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The water cycle


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The water cycle

  2. 2. Technology Integration Rationale Video of Self Students today are exposed to technology based off society’s culture alone. As teachers it is important that we instruct the benefits that technology can have on enhancing ones education. We must also encourage our students to use various forms of technology as aids through their lifelong learning process. Technology can also provide efficient and effective lessons and skill learning for students. Integrating technology in the classroom is a great resource to cover students multiple intelligences.
  3. 3. Internet Content The websites used throughout this presentation are all from reliable sources. Each site used is geared towards the enhancement of learning the water cycle. Each site was reviewed to see if its content was up to date.
  4. 4. Blog Kids Blog on The Water Cycle Kid’s Blog is geared for students. It provides various visual aids, videos, at home activities, key words, andvarious age appropriate literature for students to read.
  5. 5. Podcast Podcast on The Water CycleTeachers can have students go on this Podcast in school or at home. It is once again a great aid to help kids grasps a better understanding on the water cycle.
  6. 6. VideoThe Water Cycle Rap
  7. 7. Internet Resources resource is the Institute of Water Research at MichiganState University. This site provides up-to-date information onthe land and waster resource issues. lThis resources is by the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA). This site is kid friendly and definitely a reliable resourcethat elementary school students can use. depth/water-cycleThis resource is both geared for teachers and students. It is agreat site that covers various topics such as the water cycle.
  8. 8. Kidspiration
  9. 9. Teaching Materialworksheets
  10. 10. Teaching MaterialWater Cycle Wheel
  11. 11. There’s an app for that!and here it is!
  12. 12. Technology – Teaching Materials Technology is a great resource for teachers to gather materials for their lessons. Through two different websites I have found various worksheets and activities that can all help guide students to become more familiar with the water cycle. I have selected two worksheets and one activity for this power point. There are also various apps that students can download which help guide the learning process on the water cycle. I have selected one for this presentation.
  13. 13. Subject-Specific website is a great resource forteachers, parents/guardians, and students. This linkcovers a wide variety of science material designedspecifically to meet the needs of elementary schoolstudents.
  14. 14. Uses of the Internet is an online data source that provides anencyclopedia, dictionary, thesaurus, and much more. Itis a great resource for teaching various topics. is a great resource for classrooms to use tosupport 21st century learning. It is a way for students todocument what skills they are developing andinformation they are finding with other studentsaround the world.
  15. 15. Web 2.0Edmodo is a great online tool for the educationcommunity. It helps connect schools, students,teachers, and parents with one another. It is a greatresource to access grades, homework, schoolnotices, and much more.