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Mini-Lesson Presentation SlideShare


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Mini-Lesson Presentation SlideShare

  1. 1. Mini-Lesson Presentation The Little Mermaid Ariel’s Recycled Grotto - 3rd Grade By: Caitlin Nelson
  2. 2. The Little Mermaid “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Walt DisneyHans Christian Anderson- Literary element
  3. 3. Main Ideas * Pollution * Recycled materials Marine biology Literacy Underwater grotto Element of Color  Water pollution
  4. 4. Objective Vocabulary Students will be able to Recycle (SWBAT):Identify recycled materials in order to recreate the home Renewable Resources (grotto) in which Ariel lives in. The children will imaginatively Upcycling make where Ariel lives beautiful again by “cleaning up” and reusingthe materials Pollution that once made the littered floor of the ocean polluted. Grotto Collage
  5. 5. Resources & Hook Artist Connection: Tom Deininger “…more than nature has to offer mentality.”Deininger found a (sizeable)nearby studio space in FallRiver, execute large foundobject works.
  6. 6. Procedure (see Lesson Plan for the rest…)- Show photographs, implement a guided activity and ask essential questions! * Not all trash in the sea is bad, some is put there for plants to grow on, but as stated, other trash pollutes.- Review the directions with the students before having them begin the project, making sure that a variety of materials are accessible to every student. Guided Activity: Have the children sort between a bin of objects of recycled and non-recyclable items (i.e. used paper materials, all Styrofoam, aluminum, soiled cardboard, tempered/windowpane glass, etc.)
  7. 7. …And here is the Final Product!
  8. 8. Essential/Key Questions/DiscussionIn using recycled materials, what have you(as the children) learned about beingresourceful and utilizing objects otherthan their natural use?To review, what does it mean to recycle?What is pollution? A renewable resource? How did the objects that Ariel found on the ocean floor get to be where they were?Out of the materials that you and yourclassmates used, what were some of theoriginal uses for these products? What is the material that you notice was used the most in looking at everybody else’s grottos? Are there any materials that you could add to your project or that you wish you hadn’t used? (Personal critique of artwork)
  9. 9. Informal and Formal EvaluationInformal Evaluation:(Structured and Unstructured assessment techniques)* Self appraisal, peer feedback critiques, or constructive criticism from the teacher* Grading Rubric (although this could be Formal)
  10. 10. THE END!