beauty and performance ensures lasting quality and value. The Art & Science of Restoration 012609
  2. 2. Preserve Restoring and The Challenge: The Solution: Restoring life and vitality to aging Comprehensive, customized repair and enhancing the value condominiums and apartments. protection solutions that last. Mold. Corrosion. Deterioration. Structural failure. Formulating a complete repair and protection of buildings is our These are challenges no one wants to associate strategy tailored to the specific needs of each with the concept of “home”. But after enduring project is the cornerstone of our approach to passion... helping rain, wind, snow and faulty repairs, even the successful condominium restoration. best-built condominiums and multi-housing The BASF line of diverse yet compatible you preserve and structures can show signs of significant products and systems solves repair challenges deterioration within only a few years. with high-performance, time-tested solutions protect your homes Delaying repairs or choosing the short-term fix for every aspect of building restoration. Repairs that leaves the underlying causes unsolved can last. Disruption to daily life is minimized. and communities. accelerate deterioration and lead to ever more Money is spent wisely. costly repairs, serious safety issues, and dramatic loss of equity... and a decidedly uninviting Investing in the future. appearance. The beauty and function of condo- In order to preserve or increase value, minium homes directly impacts quality of life. condominiums require investment in the most effective and lasting repair solutions the first time around, as well as vigilant maintenance over time. Lasting repairs can reduce mainte- nance costs and provide peace of mind for years to come. Why BASF? At BASF, our goal is to help you preserve the beauty and value of your condominium through strategic, cost effective repairs designed to last. Our approach begins with the end in mind. With our broad product offering and wide range of chemistries, we are able to think and act in ways that others cannot, always reaching for the strongest solutions… because we can. We have been partnering with owners, design professionals and contractors across North America for over 100 years, solving problems on Preserving value every type of building, in every market and in every type of condition. and investment requires long For over 100 years, owners, specifiers, and design and installation professionals have looked to the trusted brands of BASF for solutions to the most challenging issues in term vision building restoration. Flap012609
  3. 3. Solve Rely on knowledge and experience for the best solutions. Lasting restoration Develop a complete strategy that includes repair, protection and depends upon first enhancement for long term value. With our knowledge and experience in complete identifying the root systems, we provide support that begins with the careful project planning that enables the best causes and correcting results possible. We can assist in assessing the problems and the conditions that caused them, them, then developing and developing a comprehensive strategy that includes integrated systems, compatible products, a complete repair application requirements, cost structures and complete system specifications. strategy with customized Plan for long-term protection solutions and high Effective protection from time and the elements needs to be an integral part of any long term performance strategy. BASF offers complete lines of proven high performance waterproofers, sealers and compatible products. protective coatings that provide longer life for Why buildings and repairs fail: your restoration and your investment. Moisture intrusion represents the most critical chal- Beauty means enhanced value lenge, whether interior, exterior, above or below grade. The possibilities for enhancing the value of When buildings are unprotected, failed joints and errors condominiums through color and design are both in construction or repairs allow entry points for moisture powerful and limitless. BASF provides a line of and water, buildings can suffer severe damage, mold, diverse concrete repair products, joint sealants peeling paint, poor air quality, deterioration and corrosion. and wall coatings that can enhance the beauty Dissimilar materials in building design add beauty of your condominium. The more beautiful the and value, but the science of how adjacent materials relate building the greater the impression of value. to one another presents challenges in differential move- ment, incompatibility, and adhesion problems where they meet cause seal failures that lead to moisture intrusion. Joint sealants are a building’s first line of defense against moisture intrusion. They create a crucial weath- erproof seal and lasting strong bond between surfaces while accommodating differential movement between dissimilar substrates. Corrosion and spalled concrete is caused by dissimilar metals in balconies, soluble chlorides from sea air, cast chlorides from errant construction practices, improper waterproofing and sealant details, and insuffi- cient cover over steel reinforcing. Many repairs are improperly performed and ultimately fail, resulting in reduced structural capacity and unattractive buildings. inside L 012609
  4. 4. Compatible, high performance system solutions for every challenge, in every aspect of building repair and protection. FACADES Wall Coatings • Waterproofing protection • Crack bridging • Enhance aesthetics with BALCONIES color and texture Concrete Repair Water Repellents • Balcony edge repair • Seal and protect from moisture • Anchoring of rails and chloride ion intrusion • Provide corrosion mitigation • Protect substrates while maintaining Waterproofing the original appearance • Provide protection from Joint Sealants hydrostatic pressure • Prevent passage of air and moisture • Enhance aesthetics and value • Allow for movement Water Repellents • Adhesion • Protection from de-icing salts Concrete Repair • Protect substrates without • Repair vertical and overhead surfaces forming a film • Restore structural integrity Joint Sealants • Provide integral corrosion inhibitors • Seal joints to prevent moisture intrusion • Allow for movement WINDOWS Joint Sealants • Adhere a wide range of dissimilar substrates • Accommodate differential movement RAILINGS • Protect from water intrusion Corrosion Protection • Hand and guard rail anchoring • Freeze-thaw resistance • Isolation of dissimilar metals PARKING GARAGES/PLAZAS Concrete Repair • Repair vertical, horizontal and overhead surfaces • Provide quick return to service Concrete Strengthening Parking Garage Coatings • Upgrade load bearing capacity • Protect from harsh environments • Increase structural integrity and safety • Weatherproof and beautify • Seismic retrofit • Designed for speed and durability inside center 012609
  5. 5. Restoration Profile Engineer: 1025 Richmond Road Halsall Associates Ottawa, Canada BASF: a partnership Limited Contractor: Bassi Construction and Masonry Ltd. you can count on. PROBLEM Harsh Canadian winters along with failure of SOLUTION A tailored BASF solution included sealants, previous repairs resulted in extensive deterioration concrete repair mortars, balcony coatings, water- that necessitated comprehensive repairs to the proofing systems, and wall coatings to address building’s many balconies. Many were uneven the significant deficiencies while returning the or had a negative slope, resulting in ponding building to its original aesthetic. We are building restoration experts. of water which contributed to corrosion of the – Balcony slopes were corrected, channeling We understand the challenges you face in steel reinforcing. water toward new stainless steel drains restoring and protecting your investments, and – Expansion joints caulked, balconies detailed WHY BASF that your needs go far beyond products and – Balcony surfaces protected with A complete BASF restoration solution of compati- systems. As part of BASF, our knowledge and waterproofing membrane ble products was proposed. Cited as reasons for expertise span continents, yet we are ready to selecting BASF were passion, attentive service, RESULTS team up locally to help ensure the success of technical expertise, and the ability to provide a A more structurally sound, durable, attractive your condominium restoration. Your success is complete package of compatible products with building was created through long-lasting our success. a full single-source manufacturer’s warranty. repairs and protection. Service designed for success. With sales and technical service experts strategically located across North America, we are ready to service your project wherever it’s located. Our dedicated team partners with leading restoration contractors and A/E firms on every aspect... from diagnosis to strategy development, we provide cost effective solutions that meet specific project requirements. Single source warranties BASF provides comprehensive warranties that match project needs. You can rest assured that every system is backed by the single source responsibility of BASF. inside R 012609
  6. 6. Partner Who we are Join us in working Building Systems is an industry leader in the manufacture toward a better and of construction chemicals and building products for the more sustainable construction industry. Since 1902, industry professionals built world through have depended upon our trusted brands to repair and protect their building restoration. important buildings. As a part of BASF, Building Systems is more than a union of market leading brands. It is a part- nership focused on trust, reliability and commitment to making products and systems better. BASF is the world’s largest chemical company, respected globally as a company deeply committed to helping make products better. Finding intelligent solutions through chemistry is what we do… helping our customers to be more successful, forming the best team in the industry, and ensuring sustainable development is what we’re about. BASF Construction Chemicals, LLC LIMITED WARRANTY NOTICE Every reasonable effort is made to apply BASF exacting standards both in the manufacture of our products and in the information which we issue concerning these products and their use. We warrant our products to be of good quality and will replace or, at our election, refund the purchase price of any products proved defective. Satisfactory results depend not only upon quality products, Building Systems but also upon many factors beyond our control. Therefore, except for such replacement or refund, BASF MAKES NO WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR MERCHANTABILITY, RESPECTING ITS PRODUCTS, and BASF shall have no other liability with respect thereto. Any claim regarding product defect must be received in writing within one (1) year from the date of shipment. No claim will be considered without such written notice or after the specified time interval. User shall determine the suitability of the products for the intended use 889 Valley Park Drive and assume all risks and liability in connection therewith. Any authorized change in the printed recommendations concerning the use of our products must bear the signature of the BASF Technical Manager. Shakopee, MN 55379 This information and all further technical advice are based on BASF’s present knowledge and experience. However, BASF assumes no liability for providing such information and advice including the extent to which such information and advice may relate to existing third party intellectual property rights, especially patent rights. In particular, BASF disclaims all WARRANTIES, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUD- ING THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR MERCHANTABILITY. BASF SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR CONSEQUENTIAL, INDIRECT OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES (INCLUDING LOSS OF PROFITS) OF ANY KIND. BASF reserves the right to make any changes according to technological progress or further developments. It is the customer’s responsibility and obligation to carefully inspect Customer Service 800-433-9517 and test any incoming goods. Performance of the product(s) described herein should be verified by testing and carried out only by qualified experts. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to carry out and arrange for any such testing. Reference to trade names used by other companies is neither a recommendation, nor an endorsement of any product and does not imply that similar products could not be used. Technical Service 800-243-6739 For professional use only. Not for sale to or use by the general public. Form No. 14000061 © 2009 BASF 2/09 Printed in U.S.A. Back 012609