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Indirect interactions PechaKucha


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PechaKucha for teaching ecology. The purpose of this presentation is provide a summary of indirect interactions in plants from this systematic review: Indirect interactions in terrestrial plant communities: emerging patterns and research gaps (read more: The ecological implications of studying interactions are developed for ecology and also for the greater social good in human ecosystems.

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Indirect interactions PechaKucha

  1. 1. indirect interactions
  2. 2. net interactions are not just sum of positive and negatives advance to practical understanding
  3. 3. indirection interactions are changes in outcome when presence of third species changes strength or direction of interaction
  4. 4. challenge to test
  5. 5. Apparent competition Indirect facilitation Exploitative competition and facilitation Associational resistance Trophic cascades Shared defense
  6. 6. Web of Science Search Google Scholar Scopus 490
  7. 7. hypotheses
  8. 8. apparent competition & indirect facilitation in grasslands and forests more complexity less stress
  9. 9. trophic levels
  10. 10. number of target species
  11. 11. single target species with indirect interactions inferred 75% of studies used less than 5 target species
  12. 12. research gap: plant pollinator interactions the least studied
  13. 13. research gap: biocontrols & release of invaders
  14. 14. implications: indirection interactions (i) promote stability (ii) generate intransitive networks (iii) produce higher complexity
  15. 15. more benign = more complex chains of interactions more stress = more indirect effects with a lower energetic cost ecosystem-level implications:
  16. 16. trophic cascades
  17. 17. vibrant data for social good