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Preprint power ignite talk ESA2013


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A short summary of the power of preprints to transform and disrupt traditional publication practices in EEB. Importantly, preprints have the capacity to improve dialogue in ecology and accelerate discovery. More preliminary drafts of ideas and data are needed however to illuminate and promote better discovery and collaboration.

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Preprint power ignite talk ESA2013

  1. 1. pre-print is a draft of a scientific paper
  2. 2. pre-print power open access increases access in general
  3. 3. pre-print power early view longer window to read & cite
  4. 4. pre-print power quality bias deposit best articles
  5. 5. DOI: 10.1007/s11192-007-1661-8 OA
  6. 6. EarlyView DOI: 10.1002/asi.20663
  7. 7. Quality bias DOI: 10.1002/asi.20663
  8. 8. why should we pre-print? peer review expand collaborationestablish precedence
  9. 9. discovery
  10. 10. The Four Pillars of Scholarly Publishing:The Future and a Foundation PeerJ Preprint #11, submitted to IEE 1. Ecosystem of Products 2. Immediate OA 3. Open Peer Review 4. Full recognition
  11. 11. Ecosystem articles data code media reviews figshare github DataOne Dryad KNB interactive networked discovery
  12. 12. Immediate Access preprints real-time review arXiv bioRxiv PeerJ F1000
  13. 13. Open Reviewmeta review reciprocal dialogue transparent published reviews equality elife blogs twitter PeerJ SciOr
  14. 14. Recognition altmetrics citations tenure reputation system Plum ImpactStory AltMetric figshare
  15. 15. discourse evidence culture