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French pp


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French pp

  1. 1. CREATIVE WORKS FRENCH By: Naseem Habibi
  2. 2. Index• Why am studying the language• About the language• About the people• National anthem response• Traditional story• French film
  3. 3. Why I Am Studying This Language• I am studying this language because it is very important in both Canada and in the world Canadas official second language is French and it plays a huge part in Canadian culture it is mandatory if you are going into politics or many national business dealings people in Canada who are bilingual in French and in English are often very successful and I love the feeling of success.
  4. 4. About the language• Internationally the French language is known as the language of love because of its Latin origin and its sense of flow which English tends to lack undisputedly• the first written document said to be in French is the "Serments de Strasbourg". The Oaths of Strasbourg date from 842.• Over 110 million native speakers and 190 million second languages• It is the second most studied language
  5. 5. My thoughts about the language• In my opinion the French language is really enjoyable to listen to because of the flow of the words and the intricate pronunciation of each word• In my opinion French is one of the post important languages to know because there is so much culture that is built around it and millions of people all around the world speak it
  6. 6. About The national anthem!• The French anthem or La Marseillaise was formed originally as a war song for the army of Rhine• It was written and composed by Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle in 1795• It was created in the French revolution and is very motivating
  7. 7. My opinion of the anthem• In my opinion this is a very powerful motivating anthem for a very motivating time in history because this was the La Marseillaise was created during the French revolution when French pride was really taking over and it really depicts how people were feeling around this time with such quotes a “Marchez Marchez ! Quun sang impur, abreuve nos sillons ’’ or lets march lets march so that the impure blood waters our field which is a very aggressive and it repeats this verse about 5 or 6 times threw out the whole song• The song is very catchy I ended up finding my self singing the first verse all day
  8. 8. French poetryFrench poetry is a very important part of Frenchculture because poetry his how some people releaseemotion and frustration with event that were happingso there are a lot of poems from the French revolutionsome about war, love and the red terror this was atime when culture was very low and now Frenchculture is considerable high and some over the waysits culture began to life was with famous composerschurches painters and poets
  9. 9. Guillaume Apollinaire• Guillaume Apollinaire is a famous French poet who created many famous pieces of poetry• He was born on August 26th 1880
  10. 10. Je pense à toiJe pense à toi mon Lou ton cœur est ma caserne Nos 75 sont gracieux comme ton corpsMes sens sont tes chevaux ton souvenir est ma Et tes cheveux sont fauves comme le feu luzerne dun obus qui éclate au nordLe ciel est plein ce soir de sabres déperons Je taime tes mains et mes souvenirsLes canonniers sen vont dans lombre lourds et Font sonner à toute heure une heureuse prompts fanfareMais près de toi je vois sans cesse ton image Des soleils tour à tour se prennent à hennirTa bouche est la blessure ardente du courage Nous sommes les bat-flanc sur qui ruent les étoilesNos fanfares éclatent dans la nuit comme ta voixQuand je suis à cheval tu trottes près de moi
  11. 11. TranslationI think of you my Lou your heart is my Our 75 are as graceful as your body Andbarracks your hair is tawny as fire a shellMy senses are your horses your memory is exploding in the northmy alfalfa I love you your hands and my memoriesThe sky is full tonight with sabers and Are ringing at any hour a happy bandspursThe gunners are going in the shade heavy Suns to take turns to neighand prone We are the bunks on which the stars rushBut with you I see your picture everYour mouth is the ardent courage injury Our bands burst into the night as yourvoiceWhen Im riding you trot beside me
  12. 12. ReflectionI choose this poem because it is very strong and communicates deeply it also demonstrates a lot of what the French are sought out to stand for very romantic and loving people.When I read this I imagined world war to and a husband writing back to his wife who is in Paris telling her how much he misses her .
  13. 13. Bluebeard• The story of blue beard was written by Charles Perrault in 1697 The tale tells the story of a violent nobleman in the habit of murdering his wives and the attempts of one wife to avoid the fate of her predecessors
  14. 14. The sum of the storyBlue beard is a very wealthy aristocrat and many women in the village arevery scared of him because he is known to have had several wifes but theykeep on disappearing. One day blue beard goes to one of his neighboursand ask to marry one of his two daughters both girls are horrified andkeep trying to pass him on to the other. Ultimately he sweet talks theyounger daughter to visit him he then arranges a large banquet and thedaughter agrees to marry blue beard not long after this blue beardannounces that he will be leaving from France he gives his keys to his wifewhich lead to all of his treasures he also makes her vow not to go into oneroom in the house the her curiosity go the best of her she ended upfinding her husbands pervious wives hanging from hooks on the walls inshock she drops the keys on the blood soaked floor. Unfortunately theblood stained the keys and wouldn’t come off when blue beard returnedthe next day he noticed the blood on the keys and wanted to behead herimmediately but she persuaded him to give her 15 minutes to pray in thattime she locked her self inside the highest tower and as blue beard wasabout to grant the sword onto her neck her brothers busted into thecastle and killed blue beard as he was trying to escape
  15. 15. REFLECTION TO BLUE BEARDThe story of blue beard reflects on a lot of the lifeback in the middle ages there were many brutalmurders and a large line between rich and poor inmy opinion the story was very exiting and fun to readso it most have been a very exiting story for childrenat this time I think that the moral of the story is thateventually when your bad you will be stopped bysomeone or something which is very true in real life.
  16. 16. Le Gamin au véloThe movie I watched was called La Gamin au Velo renting this movie I didn’t know what exactly to expect but I must say Icame out presently surprised about how u could understand this movie really communicated positively to me and it really showed what life is like in France and how life is similar over there to over here