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Altmetrics in science


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'And I am immortal'.
Connor MacLeod (The Highlander).

A deckumentary on altmetrics in science. Inspired by a recent paper by David Wardle

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Altmetrics in science

  1. 1. altmetric glory @cjlortie
  2. 2. record of attention measure of dissemination an indicator of influence & impact
  3. 3. rapid accumulation relative to citations more diverse impacts more than journals & books (i.e. the web)
  4. 4.
  5. 5. scienceploitation amplification of poor science echo chambers with low diversity tone
  6. 6. attention does not necessarily equal merit or value
  7. 7. Wardle non-independence of author(s) from signal
  8. 8. Wardle test
  9. 9. 3.3 to 4x altmetric score amplification
  10. 10. explanations for Wardle test outcome i. retweets by followers (propagation) ii. those with twitter are better scientists
  11. 11. dramatic failures: proof of concept via climate denials Wardle
  12. 12. Self-citation by researchers: narcissism or an inevitable outcome of a cohesive and sustained research program? Cooke & Donaldson 2014
  13. 13. #discussion
  14. 14. sub-independence solution the characteristic function of their sum is equal to the product 
 of their marginal characteristic functions
  15. 15. scientific influence SJR by González-Pereira et al. 2010 3c-index by Rocha et al. 2016 Multiple criteria by Krieman 2011 gatekeeping by Siler et al. 2015 diversity weighting normalization
  16. 16. influence klout, peerindex, kred, PROskore,Traackr