20 Cool Tools for You and Your Library


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Presented at the 2013 Nebraska Library Association / Nebraska School Librarians Association Annual Conference. Kearney, NE. October 10, 2013. http://nebraskalibraries.org/conf2013/

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20 Cool Tools for You and Your Library

  1. 1. 20 Cool Tools for You and Your Library 2013 NLA/NSLA Annual Conference October 10, 2013 Christa Burns, Nebraska Library Commission
  2. 2. • Online video creation • Web-based, Android and iPhone apps • Free or pay accounts – Free for Educators • Upload your video clips/photos, choose a template, select music – licensed library of songs, add captions • Download video to embed, share on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, etc.
  3. 3. • Online social bookmarking • Tags • Saved into your online account, so available to you anywhere you go • Choose if bookmarks are Public or Private
  4. 4. http://delicious.com/cjburns42/ neblib2013 • SCRENSHOT OF MY DELICIOUS, AFTER I”VE SAVED ALL THE LINKS
  5. 5. • Online RSS feed aggregator • Collects and organizes new posts from blogs, news sites and webpages • Web-based, Android and iOS apps • Share items to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.
  6. 6. • Online animated video creation • Customizable characters, backgrounds, props, and actions • Import your library logo, pictures, screen captures • Audio – text-to-speech or record your own narration • Download video to embed, or share on YouTube and other social networks.
  7. 7. • Book-based social network • User-populated database of books, annotations and reviews • Generate library catalogs and reading lists • Book discussion groups
  8. 8. • Online infographic creator • Pre-made templates • Add text, your own pictures, data from a spreadsheet • Publish to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or embed on your website
  9. 9. • Save web content to read later • Bookmarklet for browsers • Android, iPhone, iPad, computer or Kindle
  10. 10. • User-created do-it-yourself projects • Step-by-step instructions, photos, videos • Commented and rated for quality • Free Pro Membership for teachers • Android and iOS apps
  11. 11. • Online collection of video tutorials • Math, science, economics and finance, and humanities • Step-by-step exercises • Performance data to track your progress
  12. 12. • Infographics creation tool • Choose a theme, upload statistical data, use DIY editor to display • Drag and drop functionality for colors, fonts, repositioning blocks of data • Upload your own photos and logos • Export as an image that you can use anywhere
  13. 13. • Online photo editing tools • Fix, adjust, filter • Express and Advanced versions • Pixlr-o-matic – vintage/retro look • Download, Facebook app, Chrome app, Android and iOS
  14. 14. • Online reading service • Turns webpages into clean, uncluttered view for easy reading • Browser add-on, Android or iOS app • Store articles on the web to read later on your computer, tablet, phone or Kindle
  15. 15. • Social news site • Users post news stories, then vote on them, making stories appear higher or lower on the list - community decides what is interesting or relevant • Subreddit for Libraries
  16. 16. • Online screen recorder • Create a video of exactly what is happening on your screen • Audio • Embed into a webpage, upload to YouTube or other sites • Export - Quicktime (MP4), Windows Media Player (AVI), or Flash (FLV)
  17. 17. • Word cloud generator • Visualization of word frequency in a text or webpage • Pick a shape to enclose the words • Save as an image, JPEG or PNG • Print out or share online
  18. 18. • Educationally focused instructional videos • Designed for teachers, schools and home learners • Free and open for all to use • Rating system
  19. 19. • Web-based survey creation tool • Online web form • Single question or many • Share via Twitter, Facebook, email or embed on your website • You must have a Twitter account to create a poll, but responders don’t need one
  20. 20. • Infographic creator, same basic features as Infogr.am and Piktochart • Gather info and stats from Facebook and Twitter to create personalized infographics • Facebook Social Life, Twitter hashtag • Download as an image or PDF, get a URL, or embed code to put on your website.
  21. 21. • Online animated GIF creator • Use snapshots from your webcam or digital camera • Combines into animation on the website • Email, share, download, embed
  22. 22. • Online word processing program • No software to download, install or maintain • Documents can be shared, opened, edited online, multiple users • Save into ZoHo – access anywhere • Export - Word(.doc and .docx), Plain Text(.txt), Web Page(.html), or PDF(.pdf)
  23. 23. BONUS TOOL! http://nlcblogs.nebraska.gov/nelearns/
  24. 24. Questions??? Christa Burns Special Projects Librarian Nebraska Library Commission christa.burns@nebraska.gov 800-307-2665 http://delicious.com/cjburns42/neblib2013 http://www.slideshare.net/cjburns