Portrait assignment, step one


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Portrait assignment, step one

  1. 2. Coronation Master “ Marcia Paints her Portrait” 15th C There is a long history of self-portraiture in art. Some of this is because of the availability of the self as a model.
  2. 3. John Singleton Copley “ Self-Portrait” 1770 We are all curious about our own identities and wonder how the perceptions others have of us might square with what we know about ourselves; self-portraiture can be used to explore this universal question.
  3. 4. Albrect Durer “ Self Portrait in a Fur Cloak” 1500 Self-portraits throughout history range in their self-expression in many ways. Some are very formal and provide little information beyond the image of the artist.
  4. 5. Angelica Kauffmann “ Self Portrait” 1785 Some artists render themselves as idealized and romanticized in their self-portraits.
  5. 6. Gustave Courbet “ Desperate Man (Self Portrait)” 1843 In an effort to imply drama or emotion, some self-portraits provide insight into the artist by the emotions depicted.
  6. 7. Henry Fuseli “ Self-Portrait” 1777
  7. 8. Vincent van Gogh “ Self Portrait” 1887 The textures that Van Gogh achieves paired with his stern expression points to some psychological insight.
  8. 9. Vincent van Gogh “ Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear and Pipe” 1889 This piece also uses interesting textures and also implies a story. Why is his ear bandaged?
  9. 10. Lovis Corinth “ Self-Portrait with Skeleton” 1896 Notice that this artist is not concerned with idealizing himself.
  10. 11. Giorgio De Chirico “ Self Portrait” 1922
  11. 12. Diane Edison “ Self-Portrait (Shadow)” 1996
  12. 14. Victor Brauner “ Self Portrait” 1931 Brauner’s portrait idealizes in a different way-- he has mutilated himself in this image.
  13. 15. Henry Church “ Self-Portrait” 1880 Another approach is to include things in the portrait which are significant to your life.
  14. 16. Frida Kahlo “ Self-Portrait with Small Monkey” 1945 In portraits by Frida Kahlo she often sits stiffly in the center of the image while pets, plants, or objects with great symbolism are incorporated around her.
  15. 17. Frida Kahlo “ Self-Portrait” 1947
  16. 18. Auguste Bouquet “ Self-Portrait as a transvestite” 1831 Another, occasionally humorous approach to self-portraiture is rendering yourself as something or someone else.
  17. 19. Luis Cruz Azaceta “ Self-Portrait as a She-Wolf” 1985
  18. 20. Red Grooms “ Self-Portrait with Hat Top, Maine” 1977
  19. 21. Paul Cezanne “ Self-Portrait”
  20. 22. Salvidor Dali “ Self Portrait for ‘Impres-sions of Africa’ ” 1938 Finally, some artists prefer to only depict a portion of themselves in a self portrait.
  21. 23. David Hockney “ Self-Portrait with Maurice Payne, London” 1977
  22. 24. David Hockney “ Self-Portrait in old Powis Terrace studio, London” 1972
  23. 25. James Ensor “ Self-Portrait with Masks” 1899