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Social Media for the Smart Job Seeker


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On Wednesday October 9, 2013, I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of students at Georgia Highlands College in Dallas, Georgia as part of GHC's "Passport to Success" program.

I presented "Social Media for the Smart Job Seeker" to the room of students to help them learn how to utilize social media as part of their job search, as well as to help them prepare their personal profiles for success.

We discussed what recruiters are looking for on social media sites, how to present a professional profile, how to assess their own Social media profiles and online reputation, and how to get the most out of LinkedIn for their job search.

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Social Media for the Smart Job Seeker

  1. 1. Social Media for the Smart Job Seeker Chris Everett Principal Captivate Search Marketing
  2. 2. 39%Of companies surveyed in 2013 said they research social media profiles of potential candidates before making a hiring decision. Source: sd=6%2F26%2F2013&id=pr766&ed=12%2F31%2F2013
  3. 3. 7.9%The unemployment rate for all recent college graduates with a Bachelors degree according to a 2013 Georgetown University study. Source: Up from 5.1% in 2010
  4. 4. 1 in 10Young Candidates have been REJECTED because of something on their social media profiles. Source: media-on-device-research/
  5. 5. Will Your Social Media Presence Kill Your Ability to Find a Job? =
  6. 6. Presentation Overview  Cleaning Up Your Social Media Presence So You’re Putting Your Best Foot Forward  Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn
  7. 7. Cleaning Up Your Social Media Presence
  8. 8. What are recruiters looking at on your social media pages? Source:
  9. 9. Social Media Profile Basics
  10. 10. Choose Your Profile Picture Wisely
  11. 11. Use Provacative Profile Pictures
  12. 12. Watch Your Spelling and Grammar
  13. 13. Don’t Post Inflammatory Content  Radical/Over-the-Top Religious Talk  Racist or Sexist Comments  Use Excessive Profanity  Get Overly Political  Be Sexually Explicit
  14. 14. Blog & Engage in Intelligent Conversation
  15. 15. Don’t Badmouth Former Employers/Bosses
  16. 16. Now that You Know the Do’s & Don’ts… Now What?
  17. 17. Do a Google Search for Yourself Use personal identifiers along with your name such as:  The City You Live In  The College You Attended  Your Phone Number
  18. 18. What Comes Up?
  19. 19. Do a Deep Web Search
  20. 20. Conduct an Audit of Each Social Media Page
  21. 21. Delete Immature Party Photos You’ve Uploaded
  22. 22. Un-tag Incriminating Photos Others Have Uploaded of You
  23. 23. Lock Down Your Privacy Settings Make Sure You’re Not Sharing Publically
  24. 24. Lock Down Your Privacy Settings Limit Who Can Search For You
  25. 25. Lock Down Your Privacy Settings Limit Who Can Connect With You
  26. 26. Lock Down Your Privacy Settings Protect Your Tweets
  27. 27. Leave Questionable Groups Because Membership in “The Tuesday Afternoon Drinking Club” Isn't What Employers Like to See
  28. 28. Leave Questionable Groups Because Membership in “The Tuesday Afternoon Drinking Club” Isn't What Employers Like to See
  29. 29. Didn’t Have To Do Any Of This? Then You’re Already Socializing Responsibly!
  30. 30. Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn 240 Million Professionals Networking Online
  31. 31. Why is LinkedIn Important for Job Seekers? 240 Million Professionals Networking Online
  32. 32. 94%Of recruiters surveyed in 2013 use LinkedIn as their primary social media platform for networking. Source: search-technology-tool-survey-says/
  33. 33. LinkedIn Job Seeker Tips 240 Million Professionals Networking Online
  34. 34. Profile Completeness is Key
  35. 35. Provide a complete and ACCURATE Biography  Don’t Embellish Your Job Responsibilities  Don’t Make Your Job Title More Glamorous
  36. 36. Add Projects You’ve Worked On
  37. 37. Interactive Content Rocks.
  38. 38. Join Networking Groups  Groups Related to Your Chosen Field  Groups You’ve Volunteered With  Alumni Groups
  39. 39. Participate in the Conversation  Don’t be a Fly on the Wall  Chime in on Discussions  Connect with Others in Your Group
  40. 40. Follow Companies You’d Like to Work For / With  Stay Informed on the Latest  Keep Abreast of New Job Openings
  41. 41. Network With Recruiters You’re looking for a Job, They’re Looking for Talent
  42. 42. Add Relevant Skills People You’ve Worked With Will Endorse You!
  43. 43. Get Recommended! Testimonials Build Credibility!
  44. 44. Become a Jobs Section Expert  Choose Keywords to Search for Relevant Jobs  Brush up that Resume & Cover Letter before you apply
  45. 45. Use the Advanced Search Feature Narrow Down Your Job Search by:  Location  Company  Job Title  Zip Code
  46. 46. Consider a Premium Account
  47. 47. Consider a Premium Account
  48. 48. Making Your Profile Google Friendly
  49. 49. Utilize Keywords Throughout
  50. 50. Pick a Keyword Friendly URL
  51. 51. Utilize Your Keyword in Your Name
  52. 52. Take Your Profile Public
  53. 53. Linking to Your Public Profile Promotes Higher Rankings  Blogs You Write  Other Websites  Social Media Profiles
  54. 54. The Result of My SEO Strategies
  55. 55. Questions?
  56. 56. Connect With Me Twitter: @cjeinATL / @CaptivateSearch
  57. 57. Photo Credits    link=ibaf&q=&esrc=s       design-web-design-large-format-and-apparel/attachment/hire-me-istockphoto    