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Ramsey Jam Newsletter

  1. 1. Volume 2, Issue 1 2012 Current Members The Ramsey Jam January 2014 December 2012 Thank you for your membership! Gwen Bohlke Richard BeaReview Brown A Year&in (Kotval) Sandra Foley It Doug & Paulette Hildebrandt zoo in Daniel &Park. Corbett has been an exciting year for the Ramsey Susan Bestmann, Cheryl Davis, Gordy Jensen, Mike Salmon Other than some finishing touches the zoo renovations and Lisa Hansen. Maxine Knudson Kohls-Wheelborg Ford Uhlenkamp The deer, elk are complete. & Associates and buffalo have returned Oja Mark & Dorie Jerry & Joanne Luttman toBob &newly remodeled homes. It took Thielen Bus Lines their Betty Mahoney some time for Jamboree them to return as they had to wait for some foot padding Swartz Roger & Sandra This year we celebrated the Jamboree with a bang! Shirts Plus Loran & Debbie We geared up for the 101st Anniversary of Ramsey toSusan Munshower grow first. Our animal’s needs are top priority. I Kaardal Alice I even Nelson believe & Steve saw a smile on Gail & Dean Toft Park. If you stopped by the RACC on Oberloh & Associates John Sr & Caroline Buckley June 9th then you know we had a variety one of the buffalo’ faces. If you Kathryn Olson Duane Heiling Mary A. their check out Olsonnew “pad” you of activities going on. We had inflatables Lary & Vonnie it too! Clint & Diane Knorr might just catch Roberts If not which included a bouncy house, obstacle BJ & Sheila Tersteeg you willWalden a great view still have Carol course and even some for tiny tots. We also ofJanis Field donations have what all your had a variety of games to play where tickets Brad & Jeanne done for them. Limoges could be collected and redeemed for prizes. Marge Ripperton Susan Morrisette Scott Karpen Carol Pagac Friends of the Park are working on a welcome sign near Lelah White E&T Plumbing the entrance of the zoo. We are planning on placing There was a delicious meal and silent auction featuring followed through and now many handcrafted items madeto a close. and donated by our local A Sneak Peak at 2014 drawing talented artists and other items from our local retailers. So now the big question, what Once again we were pleased to welcome back Ramona next? Well if you Those talented Larson’s Redwood Area dancers. spend any time a bench at the Northeast corner of the zoo near the there youand aware that there are a show are are always Lifetime Members Swayback bridge. This will serve as a welcome sign, a dancers put on quite always areas in need of a crowd Brian & Mona Brau pleaser. Thank By to rest and great photo Michelle Cilek visitors, a placeCorrine Gertsema improvement which brings us to Shawn & opportunity for as a kid friendly attraction. It will be unique to Ramsey you Ramona for the answer of the impending Redwood Falls Girl Scout Have you been in the Zoodareaaofi n g coor in t Zoo and30093 question. A future project that we Troop will feature a prairie dog on the arm rest, an Ramsey Park recently? Have you are looking into is what is known Gene & Shirley Gores elk as the back rest, a hogback arm will benoticed more heavy equipment a buffalo and such a wonderful showgood bring and as the Zeb Gray Shelter Heaton Dorothyportion is a log. the bench than zoo animals? The Stacey Heiling overlooking the Redwood River such enthusiastic news, this is only temporary, the Tom & Mary Inglis Valley. It seems this beautiful we great news, we are dancers, heavy Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Jacobson We needalso known astointo those and popular structure is in some Phase III, love the final see Gordon & Judith Jensen phase of planned smiles. We Doug & Teresa Karsky back the miniature your help! renovations. brought fairly desperate need ofponies and Al & Jackie Kokesh This final phase, being by far the added bonus, Kevin Vogel, owner of the We are looking for this year as an Mary Ann Mansoor major most expensive, is ponies brought along a few of his other creatures. He sponsors to possible due to Mr. & Mrs. Steve Madsen some generous donations as well Janean McKay fund as the Minnesota DNR Legacy entertaining and educational show about this bench/ put on an Craig & Karen Melges welcome sign each creature. Grant. This will be completed no Judging by the crowds I witnessed I Bob & Bunny Nolting project.later than sometime Spring of this was a hit. I would look to see him back Recognition would say Gay Septon again next 2013. We are will be & Kathi on or near the bench for those whoso excited to seeyear. While the meal was being served we Steve placed Whittet Gary & Linda Zick to this project. The amount of as it willthe puddle jumpers entertain the crowd. To top this happening had complete choose to contribute A & W Furniture years of dedicationoff making to the evening we had Hicktown Mafia put on a show. financial contributions will determine placement of Paul Larson desperately neededThere was a beer garden and a second meal was offered. improvements donor recognition. Please contact Friends of the Park improvements. Built in 1979 the to the Zoo area. We are so proud It sure was a board members for more information: Vonnie Roberts, see all the phases great way to celebrateparabolic design Shelter’s unique the Park’s 101st of being able to Theresa Oberloh, Corrine Gertsema, Gail Ripka, Gary anniversary. What’s next for Friends of the Park? Ramsey Jam 1 1 Ramsey Jam
  2. 2. We realize that this celebration will be tough to top but we are always trying to keep it fresh and exciting for the next year. Yes some favorites are bound to come back but we try and find something new too. Next year we are looking at hosting the Jamboree on June 11th. We look forward to seeing you in 2014 and yes, it will be held at the Community Center again. It would be awesome to host at the Park but keeping safety and weather in mind we have found that the Community Center is the ideal place as the event has grown leaps and bounds. We hope you are as excited as we are to be able to report that. Thank you for your continued support of this event each and every year. journey began. They hopped a Delta flight to Minneapolis where they were met by Parks and Recreation Staff who then escorted them to their new home in Ramsey Park. They seem quite happy in their new home but like all of us would really appreciate some warm welcomes from us as you visit the zoo. We would like to thank the Scovill Zoo for their generous donation of the prairie dogs. Park Improvements If you have been in the park this summer then you may have noticed some improvements around the park. That’s right, you are not imagining it, a total of 6 brand new fire pits and grills Prairie have been installed Dogs and the old grills have Did you notice a few new tenants been removed. This is only the start, in the zoo once renovations were be watching as more replacements complete? If not, you better run, jog, are to come. We want visitors to have bike or drive down and check them out. Some new dogs have claimed a home between the birds and buffalo exhibits. Now these dogs did have some help getting here, actually quite a bit of help as it turns out. The City of Redwood Falls Parks & Recreation Department began a search for some new prairie dogs which lead them to a zoo in Decatur Park District in Illinois. Scovill Zoo in Decatur Park District was kind enough to help us out and donated four new prairie dogs to our zoo. What an adventure they had getting here. Once the “official word” came that they were being relocated their Ramsey Jam 2 a positive and enjoyable experience when they choose Ramsey Park so this is a huge step to ensure they will come back! There has also been a collaborative effort to replace over 20 picnic tables and over 40 benches in various City of Redwood Falls parks. Our goal is to replace all the picnic tables and benches within the park. Our walking paths have seen some improvements too; two sets of steps made up of old railroad ties have been replaced. They are now concrete stairs with hand railings which are safer and much more eye appealing. Thank you Vick Construction for the great job! Have you figured out that you can now drive through the Park again? Yes, that’s right; the Swayback bridge is now open to all traffic again. So drive, bike or jog in – you won’t be turned around any longer. Great efforts were made to make sure the bridge was completed in a timely manner and making sure it’s historic legacy was preserved. The Parks & Recreation Department has created a program called “1-2-3 Come Quest with me”. What is that you ask? Well, it is a program designed to help you learn the history of Ramsey Park all while on an exciting adventure through the Park. Young and old can join this adventure anytime during mid May through mid September. Visit the website or stop by the RACC for more information.
  3. 3. history, fundraising efforts which include: sale of bricks, benches, and picnic tables, and our memberships available for purchase. Youth Working Hard for our Community Ramsey Park Online http://redwoodareacommunitycenter. com/area-parks/alexander-ramsey-park/ Have you visited the Parks & Recreation Department’s website lately? There is a host of information about the department but did you know that it also contains information on Ramsey Park as well? You can do all sorts of stuff such as reserve shelters and campsites to name a few. There is also a new and pretty awesome feature available. It is called a virtual tour. What is that you ask? Well that is the coolest part about virtual, you can experience the parks views from your living room, dining room, kitchen or even bathroom if that is where you have a computer with internet handy. You log on to the website and a couple of clicks you can have the most breath taking views from anywhere in your home. If you haven’t checked it out we highly recommend that you do, you won’t be disappointed. The maps of the walking trails are also located on the website, now you can plan ahead for where you would like to go. Other items which can be found the on the Parks & Recreation website is information about Friends of the Park. The capability of making online donations to the Park is available. We also have our project numerous signs installed along the trail that will describe the plant and animal life that is native to this area and are visible on the trail. Also, as part of this project, I’ve had to fundraise to help pay for the cost of the clean up, the new park benches and signs that will be installed along the trail. Many people have graciously donated to this project, which I am thankful for. The signs will be installed yet this fall while the park benches will be installed in the spring of 2014. After this is done, Ramsey Park visitors will be able to enjoy walking this quarter mile loop that partially parallels the Redwood River and learn more about the animals and plant life along the trail.” We have been fortunate to have some young men from our community take on some much needed improvements in our Parks. One of the young men is Tyler Hagen. He made some improvements to the shelter at Perks Park. He repaired the back wall of shelter, painted the shelter and completed the landscaping around the shelter. He did an awesome job! The other young man is Marshal Quast. In his own words this is what he did “My name is Marsahl Quast and as my Eagle Scout project, I’ve taken on the task of renovating this trail and turning it into a nature trail. Several stages have been involved in this project. First, the old equipment on this trail in Ramsey Park was removed. This was actually done already last fall. This past summer, about 20 volunteers showed up on a Saturday to help widen the quarter mile trail to make sure it is passable in all parts. This included clearing several spots along the trail that will have park benches installed next spring for visitors to sit on and look out over the Redwood River. Finally, there will be Ramsey Jam 3 Both projects were taken on by these young men as Eagle Scout Projects. We would like to extend a heartfelt “Thank you” to both of them for all of their hard work and dedication to getting the job done. Way to support our community and give back at the same time. Please thank these young men if you run into them. We are so fortunate to have them in our community.
  4. 4. Join Us Other News……. As ongoing improvements to Ramsey Park continue the question remains….. What project do we focus on next? One big project that we are looking at is the Zeb Gray Shelter. This beautiful scenic overlook is in great need of repairs. This shelter is used frequently throughout the year for such events as weddings, picnics, reunions and many more events to numerous to mention. This renovation looks to incur some major costs. Even though we have not committed funds to this project it is one that we are checking into. Help Make a Difference 2014 Membership Application The Legacy grant has once again been applied for to help with much needed repairs, maintenance and improvements to the park. The City of Redwood falls and Friends of the Park are making every effort to maximize every dollar spent in the park. Have you thought of gifts for those hard to buy for people in your life? What about donating to Friends of the Park in someone’s name? Say a teacher, instructor, grandparent, parent or other friends and relatives. It is a flexible gift as donations are accepted in any amount and are tax deductible. Ramsey Jam 4