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PechaKucha: conservation and biodiversity ecosystem function


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A Star Wars PechaKucha teaching tribute to this paper: Srivastava, D. 2002. The role of conservation in expanding biodiversity research. – Oikos 98: 351-360.

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PechaKucha: conservation and biodiversity ecosystem function

  1. 1. conservation and the biodiversity-ecosystem function hypothesis inspiration by Srivastava 2002
  2. 2. global extinctions are an exceptional challenge source: Gerber 2010
  3. 3. ecology & applied science including conservation do not always play well together
  4. 4. BD-EF reductions in contemporary diversity lead to reductions in the function of ecosystems
  5. 5. dramatic innovations in BD-EF magnitude, resilience, context dependency, & resistance to invasions by exotic species
  6. 6. BD-EF from each perspective ecology conservation presence importance
  7. 7. the sampling effect
  8. 8. 3 questions that can focus and align ecology with conservation excellent example of critical thinking
  9. 9. Is biodiversity the main driver of ecosystem function? direct effects between habitat changes and ecosystem function can be of greater magnitude than biodiversity effects on ecosystem function
  10. 10. intermediate pathways & dispersal limitations
  11. 11. How will extinction patterns change BD-EF relationships? large-bodied, K-selected species which occupy high trophic positions in food webs and occur at low abundance
  12. 12. random-loss versus biased-loss scenarios not all species are equal in frequency or effects
  13. 13. better experiments
  14. 14. Will conserving regional biodiversity conserve local ecosystem function? ‘‘local’’ is defined as the scale of ecological interactions between species
  15. 15. limitation: need BD-EF at larger scales solution community saturation
  16. 16. magnitude and stability of ecosystem best steps toward regional conservation effects insurance
  17. 17. detection is not prediction