Electric static


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Electric static

  1. 1. It’s electric(don’t worry, I won’t play the song)
  2. 2. Electrons Are a small part of an atom They are found swarming around the nucleus of atom They carry a negative charge When they move from atom to atom that is electricity
  3. 3. Protons and Neutrons Are found in the nucleus of the atom They stay put Protons are positive, neutrons are neutral  Normally, atoms are neutral due to equal number of protons and electrons  If you remove electrons from an atom, the atom becomes positive Remember nuclear energy?
  4. 4. Electricity Two forms:  Static: When electrons build up on the surfaces of objects and then jump away =(zap!)  Current: When electrons flow in a conductor (usually metal)  The above are NOT opposites!
  5. 5. Charge Is a force that affects parts of atoms Things can have a positive charge, a negative charge Neutral means zero charge Like charges repel Unlike charges attract  “opposites attract” Electroscope Balloon on wall Rolling tube H2O
  6. 6. Electric field The space around an object that is electrified or charged and exerts a force on other objects. Fluorescent tube and van de Graff
  7. 7. Friction method By rubbing 2 different materials together, electrons can sometimes build up on one material All the electrons on that material try to get away from each other as best as they can When they jump away= electric discharge. Van de Graaf generator
  8. 8. Positive / negative charges Objects with a negative charge have an excess of ___________on their surface Objects with a positive charge have a(n) _________ of electrons on their surface
  9. 9. Conduction When charges can flow from one object to another during contact or when they are close enough They need to touch: conduction= contact
  10. 10. Induction When electric charges are rearranged No contact is needed, things only come near each other link Balloon on the wall
  11. 11. links Electrophorus Induction Fun with a Van de Graaf Generator