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Future Artillery India

  1. 1. Visit our website for Exclusive Content Downloads and Discount Offers: www.FutureArtilleryIndia.com Main Conference: 21st-22nd June 2011 Precision Munition and ISTAR Focus Day: 20th June 2011 Le Méridien New Delhi, IndiaIncreasing the Range, Lethality and Accuracy of India’sArtillery Forces Through Procuring Cutting EdgeArtillery Systems and Precision Munition Technology India’s Unbeatable Artillery Speaker Line Up: Lt General J.P. Singh, Deputy Chief of Army Staff (Policy and Systems), Indian Army Lt General Vinod Nayanar, Director General, Directorate of Artillery, Indian Army Major General PK Chakravorty, VSM, Additional Director General Artillery, Integrated Headquarters of the Ministry of Defence, Indian Armed Forces Shri Sundaresh, Chief Controller R&D (Armament & Combat Engineering), Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) Dr Dattar, Director, Armament Research Development Establishment (ARDE), Pune, Indian Ministry of Defence Brigadier (ret’d) Gurmeet Kanwal, Director, Centre for Land Warfare Studies, Indian Ministry of Defence Register Today To Benefit From: Briefings from International I More insight into India’s artillery modernisation programme than any other event, providing you with an unequalled opportunity to gauge the market Leaders in Artillery Including: opportunities for your company and learn directly about Indian MoD Major General David Halverson, Commanding General of the Fires Centre of Excellence, Fort Sill, US Army requirements from those in charge I 20+ presentations from senior Indian requirement and procurement Brigadier General David Schuissa, Chief of Artillery officers responsible for the World’s largest artillery modernisation Corps, Israeli Defence Force programme. Brigadier General Jonathan A Maddux, Program I Access to local suppliers, giving you the opportunity to find local partners, Executive Officer, PEO Ammunition, US Army set up joint ventures and gain a foothold in the most rapidly expanding Colonel Mike Ross, Assistant Director Capability, HQ defence market in the world Director Royal Artillery, British Army I The opportunity to hear directly about the latest plans in artillery Colonel Anders Callert, Commander of Artillery, modernisation from the most senior in command including Lt General J.P. Swedish Armed Forces Singh, Deputy Chief of Staff (Policy and Systems) Indian Armed Colonel Fiepko Koolman, Head of Artillery School’s Future Forces, Lt General Vinod Nayanar, Director General of Artillery and Development Department, German Army Major General PK Chakravorty of the Integrated Headquarters of Lt Colonel Richard Vagg, the Ministry of Defence Commanding Officer, Joint Land/Air Artillery Regiment, I Exploration of the latest technological and operational developments in Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery Forces precision munitions, C-RAM and Surveillance and Target Acquisition - Lieutenant Colonel Olivier Fort, Head of Doctrine and straight from artillery commanders operating on the front line Prospective Studies, French Artillery School, French Armed Forces Lieutenant Colonel Reni Chalmin, Programme Manager, Canons, Munitions and Acquisition, French School of Future Artillery India will offer a unique opportunity to Artillery, French Armed Forces exchange views on technology, concepts and employment Major Dwayne Hynes, Threat Integration Staff Officer, of Artillery with reputed serving officers, scientists and US Army engineers from around the world. Major Martin Smith, SO2 ISTAR, Royal Artillery, British Army It will be the artillery event of the Summer. Keith Gooding, Joint Program Manager, Lightweight Colonel (Ret’d) AK Sharma, Indian Army 155mm, Picatinny Arsenal, US Armed Forces Lead Sponsor: Conference Sponsor: Sponsors & Exhibitors: Official Media Partner: T: +44 (0)20 7368 9300 F: +44 (0)20 7368 9301 E: defence@iqpc.co.uk www.futureartilleryindia.com
  2. 2. Key Reasons Yotou Cannot Affore d Miss Futur Artillery India 2011: 20th to 22nd June 2011 New Delhi, India 1 Dear Colleague, Artillery 2 essential insight into the Benchmark the future artillery requirements Is it your priority to gain their leading of attending Indian and International Military Indian Armed Forces and modernis ation programmes of the Gain invaluable face-time with key decision military allies? makers in the Indian Armed Forces, Ministry e Artillery India - I urge you to attend Futur 3 If the answer is yes, then of Defence and DRDO to improve your re about future siness wishing to learn mo bilateral relations in the country the mu st attend event for any bu market in the world. the most exciting defence artillery requirements in Benefit from subject specific vendor nisation presentations from senior representatives of of India’s artillery moder Led by the senior directors et the key the international defence industry and learn have the opportunity to me progra mme, nowhere else will you le for one of the about the most advanced developments in ring authorities responsib 4 decision makers and procu weapons systems, munitions and network Forces. rapidly expanding Armed communication technology world’s largest and most med Forces are $ 8 billion, the Indian Ar Learn future strategies and programme At an estimated value of US comprehensive requirements from the global leaders in e of the largest and most about to embark upon on artillery including the US Army, British Army, grammes in the World. artillery modernisation pro Indian Army, French Armed Forces, and huge in scope nisation are wide-ranging Australian Armed Forces, the German Army Th e requirements for moder systems. There is 5 - to name just a few of the international procurement of new firing and do not just include the cision militaries participating ng edge capabilities in pre also an imperative to develop cutti tructure and Receive direct, operational feedback on ork communication infras munitions, C-RAM, netw 6 current systems being deployed in Korea, and target acquisition. intelligence, surveillance Afghanistan and Iraq key military, rking opportunities with Pro viding three days of netwo d beyond, Future Take advantage of 12+ hours of networking stakeholders from India an with key decision makers to gain valuable government and industry ating military al opportunity for particip insight on how to strategically position your Artiller y India will provide an ide ures and discuss their 7 mark procurement proced product for the modernisation of Indian representatives to bench ves. Artillery systems ating industry representati requirements with particip Hear directly from the most senior this important l join us in New Delhi for I ver y much hope that you wil Commanders in charge of future procurement and strategy including inaugural event. Lieutenant General J.P. Singh, Deputy Yours sincerely, Chief of Staff (Policy and Systems) Indian Armed Forces, Lt General Vinod Kanwal Nayanar, Director General of Artillery Brigadier (ret’d) Gurmeet and Major General PK Chakravorty of Warfare Studies, the Integrated Headquarters of the Director, Centre for Land Indian Ministry of Defen ce Ministry of Defence Top 10 Indian and International Leaders in Artillery That You Will Hear From At The Event: Lieutenant General J.P. Singh, Brigadier General David Schuissa, Indian Army Israeli Defence Force Lieutenant General Vinod Nayanar, Brigadier General Jonathan A Maddux, Indian Army US Army Major General PK Chakravorty, Shri Sundaresh, Defence Research & Indian Armed Forces Development Organisation (DRDO) Major General David Halverson, Colonel Anders Callert, US Army Swedish Armed Forces Dr Anil Dattar, Colonel Mike Ross, Indian Ministry of Defence British ArmyT: +44 (0)20 7368 9300 F: +44 (0)20 7368 9301 E: defence@iqpc.co.uk www.futureartilleryindia.com
  3. 3. Future Artillery India: Agenda At - A - Glance Main Conference Day One: Main Conference Day Two: Tuesday 21st June 2011 Wednesday 22nd June 2011 08.15 Coffee and Registration 08.30 Coffee and Registration 08.50 Chairman’s Opening Address THE INDIAN ARMED FORCES’ THREAT REPORT AND ARTILLERY 08.50 Chairman’s Opening Address REQUIREMENT ANALYSIS 09.00 Conference Introduction, Reserved for Minister of State 09.00 Examining Advances in Indian Artillery Research and 09.15 Conference Opening Development: Full Update from the DRDO Lieutenant General Vinod Nayanar, Director General, Shri. S. Sundaresh, Distinguished Scientist & CC Research and Directorate of Artillery, Indian Army Development, Defence Research and Development Organisation 09.30 KEYNOTE ADDRESS: (DRDO), Indian Ministry of Defence The Necessity for Indian Armed Forces Artillery Modernization: The Current Threat and how to Counter it Lt General J.P. Singh, Deputy Chief of Army Staff (Policy and 09.30 Extending Range and Lethality through Advanced Rocket Systems), Indian Armed Forces Artillery: Full Analysis on Indigenous Research and 10.00 Revolutionising the Indian Armed Forces’ Artillery Capability Development Over the next 15-20 Years: The Strategy for Modernization Dr Dattar, Director, Armament Research Development Major General PK Chakravorty, VSM, Additional Director Establishment (ARDE), Pune, Indian Ministry of Defence General Artillery, Integrated Headquarters of the Ministry of Defence, Indian Armed Forces 10.00 The Future of Precision Munitions: Update from PEO 10.30 Networking Coffee Break Ammunition, US Army OPERATIONAL FEEDBACK STRAIGHT FROM THE FRONT LINE: Brigadier General Jonathan Maddux, Commanding General, INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVES Picatinny Arsenal & Programme Executive Officer Ammunition, 11.00 US Army Fires Warfighting Function US Armed Forces Major General David Halverson, Commanding General of the Fires Centre of Excellence, Fort Sill, US Army 10.30 Networking Coffee Break 11.30 A Hypothesis on Future Artillery Development in India Senior Representative, Rheinmetall Defence 11.00 The Swedish road to a modern Indirect Fire System 12.00 Strategic Development of Artillery Doctrine and Technology Colonel Anders Callert, Commander of Artillery, in the Israeli Defence Force (introduced by Elbit Systems) Swedish Armed Forces Brigadier General David Schuissa, Chief of Artillery Corps, Israeli Defence Force 11.30 Further Developments of the German Artillery Branch 12.30 Field Artillery and Weather: The Way Ahead Colonel Fiepko Koolman, Head of Future Development and Major General (ret’d) Lee Baxter, US Army, Senior Advisor, Smiths Detection Artillery Technology, German Army 13.00 Networking Lunch Break 14.00 How to Successfully Employ Artillery in Joint Fire Operations: The DEVELOPING AN AUTOMATED, INTEGRATED AND FINELY British Army’s First Hand Operational Experience in Afghanistan TUNED SENSOR TO SHOOTER COMMUNICATION NETWORK FOR Colonel Mike Ross, Assistant Director Capability, HQ Director HIGHLY EFFECTIVE FIRE SUPPORT Royal Artillery, British Army 14.30 Achieving Long Range, Precision Capability in Mountainous 12.00 Network Centric Artillery Weapon System Development in Terrain: The French Experience of Indoctrinating Long Range India: Project Sakthi Guns and Precision Munitions (Introduced by Nexter Systems) Brigadier (ret’d) Gurmeet Kanwal, Director, Centre for Land Lt Colonel Olivier Fort, Head of Doctrine and Prospective Warfare Studies (CLAWS), Indian Armed Forces Studies, French School of Artillery, French Armed Forces 15.00 Afternoon Networking Break 12.30 Achieving a Fully Digitized Battlespace to Advance Network 15.30 Update and Status of the M777A2 Lightweight 155mm Communications and Provide Highly Effective Fire Support Howitzer (LW155) Lt Colonel Richard Vagg, Commanding Officer, Joint Land/Air Keith Gooding, Joint Program Manager, Lightweight 155mm, Artillery Regiment, Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery Forces Picatinny Arsenal, US Armed Forces 16.00 INTERACTIVE PANEL DISCUSSION:Future Artillery 13.00 Networking Lunch Break Development in India (Chaired by Rheinmetall Defence) Invited Experts: Major General PK Chakravorty, VSM, Additional Director 14.30 Force Protection: lessons from Afghanistan General Artillery, Integrated Headquarters of the Ministry of Major Martin Smith, SO2 ISTAR, Royal Artillery, British Army Defence, Indian Armed Forces Brigadier General David Schuissa, Chief of Artillery Corps, 15.00 Maximising Range and Lethality on the Contemporary Israeli Defence Force Battlefield: The Evolving Operational Environment for Colonel Mike Ross, Assistant Director Capability, HQ Director Tomorrow’s Artillery Officer Royal Artillery, British Army Major Dwayne Hynes, Future Artillery Threat Integration Staff Major General David Halverson, Commanding General of the Officer, US Army, Office of the Chief of Staff for Intelligence Fires Centre of Excellence, Fort Sill, US Army 17.00 The New Generation of Vulcano Ammunition: Operational Scenario Analysis 15.30 Closing Address Reserved for Lt General Lamba, Vice Chief of Marco Brogi, Head of Research & Development, Oto Melara Army Staff, Indian Army 17.30 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and End of Day One 18.00 Networking Drinks Reception 16.00 Close of Conference 19.00 Gala DinnerT: +44 (0)20 7368 9300 F: +44 (0)20 7368 9301 E: defence@iqpc.co.uk www.futureartilleryindia.com
  4. 4. SPECIALIST Pre-CONFERENCE FOCUS DAY: monday 20th june 2011 Enhancing Accuracy and Lethality through Surveillance, Targeting and Precision Munition Capability Focus Day Registration and Coffee Rationale: 08.30 Never has it been so crucial for modern artillery 09.00 Chairman’s Opening Address systems to adopt precision capability as it is today. 09.30 The Operational Imperative of Precision Munitions and ISTAR in Modern The demands of the complex contemporary battlefield Artillery Systems: Full Analysis of Indian Armed Forces Requirements and dictate that precision accuracy is vital to the successful Future Plans execution of future operations. Just one example of this Brigadier (ret’d) Gurmeet Kanwal, Director, Centre for Land Warfare Studies can be seen in counter-insurgency operations, where it (CLAWS), Indian Armed Forces is imperative to reduce the risk of collateral 10.00 Update and Analysis on Indegenous ISTAR and Precision Technology damage whilst maintaining effective cover fire. Shri. S. Sundaresh, Distinguished Scientist & CC Research and Development, Precision capability is crucial to the future relevance and Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), success of artillery and offers accurate capability at Indian Ministry of Defence 10% of the cost of guided missiles. 10.30 Presentation to be confirmed However precision technology will not suffice on its Senior Representative, Rheinmetall Defence own. For it to be employed effectively it must go hand in hand with the ability to pinpoint targets. The 11.00 Morning Coffee and Networking challenge of detecting, verifying and locating targets 11.30 Enhancing Surveillance and Targeting to Develop Pinpoint Accuracy and throws up numerous operational challenges that need Support Precision Capability to be overcome in order to effectively utilise precision Lt Colonel Richard Vagg, Commanding Officer, Joint Land/Air Artillery Regiment, capability. It is mastering the coordination of all Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery Forces components from sensor to shooter that is really key to operationally effective artillery fire. 12.00 The Precision Roadmap Shawn Miller, Excalibur International Program Manager, Raytheon Missile Systems This practical and interactive focus day will provide you with an in-depth analysis of active procurement 12.30 INTERACTIVE PANEL DISCUSSION programmes as well as exciting new technological How to develop pin point accuracy in target acquisition to support and developments in precision munitions. You will have the enhance the use of precision weaponry rare opportunity to learn from thought leaders and The expert members of the Focus Day will address a number of key themes focused subject experts who will give you insight into current around the procurement, induction and operational implementation of precision operational performance, as well as examine the future munitions and ISTAR technology. They will draw upon front line experience, trials data of precision weaponry. and new doctrine to examine how to best link sensors to shooters. Precision munitions are the future of modern artillery - Your questions and comments are encouraged throughout. join this focus day to discover how to manage collateral 13.00 Networking Lunch damage, fratricide and affordability. 14.00 Generating an Accurate and Operationally Effective Precision Munitions Topics for discussion include: Capability to Enhance Operational Flexibility and Reduce Logistical Burdens Lt Colonel Olivier Fort, Head of Doctrine and Prospective Studies, French School of • Accurate Target Geo-location to Complement Artillery, French Armed Forces Increasing Accuracy of Precision Munitions Lt Colonel Reni Chalmin, Programme Manager, Canons, Munitions and Acquisition, • Driving forward the effectiveness of fire support French School of Artillery, French Armed Forces and meeting the needs of future combat • Lowering the cost and boosting the reliability of 14.30 Creating an Integrated Architecture of multiple battlefield surveillance devices precision munitions and fire in a Netcentric environment • Increasing the capability of rocket artillery to Major Dwayne Hynes, Future Artillery Threat Integration Staff Officer, US Army, achieve precision at long range Office of the Chief of Staff for Intelligence • Tightening the CEP, driving down costs and 15.00 Close of Focus Day expanding precision capabilities across the artillery Benefits of Attending the Precision I am excited to continue the discussion Munitions and ISTAR Specialist Focus Day: of the future of Artillery with such a diverse 1 Learn directly from key MoD and industry experts on cutting edge precision wealth of experience and viewpoints. Having munition and target acquisition capability 2 Benchmark your requirements with the latest technological developments in an Indian perspective ensures that this will fuzes, firepower, network communications and design capabilities 3 Identify key capability enhancements that could be incorporated into your be an exceptional event not to be missed artillery division Major Dwayne Hynes, 4 Interact with key experts on artillery, munitions and guidance systems in an intimate and quality controlled environment Future Artillery Threat Integration Officer, US Army 5 Gain up-to-date briefings from industry leaders on the latest technological developments and how they can assist with improving your artillery capabilitiesT: +44 (0)20 7368 9300 F: +44 (0)20 7368 9301 E: defence@iqpc.co.uk www.futureartilleryindia.com
  5. 5. WHO WILL YOU MEET AT FUTURE ARTILLERY INDIA? Attendees by Country Military/Industry split IQPC organises the most prestigious conferences on defence topics, particularly concerning artillery. It gives me the possibility to share views on new developments in artillery doctrine I India and equipment. I UK I India Army Lt Colonel Olivier Fort, Head of Doctrine and I USA I Indian Industry Prospective Studies, French Artillery School, I Israel I International Army French Armed Forces I Rest of World I International Industry 6 REASONS WHY FUTURE ARTILLERY INDIA 2011 Media Partners CAN BENEFIT YOU: 1 Generate new sales leads: Our event will bring together the region’s key-decision makers, all of whom have strong business reasons for attending the event. By exhibiting and presenting, 2 you can impact on these buyers. By the very nature of the high quality of delegate attendance, the contacts generated will lead to very high conversion rates. Launch new products or services: Use the event as a launch pad to promote your latest 3 products or system. With the most senior figures from the industry in attendance, plus carefully selected media partners at the event, innovative new technology will always generate a buzz. 4 Demonstrate thought leadership: Speaking on the program will allow you to demonstrate your market knowledge and expertise to an audience of high level decision makers. Enter new and emerging markets: Sponsorship is one of the most effective ways to enter 5 new markets. It is a great opportunity to research and network whilst gaining exposure to a new qualified database. Positioning your company brand: Being part of this highly influential industry event Official Media Partner establishes your company as a strong brand and highlights your company’s abilities and 6 strength. Commitment to this event also demonstrates your capability as a global player, and your willingness to do business in India. Brokering new business partnerships: Currently there are huge opportunities to partner with Indian suppliers South Asia Defence & Strategic Review is a leading For more information on sponsoring or exhibiting at the Future Artillery India 2011 journal on matters related to Geo strategy, military conference, please contact Yousuf Malik at +44 [0]207 368 9500 or sponsorship@iqpc.co.uk affairs and internal security in the region LEAD SPONSOR: CONFERENCE SPONSOR: Rheinmetall Defence has long been a prominent member of the international defence and Smiths Detection leads the global military and security industry. Rheinmetall Defence employs 9,300 people and generated 2009 sales of emergency response marketplace with specialized 1.9 billion. As a top European supplier of army technology, we offer an extensive array of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and military hardware that enhances the mobility, reconnaissance capabilities, lethality and explosive (CBRNE) detection and protection solutions. Our advanced, accurate and trusted survivability of troops deployed in harm’s way, and also enables the networking of national and international systems. Rheinmetall solutions enable armed forces and responders to mitigate incidents with confidence as they Defence’s core competencies stand for capabilities-oriented innovation: new generations of vehicles with optimized protection seek to reduce risks and minimize potential losses associated with growing CBRNE threats. concepts, network-enabled sensors and optronics, platform-independent weapon systems, C-RAM-capable air defence and high- The company also has supported the DoD in meteorological programs for 50 years including performance ammunition, including non-lethal variants. Rheinmetall Defence is organized into six strategic divisions: Land Systems, the recent Meteorological Measuring Set Profiler Program (MMS-P). Smiths Detection Air Defence, Weapons & Munitions, Propellants, C4ISTAR, and Simulation & Training. Military has also recently won a protective shelter (CBPS) award. Website: www.rhienmetall-defence.com SPONSORS: With the integration of Soltam, Elbit Systems Land and C4I is now in a position to offer a Raytheon Company, with 2009 sales of $25 billion, is a technology leader specializing in comprehensive range of fully integrated, modular artillery and mortar solutions, defence, homeland security and other government markets throughout the world. With a incorporating C4I systems and platform upgrades as well as a complete range of artillery history of innovation spanning more than 85 years, Raytheon provides state-of-the-art electronics, mission systems and mortar ammunition. Web: www.elbitsystems.com integration and other capabilities in the areas of sensing; effects; and command, control, communications and intelligence systems, as well as a broad range of mission support services. With headquarters in Waltham, Mass., Raytheon employs The Mandus Group LTD / Rock Island Arsenal Team is proud to announce their partnership which combines two 75,000 people worldwide. Missile Systems designs, develops, and produces missile systems for U.S. and allied forces, of the most highly respected names in heavy weaponry into a single source artillery center of excellence. The including air-to-air, strike, naval weapon systems, land combat missiles, guided projectiles, exoatmospheric kill vehicles, Mandus Group / Rock Island Arsenal Team offer expert engineering, quality manufacturing and standardized and directed energy weapons. Website: www.raytheon.com processes, a foundation that allows their team of experts to provide innovation, craftsmanship, and efficiency in complete artillery logistics and maintenance support on demand worldwide. Safran is an international high-technology group. It is a market leader in aerospace propulsion, aircraft equipment and defense and security. The Group employs roughly 54,900 people in Nexter Group is one of the world’s leading land defence systems companies with a variety of more than 30 countries. Comprised of many companies with prestigious brands, the Safran products and services ranging from system design to operational maintenance. Artillery group holds global or European leadership positions in its markets, whether it’s alone or in partnership. Within the group, systems designed by Nexter are NATO-compliant and cover the whole operational range of indirect fire requirements. This Sagem belongs to the Defense Security branch, which has 12,000 employees. is why CAESAR® and 105 LG1 artillery systems are known for their exceptional performance and flexibility in deployment. Van Halteren Metaal B.V. (VHM) is one of the leading defense industries in Nexter Munitions is the primary ammunition supplier for gun systems developed by Nexter Systems which ensures the the Netherlands and serves as the Dutch partner for various Global defense munitions are designed and qualified to be the best match for the system they will be fired from. For the artillery market, companies. Nexter Munitions produces insensitive (155 LU211) and accuracy enhancement munitions like BONUS and SPACIDO • Land systems –turn key integration of systems – PzH2000 turrets, CV9035 armored vehicles, BVS10 Viking guided munitions. Web: www.nexter.fr • Training Systems & Technology – VHM is the world leading supplier of Howitzer Crew Trainers. Oto Melara, a Finmeccanica company, is a world leader in design and production of • Road Wheels - develops and produces road-, idler-, sprocket-wheels, and track pads for military vehicles all over the small and medium calibre naval guns, with research and development capabilities world. Web: www.vanhalterenmetaal.nl ranging from naval guns to conventional and intelligent ammunition, from artillery to Weibel Scientific is the global leader in the market for advanced Doppler radar systems for turrets, from missile launchers to airborne armament. tactical & scientific applications. For over seventy years, we have been designing, manufacturing, Oto Melara can supply the Armed Forces with advanced and reliable weapon systems granting a continuous assistance and delivering cutting-edge velocity and position measuring instruments to customers around the worldwide and a support service throughout the operational life of its products. world. With more then 2500 systems in operation Weibel is the world leader in tactical muzzle velocity radars for the 21st century artilleryT: +44 (0)20 7368 9300 F: +44 (0)20 7368 9301 E: defence@iqpc.co.uk www.futureartilleryindia.com
  6. 6. 20th-22nd June 2011, Le Méridien New Delhi, India 5 WAYS TO REGISTER REGISTRATION FORM Tel: 0800 652 2363 or To speed registration, please provide the priority code located on the mailing label or in the box below. +44 (0)20 7368 9300 My registration code is PDFW Fax: +44 (0)20 7368 9301 Please contact our database manager on +44(0) 207 368 9300 or at database@iqpc.co.uk quoting the registration code above to inform us of any changes or to remove your details. Post: your booking form to Members of the Indian Military are Eligible for a Free Pass International Military And Government ** IQPC Ltd. Second Floor Register & Pay by Register & Pay by Register & Pay by Standard 129 Wilton Road Friday 18th March 2011* Friday 15th April 2011* Friday 13th May 2011* Pricing I Main Conference $899 $999 $1,199 $1,399 London SW1V 1JZ and Focus Day (Save $599) (Save $499) (Save $299) (Save $99) I Main Conference $699 $699 $799 $899 Online: www.futureartilleryindia.com Only (Save $200) (Save $200) (Save $100) I Focus Day $399 $399 $499 $599 Email: defence@iqpc.co.uk Only (Save $200) (Save $200) (Save $100) International Industry I Main Conference and Focus Day $1,599 (Save $999) $1,799 (Save $799) $2,099 (Save $499) $2,398 (Save $200) Team Discounts* IQPC recognises the value of learning in teams. Groups of 3 or more I Main Conference $1,299 $1,299 $1,499 $1,699 booking at the same time from the same company receive a 10% Only (Save $400) (Save $400) (Save $200) discount. 5 or more receive a 15% discount. 7 receive a 20% I Focus Day $699 $699 $799 $899 discount. Only one discount available per person. Only (Save $200) (Save $200) (Save $100) Indian Industry*** I Main Conference $599 $699 $899 and Focus Day (Save $399) (Save $299) (Save $99) Venue I Main Conference $399 $499 $599 Le Méridien New Delhi Only (Save $200) (Save $100) Windsor Place, Janpath, New Delhi, India I Focus Day $299 $299 $399 Tel: + (91)(11) 23710101 Only (Save $100) (Save $100) Travel and accommodation are not included in the registration fee, however a number of discounted bedrooms have been reserved at the Prices shown in US Dollars Le Méridien New Delhi. *To qualify for discounts, payment must be received with booking by the registration deadline. Early booking discounts are not Please call the hotel directly on Tel: + (91)(11) 23710101 and quote valid in conjunction with any other offer. booking reference IQPC to receive your discounted rate - prices start **Military & Government discounted rates apply to serving military officers, government and university personnel only. from INR12,000. There is limited availability so we do encourage ***Indian Industry discounted rates apply to domestic Indian companies founded in India attendees to book early to avoid disappointment. All serving Flag Officers 1 Star and above may attend the conference free of charge Please contact team@iqpc.co.uk for further details. This offer can not be combined with any others and is not transferable. Delegate Details Digital Conference On CD-ROM Please photocopy for each additional delegate A digital version of the conference proceedings, including all Mr Mrs Miss Ms Dr Other presentations, is available to buy. I cannot attend the event, please send me the CD Rom priced at First Name Family Name £599 plus VAT Rank Job Title Recent digital conferences available - £599 plus VAT each Tel No. Future Artillery 2010 Email Future Mortars 2010 Yes I would like to receive information about products and services via email Future Artillery 2009 Organisation Please send me conference materials indicated above. Nature of business I have filled out credit card details below Address For further information Postcode Country Please call: 0207 368 9300 Telephone Fax or email: knowledgebank@iqpc.co.uk. Approving Manager To search IQPC’s archived conference documentation Name of person completing form if different from delegate: visit: www.iqpcknowledgebank.com Signature I agree to IQPC’s cancellation, substitution and payment terms Special dietary requirements: Vegetarian Non-dairy Other (please specify) Terms and Conditions Please read the information listed below as each booking is subject to IQPC Ltd standard terms and conditions. Please indicate if you have already registered by Phone Fax Email Web Return of this email will indicate that you accept these terms. Please note: if you have not received an acknowledgement before the conference, please call us to confirm your booking. Payment Terms: Upon completion and return of the registration form full payment is required no later than 5 business days from the date of invoice. Payment of invoices by means other than by credit card, or purchase order (UK Plc and UK government bodies only) will be subject to a $99 per delegate processing fee. Payment must be Payment Method received prior to the conference date. We reserve the right to refuse admission to the conference if payment has not been received. Total price for your Organisation: (Add total of all individuals attending): IQPC Cancellation, Postponement and Substitution Policy: You may substitute delegates at any time by providing reasonable advance notice to IQPC. For any cancellations received in writing not less than eight (8) days prior to the conference, you will receive a 90% credit to be used at another IQPC conference which must occur Card Number: VISA M/C AMEX within one year from the date of issuance of such credit. An administration fee of 10% of the contract fee will be retained by IQPC for all permitted cancellations. No credit will be issued for any cancellations occurring within seven (7) days (inclusive) of the conference. In the event that IQPC cancels an event for any reason, you will receive a credit for 100% of the contract fee paid. You may use this credit for another IQPC event to be mutually agreed with Exp. Date: Sec: IQPC, which must occur within one year from the date of cancellation.Conference code 19757.001 In the event that IQPC postpones an event for any reason and the delegate is unable or unwilling to attend in on Name On Card: Signature: the rescheduled date, you will receive a credit for 100% of the contract fee paid. You may use this credit for another IQPC event to be mutually agreed with IQPC, which must occur within one year from the date of postponement. Except as specified above, no credits will be issued for cancellations. There are no refunds given under any Billing Address (if different from below): circumstances. IQPC is not responsible for any loss or damage as a result of a substitution, alteration or cancellation/postponement of an event. IQPC shall assume no liability whatsoever in the event this conference is cancelled, rescheduled or postponed due to a fortuitous event, Act of God, unforeseen occurrence or any other event City/County/Postcode Cheque enclosed for: $ (Made payable to IQPC Ltd.) that renders performance of this conference impracticable, illegal or impossible. For purposes of this clause, a fortuitous event shall include, but not be limited to: war, fire, labour strike, extreme weather or other emergency.Please note that while speakers and topics were confirmed at the time of publishing, circumstances (Please quote 19757.001 with remittance advice) beyond the control of the organizers may necessitate substitutions, alterations or cancellations of the speakers IQPC Bank details: HSBC Bank Plc, 67 George Street, Richmond, Surrey TW9 1HG, United Kingdom. and/or topics. As such, IQPC reserves the right to alter or modify the advertised speakers and/or topics if necessary without any liability to you whatsoever. Any substitutions or alterations will be updated on our web page as soon Sort Code: 40 05 15, Account No: 68882491, IBAN Code: GB11 MIDL 4005 1568882491 as possible. Swift Code: MIDLGB22 Account name: International Quality & Productivity Centre Ltd. Discounts: All ‘Early Bird’ Discounts require payment at time of registration and before the cut-off date in order to receive any discount. Any discounts offered whether by IQPC (including team discounts) must also require payment at the time of registration. All discount offers cannot be combined with any other offer PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED PRIOR TO THE CONFERENCE Please do not pass my information to any third party