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Published in: Education, Sports
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  1. 1. GeorgiaO’KeefeAbstraction through Observation Georgia O’Keefe, Jimson Weed 1936
  2. 2. Georgia O’Keefe is animportant figure inAmerican art from the1920s.She challenged manyartistic conventions ofher time byabstracting subjectsshe painted from life. Georgia O’Keefe, Abstraction 1919
  3. 3. O’Keefe workedusing strongshifts in valueand clean,smoothsurfaces. Georgia O’Keefe, Blue and Green Music 1921
  4. 4. Georgia O’Keefe, Grey Lines with Black, Yellow and Blue 1923
  5. 5. By examiningcommon, oftennatural objectsfrom interestingperspectives andusing unusualcompositions sheboth painted fromlife and abstractedher subjects. Georgia O’Keefe, Dark Abstraction 1924
  6. 6. Georgia O’Keefe, Corn Dark 1924
  7. 7. In this piece she bothsimplifies the form andpresents a view frombelow.She carefully uses theentire composition spaceto create interest andabstraction. Georgia O’Keefe, City Night 1926
  8. 8. Georgia O’Keefe, Morning Glory with Black No. 3 1926
  9. 9. Georgia O’Keefe, Abstraction White Rose 1927
  10. 10. Georgia O’Keefe, Black Iris 1926
  11. 11. Georgia O’Keefe, Shell and Old Shingle No. I 1927
  12. 12. Georgia O’Keefe, Shell and Shingle No. III 1926
  13. 13. Georgia O’Keefe, Shell and Shingle No. IV 1927
  14. 14. Georgia O’Keefe, Shell and Old Shingle No. II 1926
  15. 15. Georgia O’Keefe, Brown and Tan Leaves 1928
  16. 16. Georgia O’Keefe, Calla Lily on Grey 1928
  17. 17. Georgia O’Keefe, The White Flower 1932
  18. 18. Georgia O’Keefe, Jimson Weed 1932
  19. 19. Georgia O’Keefe, Grey Hills II 1936 Notice how similar this painting is to her close-up flower paintings. The lines and the shadows of the hills in this painting relate to the lines and shadows in her previouspaintings. This is accomplished by allowing the landscape to use the page in the same way that the flowers do.
  20. 20. Georgia O’Keefe, My Red Hills 1938
  21. 21. Georgia O’Keefe, Pelvis Bone IV 1943
  22. 22. This compositionmakes this pelvisbone seemotherworldly andabstract, but noticehow well observedthe shadows andsurfaces are. Georgia O’Keefe, Pelvis Bone II 1944
  23. 23. Georgia O’Keefe, Pelvis with Shadows and the Moon 1943This pelvis also feels abstract, but the attention to tonal shifts in theshadows is key-- this is a well observed still life!
  24. 24. Georgia O’Keefe, Red Hills and Sky 1945
  25. 25. Georgia O’Keefe, Pelvis with Distance 1943
  26. 26. Georgia O’Keefe, Patio with Black Door 1955
  27. 27. Abstraction Through Observation: In Class Assignment For the next two classes you will work on S an accurate drawing from life that manages toabstract the subject through composition, scale, and perspective. You may pick an object I provide, or findsomething in nature outside of the classroom. Using your white or grey paper, you will spendthis class and Thursday working on this drawing in the medium of your choice. Although we are abstracting these objects we are only doing so through composition and perspective-- the drawing should be an accurate representation of the portion of the object you choose to draw.