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Rising gas prices presentation


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Rising gas prices presentation

  1. 1. Full price $0.31In 1962, a pair of Levi’s jeanscost about $5.00.1967Fuel Price $0.33$0.18 more than a McDonalds Hamburger in1964.
  2. 2. 19771972Fuel Price $0.36$1.34 less that a ticket to see “The Godfather”.Fuel Price $0.65
  3. 3. 1982Fuel Price $1.30$0.80 more that a loaf ofwonder bread in 1980.1987Fuel Price $0.95
  4. 4. Super Nintendo video game consoledisputed in the United States at$199.Fuel Price $1.13Fuel Price $1.23$2.27 less than what users paid AOL for everyhour spent online in 1996.
  5. 5. Fuel Price $1.36Fuel Price $2.80The average fuel price peaked at a record$4.09 due to the surging price of crude oiland low refinery capacity.2008 also saw Milk prices peak at nearly$4.00 per gallon.
  6. 6. Sources,_San_Bernardino,_California.jpg
  7. 7. A new way to save