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Re-envisioning the State Encyclopedia for the 21st Century


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Delivered as part of NCPH 2013 panel "Word Press as a Public History Platform." See for more details. is a project of Connecticut Humanities in collaboration with the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History & New Media.

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Re-envisioning the State Encyclopedia for the 21st Century

  1. 1. Clarissa J. CeglioResearch Associate@cjceglioRe-envisioning the StateEncyclopedia for the 21st Century
  2. 2. Browse by town, topic, personLinked to external resourcesNew material published dailyNews aggregator
  3. 3. Evolving Public History Resource• Story-driven, curated content– A reliable, first-stop hub• Promotes connective exploration– Within and beyond site• Content acquisition model– Collaboration & aggregation– Strategic commissioning
  4. 4. Informal Collaborations• Institutional– Museums, archives & other CT history repositories• Connecticut History Day 2013– National themes through the local lens• Native Histories initiative– Diverse extra-institutional communities• Teach It– Educator-curated social studies modules• Experimental– “On the Line” digital history project & undergraduate seminar
  5. 5. Clarissa J. CeglioResearch