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Straight Talk From the C-Suite: BE DiFFERENT or BE DEAD with Roy Osing and Jordan Stevens


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It’s no secret, business moves at a blistering pace these days. With burgeoning competition and exceedingly demanding customers, the need to separate yourself from the competitive herd has never been greater. In this highly interactive session, you’ll learn practical and proven methods that will help you be remarkable and stand-out from the crowd.

These slides cover a recent webinar that TreBrand presented with executive consultant Roy Osing. You can view the video of the webinar at:

To learn more about Roy Osing go to

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Straight Talk From the C-Suite: BE DiFFERENT or BE DEAD with Roy Osing and Jordan Stevens

  1. 1. BE DiFFERENT or be dead Webinar Sept 19, 2013
  2. 2. Who is Roy? Roy Osing Former CMO Executive Leader for 33+ years Blogger Speaker Seminar Leader Organization Mentor Educator Personal Coach
  3. 3. Original Work 3
  4. 4. Roy’s Agenda Change the conversation to “How can we BE DiFFERENT?”
  5. 5. Look Around… Dying… or dead RIM Nortel Yellow Pages Blockbuster Nokia Yahoo, My Space Sears
  6. 6. BE DiFFERENT BE DiFFERENT – Life or Death …
  7. 7. The Competitive Herd Un-differentiation – Hard to distinguish among competitors – Copying – “Same” Services – One-Size-Fits-All mentality
  8. 8. BE DiFFERENT Theme • To StAND OuT from the Herd… • You MUST deliver VALUE which is – RELEVANT (something people really care about), AND –UNIQUE (something that ONLY you provide)
  9. 9. Plan to EXECUTE Build a Strategy to EXECUTE – No Execution = No success – Execute a “Flawed Plan” >> No Execute a “Perfect Plan
  10. 10. Plan to EXECUTE Strategic Game Plan Model 1. HOW BIG do you want to be? 2. WHO do you want to SERVE? 3. HOW will you compete and WIN?  VALUE  RELEVANCE  UNIQUENESS
  11. 11. Plan to EXECUTE Get you your Plan ‘Just about Right’ – 20% plan; 80% execute – “Laugh at perfection” – Bre Pettis on Done…
  12. 12. Plan to EXECUTE Cut the CRAP – Old stuff no longer relevant – CRAP = bandwidth suckers – Prevents doing ‘The New’ – Beware of ‘Custodians of the Past’ – Assign a Cut the CRAP Champion
  13. 13. Cut the CRAP "Most leaders don't need to learn what to do. They need to learn what to stop." - Peter Drucker
  14. 14. Plan to EXECUTE Focus. Focus. Focus. – Multitasking can be deadly – Roy’s Rule of 3 – Focus on the critical few – That deliver 80% of your strategy
  15. 15. Plan to EXECUTE Plan on the Run – Learn from Execution – Adjust your strategy as you go – Be ‘good’ at anticipating; ‘great’ at responding – Plan, Execute, Learn, Adjust, Execute …
  16. 16. Plan to EXECUTE ‘Bloody-Up’ Your Plan – Paper cuts? – Coffee Stains? – Notes? – Ear marked pages? – Repository of Learnings from Execution – MORE than a statement of direction
  17. 17. BE The ONLY One “We are the ONLY ones that….”
  18. 18. BE The ONLY One “You don’t want merely to be the best of the best. You want to be the ONLY one’s who do what you do” – Jerry Garcia, The Grateful Dead
  19. 19. BE The ONLY One “ is The ONLY Company delivering the full range of insulin pump products, education, support and diabetes Business Development. We ONLY serve Pharmacy. We are Powered by Pumpers.”-- Melany
  20. 20. Fan Focus • “THE WHO” • People who care about what you do • LOYAL • Are connected • And are ‘Sneezers’ • Discover their Secrets
  21. 21. Fan Focus Meet with one Fan per week; bring them inside your organization
  22. 22. Secrets • A Secret is an innermost desire that someone has; Things that a person: craves, covets, aches (for), hungers (for), itches (for), sighs (for), yearns (for), lusts (after) and longs (for)
  23. 23. Caution
  24. 24. Think Experiences The End Game… “My job is to create memories” – Nasr, Tour Guide, Petra Jordan
  25. 25. Think Experiences • The Herd thinks product & price • The Herd FLOGS • It’s NOT about WHAT we produce • It’s about PEOPLE and “Delivering Happiness” to them • Happiness = Experiences
  26. 26. Think Experiences “… a very clear guideline has emerged from our recent research on the determinants of happiness: Spend your money on experiences.” -- Thomas Gilovich, professor of psychology at Cornell University
  27. 27. Think Experiences ‘We Move Lives’: Move on-time, on budget, secure (Core) Real Estate Service Home Maintenance Plan Community Introduction Package Furniture Deals ‘First Dinner on us’ Gift
  28. 28. Dazzle Serving = CORE SERVICE + … – What they GET from you.. Clean hotel rooms, good food, a move on time and on budget… – Satisfy ‘em – Meet expectations 24X7X52 – You get C’s – If not, they will leave you in a HEARTBEAT & SCREAM how BAD you are
  29. 29. Dazzle Serving = CORE SERVICE + SERVICE EXPERIENCE – How they FEEL – DAZZLE ‘em with it – Make it GASPWORTHY – Leave ‘em BREATHLESS – You get A’s – Loyalty, Raving Fans & Sneezers
  30. 30. Dazzle • I was pleased that my furniture was delivered on time and on budget. • I was relieved that none of my furniture was damaged. • I liked that the crew were careful with my stuff, that they blanket-wrapped all of it and that they were very friendly. • But what really blew me away was…
  31. 31. How to Dazzle 1. Hire Human Being Lovers – Hire for Goosebumps! 2. Trash ‘Dumb Rules’ 3. Provide Dazzling Recovery when you commit a service blunder:  Fix it + Surprise ‘em FAST!
  32. 32. Wrap up – An Invitation • Check-out my site • Blog Articles on Strategy, Value, (and other stuff) • Connect and Engage with me 32
  33. 33. eBooks 33
  34. 34. eBooks 34